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year, the Princeu ordered some sandwiches ; ! | the mother brought the child back again. Whe. curried them into the blue room to her. Sir ther it was a week, ten days, or, a fortnight, I Sydney Smith was there; I was sarprised to see cannot say, but it might be about that time. him there, he must have come in from the Park; The second time the mother brought the child, if he had been fet in from Blackboath, he must she brought it into my room; I asked her, how have passed through the room in which I was in mother could part with her child? I am not sure waiting. When I had left the sandwiches, I re which time I asked this. The mother cried, and turned, after some time, into the room, and Sir said she could not afford to keep it. The child Sydney Smith was sitting very close to the Prin- was said to be about four months old when it was cess, on the sofa. I looked at him and at Her brought. I did not particularly observe it myself. Royal Highness. She caught my eye, and saw (Signed) FRANCES LLOYD. that I noticed the manner in which they were sit. ting together. They appeared both a little con- I was at Ramsgate with the Princess in 1803, fused when I came into the room. A short time -One morning, when we were in the house at before this, one night, abont twelve o'clock, I East Cliff, somebody, I do not recollect who, saw a inan go into the house from the Park, knocked at my door, and desired me to get op, wrapped up in a great coat. I did pot give any to prepare breakfast for the Princess; this was alarm, for the impression on my mind was, that about six o'clock; I was asleep. During the it was not a thief. Soon after I had seen the whole time I was in the Princess's service I had Princess and Sir Sydney Smith sitting together never been called up before, to make breakfast on the sofa, the Duke of Kent sent for me, and for the Princess. I slept in the housekeeper's told me, that the Princess would be very glad if room, on the ground-floor; I opened the shatters I would do the duty in town, because she had of the windows for light. I knew at that time business to do in town which she would rather that Captain Manby's ship was in the Downs. trust to me than any body else.The Duke When I opened the shutters, I saw the Princess said, that the Princess had thought it would be walking down the garden with a gentleman; she inore agreeable to me to be told this by him than was walking down the gravel walk towards the through Sicard. After this I never attended at sea. No orders had been given me over night to Montagne House, but occasionally, when the prepare breakfast early, The Gentleman the Princess sent for me. About July, 1802, I ob- Princess was walking with, was a tall mau, I was served that the Princess had grown very large, surprised to see the Princess walking with a and in the latter end of the same year she ap: Gentleman at that time in the morning ; I am peared to be grown thin ; and I observed it to sure it was the Princess. While we were at Miss Sander, who said that the Princess was Blackbeath, a woman at Charlton, of the name much thinner thao she had been: I had not any of Townly, told me that she had some linen to idea of the Princess being with child. Mr. Law. wash from the Princess's house ; that the linen rence, the Painter, used to go to Montague was marked with the appearance of a miscarriage, House, about the latter end of 1801, when he or a delivery. The woman has since left Clarlwas painting ; the Princess and he have slept in ton, but she has friends there, I think it must the house two or three nights together. I have have been before the child was broughi to the often seen him alove with the Princess at eleven Princess, that the woman told us this. I know and twelve o'clock at night. He has been there all the women in the Princess's house. I don't as late as one or two o'clock in the morning. think that any of them were in a state of prego One night I saw him with the Princess in the blue nancy, and if any had, I think I must have room, after the Ladies had retired. Some time known it.-I never told Cole, that Mary Wilson, afterwards, when I supposed that he had gone to when she supposed the Princess to be in the Li. his room, I went to see that all was safe, and I | brary, had gone into the Princess's bed-room, found the blue room door locked, and heard a and had found a man there at breakfast with the whispering in it, and I went away.

