The Society, 1912
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Página 284 - I must work the works of Him that sent Me while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work d ." Two doctrines, both of them distinctly Christian, throw their guardian shadows over the lesson.
Página 188 - TO THE READER. This Figure, that thou here seest put, It was for gentle Shakespeare cut ; Wherein the Graver had a strife With Nature, to out-doo the life: O, could he but have drawne his wit As well in brasse, as he hath hit His face ; the print would then surpasse All that was ever writ in brasse. But, since he cannot, Reader, looke Not on his Picture, but his Booke.
Página 189 - Some Say good Will (which I, in sport, do sing) Had'st thou not plaid some Kingly parts in sport, Thou hadst bin a companion for a King; And, beene a King among the meaner sort.
Página 103 - Abettors ;"—as also to make and subscribe, and cause them to make and subscribe the Declaration mentioned in an Act of Parliament made in the Twentyfifth Year of the Reign of King Charles the Second, intituled, " An Act for preventing Dangers which may happen from Popish Recusants.
Página 260 - Present, the Queen's most excellent majesty In Council. Upon reading this day at the board a representation from the...
Página 228 - Offenders in the late times. Then follow the Act, an extract from Secretary Conway's letter of August 31, 1766, and De Berdt's letters of August 6 and September 19. The Act was passed December 6, 1766 (Massachusetts Province Laws, iv. 903-904), but was disallowed by the Privy Council May 13, 1767. 1 "A Faithfull Narrative of the Remarkable Revival of Religion, in the Congregation of East-Hampton, on Long-Island, In the Year of our Lord 1764. With Some Reflections. By Samuel Buell, AM Minister of...
Página 129 - At a meeting of the President and Fellows of Harvard College, held...
Página 291 - Rev. Mr. Barker, an eminent dissenting minister," is recorded in the London Magazine for June (xxxi. 341), and perhaps this was De Berdt's "venerable pastor." If so, it was the Rev. John Barker (1682-1762), of whom there is a notice in the Dictionary of National Biography. The Rev. George Benson, "an eminent and learned dissenting minister
Página 150 - A collection of the names of the merchants living in and about the city of London ; very useful!
Página 107 - I, AB, do declare, That I do believe that there is not any transubstantiation in the sacrament of the Lord's supper, or in the elements of bread and wine, at or after the consecration thereof by any person whatsoever.

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