Princess; or that there was a great to do ahout (Signed)

WM, COLE. it; and that Mary Wilson was sworn to secrecy, Sworn at Lord Grenville's house, in

and threatened to be turned away if she divulged Downing-street, the 6th day of

what she had s'en. · Jnne, 1806, before us,

(Signed) FRANCES LLOYD. (Signed) SPENCER. Sworn at Lord Grenville's House in GRENVILLE. Downing-street, the 7th day of

June, 1806, before 18, (No. 6.).--The Deposition of Frances Lloyd. (Signed) ERSKINE, GRENVILLE, I have lived twelve years with the Princess of

SPENCER, ELLENBOROUGH Wales next October. I am in the coffee-room; my situation in the coffee-room does not give me (No. 7.)- The Deposition of Mary Ann Wilson. opportunities of seeing the Princess. I do not I believe it will be ten years next quarter that see her sometimes for months. Mr. Milles at I have lived with the Privcess of Wales as housetended me for a cold. He asked me if the maid. I wait on the Ladies who attend tbe Prince came to Blackheath backwards and for Princess. I remember when the child, who is wards, or something to that effect, for the Prin- now with the Princess, was brought there. Becess was with child, or looked as if she was with fore it came I heard say that it was to come. child. This must have been three or four years The mother brought the chuld. It appeared to ago. It may have been five years ago. I be about four months old when it was bronght. think it must bave been some time before I remember twins being brought to the Princess the child was brought to the Princess. I remem- before this child was brought. I never noticed ber the child being brought, it was brought into the Princess's shape to be different in that year my room. I had orders sent to me to give the from what it was before. I never had is thought mother arrow-root, with directions how to make that the Princess was with child. I have beard it, to wean the child, and I gave it to the no- it reported. It is a good while ago. I never ther, and she took the child away; afterwards myself suspected her being with child. I think gone on to her time without my knowing it. I has since lain-in a second time in Brown

end with Captain street. I never my Manby used to visit the Princess there. I make ledge before she came with the petition to the the Princess's bed, and have been in the habit of door, I had no particular directions by the makjag it ever since I lived with Her Royal Princess to procure a child ; I thought it better Highness. Another maid, whose name is Anu to take the child of persons of good character Bye, assisted with me in making the bed. From than the child of a pauper. Nothing led me, what I observed I never had any reason to be from the appearance of the Princess, to supposé lieve that two persons had slept in the bed; I that she was with child; but from her shape it is tever saw any particular appearance in it. The difficult to judge when she is with child. When lipen was washed by Stikeman's wife.

she was with child of the Princess Charlotte, I (Signed) MARY WILSON. should not have known it when she was far adSworn at Lord Grenville's House, in

vanced in her time, if I bad not been told it. Sir Downing-street, the 7th of June,

Sydney Smith, at one time, visited very frequent. 1806, before ns,

ly at Montague House, two or three times a (Sigoed) ERSKINE, GRENVILLE, week. At the time the Princess was altering her SPENCER, ELLENBOROUGH. rooms in the Turkish style, Sir Sydney Smith's

visits were very frequent. The Princess consult. (No. 8.)- The Deposition of Samuel Roberts. ed him upon them. Mr. Morell was the uphol:

am a footman to the Princess of Wales. I sterer ; Sir Sydney Smith came frequently alone. remember the child being taken by the Princess. He staid alone with the Princess sometimes till I never observed any particular appearance of eleven o'clock at night. He has been there till the Princess in that year-nothing that led me to twelve o'clock and after, I believe, alone with believe that she was with child. Sir Sydney the Princess. The Princess is of that lively vi. Smith used to visit the Princess at Blackheath. vacity, that she makes herself familiar with Gen1 sever saw him aloue with the Princess. He tlemen, which prevented my being struck with bever stayed after eleven o'clock. I recollect his staying so late. I do not believe that at that Mr. Cole once asking me, I think three years time any other Gentleman visited the Princess ago, whether there were any favourites in the so frequently or stayed so late. I have seen family. I remember saying that Captain Manby the Princess, when they were alone, sitting with and Sir Sydney Smith were frequently at Black Sir Sydney Smith on the same sofa, in the blue. beath, and dined there oftener than any other room. I had access to the blue-room at all times. persons. I never knew Sir Sydney Smith to stay There was an inner room which opened into the later than the ladies. I cannot say exactly at blue-room. When that room was not lighted up, vlat hoar he went, but I never remember his did not go into it; I did not consider that I had staying alone with the Princess.

a right to go into it. I had no idea on what ac(Signed) SAMUEL ROBERTS. count I was brought here. I did not know that Sworn at Lord Grenville's House, in

the Princess's conduct was questioned, or ques. Downing-street, the 7th of June,

tiopable. I was with the Princess at Ramsgate; 1806, before us,

when she was at East Cliff, Capt. Manby was very (Signed) ERSKINE, GRENVILLE, frequently there; went away as late at night as SPENCER, ELLENBOROUGH. eleven o'clock. I do not remember Fanny Lloyd

being called up any morning to make breakfast (No. 9.)The Deposition of Thomas Stikeman, for the Princess. I did not like Captain Manby's

I have been Page to the Princess of Wales coming so often and staying so late, and I was ever since she has been in England. When I first uncasy at it. I remember a piece of plate, a silsaw the child who is with the Princess, it is ver lamp, being sent to Captain Manby; I saw about four years ago. Her Royal Highness had it in Sicard's possession; he told me, it was for a strong desire to have an infant, which I and all Captain Manby, and he had a letter to send with the house knew. I lieard there was a woman it. I have never seen Captain Manby at the who had twins, one of which the Princess was Princess's, at Ramsgate, before nine o'clock in desirous to have, but the parents would not part the morning, but I have heard he has been there with it. A woman came to the door with a pe carlier. I had never any suspicion of there being tition to get her husband replaced in the dock; any thing improper, either from the frequent vi yard, who had been removed; she had a child sits of Captain Manby, or from his conduct. I with ber; I took the child, I believe, and shewed was at Catherington with the Princess, she used it to Mrs. Sander. I then returned the child to to go out generally in her own chaise. I think I the woman, and made inquiries after the father, have once or twice seen her go out with Mr. and afterwards desired the woman to bring the Hood, in his one-horse chaise; they have been child again to the house, which she did. The out for two hours, or two hours and a half togechild was takeu to the Princess; after the ther. I believe only a day or two elapsed bePrincess had seen it, she desired the woman to tween the time of the child being first brought, take it again, and bring it back in a few days, and being then brought back again, and left with and Mrs. Sander was desired to provide linen the Princess. I am sure the child was not weaned for it. Within a few days the child was bronght after it had been first brought. I do not recol. again by the mother, and was left, and has been lect any Gentleman ever sleeping in the house. with the Princess ever since. I do not recollect I do not remember Lawrence, the painter, ever the child had any mark, but, upon reflection, I sleeping there. The Princess seems very fond of do recollect that the mother said he was marked the child; it is always called William Austin. with elder wine on the hand. The father of the

(Signed) THOS. STIKEMAN. child, whose name is Austin, lives with me at Sworn at Lord Grenville's House, in Pimlico. My wife is a laundress, and washed the Downing-street, the 7th day of vnen of the Prince. Austin is employed to turn June, 1806, before us, a mangle for me. The child was born in Brond- (Signed) ERSKINE, GRENVILLE, low-street, and it was baptized there; but I.

SPENCER, ELLENBOROUGH. (No. 10.)- The Deposition of John Sicard. Her Royal Highness at Moutague House. I may

I have lived seven years with the Princess of have said to Cole, that the Princess was grown Wales, am house-steward, and have been in that much thinner, but I do not recollect that I did. situation from the end of six months after I first I never heard any body say any thing about the lived with Her Royal Highness. I remember Princess being pregnant till I came here to-day. the child who is now with the Princess of Wales I did not expect to be asked any question to-day being brought there; it was about five months respecting the Princess beiog pregnant. Nobody old when it was bronght, it is about four years came over to the Princess from Germany, in the ago, just before we went to Ramsgate. I had autumn of 1802, to my knowledge. Her Royal not the least suspicion of the object of my being Highness was generally blooded twice a year, brought here. I bad opportunity of seeing the but not lately, I never had any reason to mpPrincess frequently; I waited on her at dinner pose that the Princess received the visits of any and supper; I never observed that the Princess Gentleman at improper lours. Sir Sydney Smith had the appearance of being with child: I think visited her frequently, and almost daily. He it was hardly possible that she should have been was there very late, sometimes till two o'clock with child without my perceiving it. Sir Sydney in the morning. I never saw Sir Syduey Smith Smith used to visit very frequently at Montague in a room alone with the Princess late at night. House, in 1802, with Sir John and Lady Douglas. I never saw any thing which led me to suppose He was very often, I believe, alone with the that Sir Sydney Smith was on a very familiar Princess, and so was Mr. Canning and other Gen. footing with the Princess of Wales. I atiended tlemen. I cannot say that I ever suspected Sir the Princess of Wales to Southend. She had Sydney Smith of any improper conduct with the two houses, No. 9 and No. 8. I kuew Captain Princess I never had auy suspicion of the Manby; he commanded the Africaine; he visited Princess acting improperly with Sir Sydney the Princess while his ship was there; he was Smith, or any other Gentleman. I remember frequently with the Princess. I do not know or Captain Manby visiting at Montagne House. believe, and I have no reason to believe, that The Princess of Wales did not pay for the ex- Captain Manby stayed till very late hours with pense of fitting up his cabin, but the linen fur. the Princess. I never suspected that there was niture was ordered by me, by direction of the any improper familiarity between them. I never Princess, of Newberry and Jones. It was put expressed to any body a wisla that Capt. Manby's by Newberry and Jones in the Princess's bill, visits were not so frequent. If the Princess had and was paid for with the rest of the bill by Miss company, I was never present. The Princess Heyman. (Signed) JOHN SICARD. was at Ramsgate in 1803; I have seen Captain Sworn at Lord Greuville's House, in

Manby there frequently. He came to the Downing-street, the 7th day of

Princess's house to dinner; he never stayed til June, 1806, before us,

late at night at the Princess's house. I was in (Signed) ERSKINE, GRENVILLE, Devonshire with the Princess lately; there was SPENCER, ELLENBOROUGH. no one officer that she saw when she was in De

vonshire more than the rest. I never heard from (No. 11.)-The Deposition of Charlotte Sander. the Princess that she apprehended her conduct I have lived with the Princess of Wales eleven was questioned. When I was bronght here I years. I am a native of Brunswick, and came thought I might be questioned respecting the with the Princess from Brunswick. The Princess Princess's condnct, and I was sorry to come; I has a little boy living with her under hier don't know why I thought so; I never saw any protection; he had a mark on bis hand, but it is thing in the conduct of the Princess, while I lived worn off; I first saw him four years ago, in the with her, which would have made me uneasy if Autumn. The father and mother of the child are I had been her husband. When I was at Sonthstill alive; I have seen them both; the father end, I dined in the Steward's room. I can't say worked in the Dock-yard at Deptford, but has whether I ever heard any body in the Steward's now lost the use of his limbs ; the father's name rooni say any thing about the Captain (meaning is Austia. The mother brought the child to the Captain Manby); it is so long ago, I may have Princess when he was four months old; I was forgot it; I have seen Captain Manby alone with present when the child was brought to the the Princess, at No. 9, in the drawing-room, at Princess; she was in her own room up stairs, Southend; I have seen it only ovce or twice; it when the child was brought; she came out, and was at two or three o'clock in the afternoon, and took the child herself. I understood that the never later. I slept in a room next to the child was expected before it was brought. I am Princess, in the house No.9, at Southend ; ! sure that I never saw the child in the house be- never saw Captain Manby in any part of that fore it appeared to be four months old. The house but the drawing-room; I have no reason Princess was vot ill or indisposed in the autumn to believe he was in any other room in the house. of 180%. I was dresser to Her Royal Highness ; | I was at Catherington with the Princess ; she she could uot be ill or indisposed withont my was at Mr. Hood's souse; I never saw an y famiknowing it. I am sure that she was not coufined liarity between her and Mr. Hood; I have seen to her room, or to her bed in that autumn; there ber drive out in Mr. Hoods carriage with him was not, to my knowledge, any other child in the alone; it was a gig; they used to be absent for house; it was hardly possible there could have several hours ; a servant of the Princess attendbeen a child tbere without my knowing it. Ied them ; I have delivered packets by the order have no recollection that the Princess had grown of the Princess, which she gave me, sealed up, bigger in the year 1802 than usual ; I am sure to Sicard, to be by him forwarded to Captaia the Princess was not pregnant; being her dresser, Manby. The birth-day of the child who lives I must have seen it, if she was. I solemnly and with the Princess is the 11th of July, as his mopositively swear I have no reason to know or be ther told me; she says that he was christened at lieve that the Princess of Wales has been at any Deptford. The child had a mark on the hand, tire pregnant during the time I have lived with the mother told me that it was from red wine; I

believe the child came to the Princess in No.

(No. 13.) vember: (Sigped) C. SANDER

20th June, 1806. Sworn at Lord Grenville's House, in Down

My Lord,-In consequence of certain inquiries ing-street, the 7th day of June, 1806.

directed by His Majesty, Lady Donglas, wife of

Sir John Douglas, of the Marines, has deposed (Signed) ERSKINE, GRENVILLE,

upon oath, that she was told by Her Royal HighSPENCER, ELLENBOROUGH.

ness the Princess of Wales, that at a breakfast at Lady Willoughby's house in May or June, 1802,

&c. (No. 12.)— The Deposition of Sophia Austin. I know the child which is now with the

[Extract from Lady Douglas's Deposition.] Princess of Wales ; I am the mother of it; I was

It being material to ascertain, as far as possi. delivered of it four years ago the 11th of next ble, the truth of this fact, I am to request that July, at Brownlow-street Hospital. I have lain your Lordship will have the goodness to desire in there three times; William, wlio is with the Lady Willoughby to put down in writing every Princess, is the second child'I laid in of there. circumstance in any manner relative

thereto (if It was marked in the right hand with red wine. any such there be) of which hier Ladyship has any My husband was a labourer in the Dock-yard at recollection; and also to apprize me, for His Ma. Deptford. When peace was proclaimed a pum. the course of the above-mentioned year, Lady

jesty's information, whether at any time, during ber of the workmen were discharged, and my Willoughby observed any such alteration in the husband was one who was discharged. I went Princess's shape, or any other circumstances, as to the Princess with a petition on a Saturday, to try to get my husband restored. I lived at that might induce her Ladyship to believe that Her time at Deptford-new-row, No. 7, with a person

Royal Highness was then pregnant.—I am, &c,

SPENCER. of the name of Bearblock; he was a milkman. The day I went to the Princess with the peti.

(No. 14.) tion was a fortnight before the 6th of November. Mr. Bennet, a baker, in New-street, was our

Sidmouth, 21st June, 1806. dealer, and I took the child to Mr. Bennet's, mands,

I lost no time in communicating to Lady

My dear Lord, -In obedience to your comwhen I went to receive my, hnsband's wages, Willonghby the important subject of your private every week, from the time I left the Hospital letter, dated the 20th instant, and I have the liotill I carried the child to the Princess. I knew Mr. Stikeman only by having seen him. once Lady Willoughby.

I have the lionour, &c.

nour of enclosing a letter to your Lordship from before, when I went to apply for a letter to

GWYDIR. Brownlow-street Hospital. When I went to Montague-house, I desired Mr. Stikeman to

(No. 15.) present my petition. He said they were denied to do such things, but seeing me with a baby, he contained in your Lordship's letter, communicat

My Lord,- In obedience to the command could do no less. He then took the child from ed to me by Lord Gwydir, I have the honour to me, and was a long time gone; be then brought inform you, that I have no recollection whatever me back the child, and brought half a guinea; of the fact stated to have taken place during a which the Ladies sent me. He said, if the child breakfast at Whitehall, in May or June, 1802 ; had been younger, he thought he could have got nor do I bear in mind any particular circum. it taken care of' for me, but desired that I stances relative to Her Royal Higliness the would come up again ; I went up again on the Princess of Wales, at the period to which you Monday following, and I saw Mr. Stikeman; allude. I have the honour, &c. Mr. Stikeman afterwards came several times to

June 21, 1806.

WILLOUGHBY. us, and appointed me to take the child to Mon

Earl Spencer. tague-house on the 5th of November, but it rained all day, and I did not take it. Mr. Stikeman came down to me on the Saturday, the 6th

(No. 16.) of November, and I took the child

on that day Extruct from the Register of the Births and Bapto the Princess's house. The Princess was out,

lisms of Children born in the Brownlow-street I waited till she returned ; she saw the child, Lying-in Hospital, and asked its age. I went down into the cotfee Born,



May, room, and they gave me 'some arrow-root to wean the child, for I was suckling the child at 8, Thomas, of Richard and Eliz. Austin, 20 this time, and when I had weaned the child, I

July, was to bring it and leave it with the Princess. 11, William, of Samuel and Sophia Austin, 15 I did wean the child, and brought it to the

The above are the only two entries under the Princess's house on the 15th of November, and name of Austin, about the period in question, left it there, and it has been with the Princess and were extracted by me." No description of ever since. I saw the child last Whit-Monday, the children is preserved.

CHARLES WATKIN WILLIAMS WYNN. and I swear that it is my child.

June 23, 1806. (Signed) SOPHIA AUSTIN, Sworn at Lord Grenville's house in

(No. 17.)- The Deposition of Elizabeth Gosden. Downing-street, the 7th day of

I am the wife of Francis Gosden, who is a ser. June, 1806, before us,

vant of the Princess of Wales, and has lived with (Signed) ERSKINE, SPENCER, Her Royal Highness eleven years. In NovemGRÉNVILLE, ELLENBOROUGH. bet, 1802, I was sent for to the Priocess's house


Supplement to No. 12, Vol. XXIII.-Price Is.

to look after a little child. I understood that (No. 19.)- The Deposition of Thomas Edmeades, of he had been then nine days in the house. I was Greenwich, Surgeon and Apothecary, nurse to the child. One of the Ladies, I think Í

am a Surgeon and Apothecary at GreenMiss Sander, delivered the child to me, and wich, and was appointed the Surgeon and Apo. told me Her Royal Highness wished me to take thecary of the Princess of Wales in 1801. From care of him. The child never slept with the that time I have attended Her Royal Highness Princess. I sometimes used to take him to the and her Household. I know Fanny Lloyd who Princess before she was up, and leave him with attended in the coffee-room at the Princess's; ! her on her bed. The child had a mark on the have frequently attended her for colds. I do hand; it appeared to be a stain of wine, but is not recollect that I ever said any thing to her now worn out. I was ahout a year and three respecting the Princess of Wales ; it never once quarters with the child. The mother used to entered my thoughts, while I attended the come often to see him. I never saw the Princess Princess, that she was pregnant; I never said dress the child, or take off its things herself, but that she was so to Fanny Lloyd. I have bled she has seen me do it. The child is not so much the Princess twice. The second bleeding was now with the Princess as he was.

in 1802, and it was in the June quarter, as ap(Signed) ELIZABETH GOSDEN. pears by the book I kept. I do not know what Sworn at Lord'Grenville's house, in

she was bled for ; it was at her own desire ; it Downing-street, the 23d day of

was not by any medical advice. I was unwillJune, 1806, before us,

ing to do it, but she wished it. If I recollect, (Signed) ERSKINE, SPENCER, she complained of a pain in her chest, but I do GRENVILLE, ELLENBOROUGH. not remember that she had any illness. I did

not use to bleed her twice a year. I certainly (No. 18.) --The Deposition of Betty Townley. saw Her Royal Highness in November, 1802 ; I I lived at Charlton sixteen years, and till saw her on the 16th of November, but I had not within the last two years I was a laundress, and any idea of her being then with child. I did not used to wash linen for the Princess of Wales's attend her on the 16th of November, but I saw family. After the Princess left Charlton, and her then. I was visiting a child ; (a male child), went to Blackheath, I used to go over to Black: from Deptford. I have no recollection of have heath to fetch the linen to wash: I have had ing seen the Princess in Oct. 1802. The child linen from the Princess's house the same as other must have been from three to five months old, Ladies, I mean, that there were such appear when I first saw it. I have no recollection of ances on it as might arise from natural causes to the Princess having been ill about the end of which women are subject. I never washed the October, 1802. I have visited the child very Princess's own bed linen, but once or twice oc. often since, and I have always understood it to casionally. I recollect one bundle of linen once be the sante child. The Princess used some coming, which I thought rather more marked times to send for leeches, and had them from than usual. They told me the Princess had been me. I do not thiök that I attended the Princess, bled with leeches, and it dirted the linen or saw her often in the Summer and Autumn of more. The servants told me so, but I don't 1802. I had rot the sole care of the Princess's remember who the servants were that told me health during the time I have spoken of; Sir so. I recollect once I came to town and left Francis Millman attended her occasionally. the linen with my daughter to wash ; I looked at

(Signed) THOMAS EDMEADES. the clothes slowly before I went, and counted Sworn at Lord Grenville's house, in them, and my daughter and a woman she em- Downing-street, the 25th day of ployed with her, washed tliem, while I was in June, 1806, before us, town. I thought when I looked them over, (Signed) ERSKINE, SPENCER, that there might be something more than usual;

GRENVILLE, ELLENBOROUGĦ. my opinion was, that it was from a miscarriage, the linen bad the appearance of a miscarriage. (No. 20.) The Deposition of Samuel Gillam Mills, I believed it at the time. They were fine da

of Greenwich, Surgeon. mask vapkins, and some of them marked with I am a Surgeon at Greenwich, have been in a little red crown in the corner, and some with partnership with Mr. Edmeades since 1800; beout marks. I might mention it to Fanny Lloyd. fore he was my partner I attended the Princess I don't recollect when this was, but it must be of Wales's family from the time of her coming to more than two years and a half ago, for I did Blackheath from Charlton; I was appointed by not wash for the Princess's family but very little the Princess her Surgeon in April, 1801, by a for the last six months. Mary Wilson used to written appointment, and from that time I never give me the linen, and I believe it was she who attended Her Royal Highness or any of the sertold me the Princess was bled with leeches, but vants in iny medical capacity, except that I the appearance of the linen which I have spoken once attended Miss Gouch, and once Miss Mille of before was different from that which it was field; there was a child brought to the Princess said was stained by bleeding with leeches. I while I attended her; I was called upon to 'exTemember the child coming, I used to wash the amine the child; it was a girl. It must have linen for the child ; and Mrs. Gosden, who been in 1801, or thereabouts. The child after. pursed the child, used to pay me for it. I kept wards had the measles, and I attended her. a book in which I eutered the linen I washed. 'I When first I saw the child I think it must have am not sure whether I have it still, but if I have, been about ten months old; it must have been it is in a chest at my daughter's, at Charlton, prior to April, 1801. I understood that the and I will produce it if I can find it.

child was taken through charity. I remember (Signed) B. TOWNLEY. that there was a female servant who attended Stroeat Lotd Grenville's house, in

in the coffee-room. I never said to that woman, Dovhing street, the 23d day of June,

or to any other person, that the Princess was 1001, before uer

with child, or looked as if she was with child; (sigued ASKINE, SPENCER, and I never thought so, or surmised any thing of

GRANVILLE, ELLENBOROUGH, the kind. I was once sent for by Her Royal

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