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article called “Wo Lee and his Kinsfolk,” gives its readers an interesting insight into the social life of the Chinese in California, which is much the same as in their own country, as these singular people carry their customs with them; " in Rome doing as Rome does,” not being one of their maxims.

- The Overland Monthly for February, which by the way is the first number of this year that has reached us, contains articles on “ Australia," " Wool and its growth,” “ Audo bon," “ Sea Elephant Hunting,"

;" “Mackerel Catching," and 'Slang," besides others of interest.


AMERICAN PERIODICALS. N.B. Publishers wishing the contents of their Magazines to appear in this list will please send a copy of each

number us issued to the Editor, care of Trübner fo Co. Bibliotheca Sacra (The). (Published Quarterly.)

Bright's Disease. By Joseph G. Richardson, M.D.-Observations on Edited by EDWARDS A. PARK and SAMUEL H. TAYLOR,

the Treatinent of Certain Complications of Hooping Cough by Means

of the Oil of Turpentine. By Bedford Brown, M.D. - Femoral with the co-operation of three Divines. Andover, 1870. Aneurism in the Groin successfully treated by Flexion of the Limb, 4s. 6d, per number. 18s. per annum.

after a relapse following a previous apparent Cure by Compression. CONTENTS OF THE JANUARY NUMBER.-The Incarnation. By Pro

By Gurdon Buck, M.D.-Permanganate of Potassa in the Treatment fessor John A. Reubelt.—Revelation and Inspiration. No. V. The

of Certain Female Diseases. By A. M. Williams, A.M., M.D.-An adCredibility of the Gospel Narratives. By Rev. E. B. Burrows, D.D.

ditional Test for the Diagnosis and Correction of the Optical Defects - The Human Intellect. By Rev. John Bascom.-The Progress of

of the Eye. By William Thomson, M.D.-New Observations on Dr. Truth dependent on Correct Interpretation. By Rev. Seth Sweetser,

E. Groux's Case of Congenital Fissure of the Sternum. By Henry D.D. --Bethesda and its Miracle. By Rev. James N. Macdonald, D.D.

Hartshorne, M.D.-On Instantaneous Rigour as the Occasional de -The Doctrine of the Apostles. By 8. R. Asbury.- Licentiate.

companiment of Sudden and Violent Death. By John H. Brinton, Recent Theories on the Origin of Language. By Rev. John O. Means.

M.D.-Pendulous Pedunculated Bronchocele Successfully Remored. -New Studies in Egyptology. By Joseph P. Thompson, D.D., LL.D.

By George C. Blackman, M.D.-Case of Diphtheric Croup, in which Assyrian Studies—Text Books. By Rev. William Hayes Ward.--The

Laryngo-tracheotomy was performed : Death on the Seventh Day Topography of Jerusalem. By Rev. John Forbes, LL.D.-Notices of

from the Systemic Poison, By John H. Packard, M.D.-Cases of Ora. Recent Publications : German Works-English and American Works.

riotomy. By Washington L. Atlee, M.D. (Reported by Dr. J. Ewing

Mears.)-Two cases of Growth of the Aspergillus Fungus in the ExHarper's New Monthly Magazine. New York, ternal Auditory Canal. By D. B. St. John Roosa, M.D. With a 1870. Illustrated. Can be supplied to India, China, South

Microscopical Description by William B. Lewis, M.D.-Ulceration of

the Umbilicus and Strangulation of the Intestine in an Adalt Female. America, and the Colonies, or any part of the Continent of By T. L. Ogier, M.D.-- Symptoms of True Labour caused by imEurope. 18s. per annum (exclusive of postage).

pacted Fecal Matter in the Large Intestines. By John J. Black, M.D. CONTENTS OF THE FEBRUARY Number.- The Marriage of Frederick -On Certain Peculiarities in the Construction of the Orbit. By Har. the Great. 3. Wilhelmina and the Reconciliation.- Tell Me.- Beast, rison Allen, M.D.-Description of an Improved Speculum. "By I. Bird, and Fish. (Fourth Paper).-The Andes and the Amazon.- Stockton Hough, M.D.-Summary of the Proceedings of the Patho South-Coast Saunterings in England. (Saunter V.)-The Conse- logical Society of Philadelphia. -Reviews.-Analytical and Biograpbiquences.--Anteros. 2.-Flood-tide.-Mirabeth.-A Brave Lady (con- cal Notices.- Quarterly Summary of the Improvements and Dia tinued).-Mary Russell Mitford.--Along the wires.- Paraguay and

coveries in the Medica Sc ces : Anatomy and Physiology-Materia Her Enemies. -A Promise is a Promise. - The Game Water-Fowl of Medica, General Therapeutics and Pharmacy-Medical Pathology and America.-A Chat of Bells. - Editor's Easy Chair.- Editor's Literary Therapeutics, and Practical Medicine-Surgical Pathology and Tbera Record.-Editor's Scientific Record.-Editor's Historical Record. peutics, and Operative Surgery-Opthalmology-Midwifery-Medical Editor's Drawer.

Jurisprudence and Toxicology. - American Intelligence : Original

Communications-Domestic Summary. Lippincott's

Magazine. An Illustrated Monthly of Literature, Science, and Education. Philadelphia, 1870.

Medicine and Surgery (The Philadelphia UniSubscription, 18s. per annum.


delphia University, 1870. Subscription, 12s. per annum, Smith.-The Penn Family. By John Jay Smith.-Match-making. post free. By J. W. Watson.-Under False Colours. By Lucy Hamilton Hooper. CONTENTS OF THE JANUARY NUMBER.-A Lecture on the Healing - The Two Flags : an incident of the War in Cuba. By Edward

Art (Continued).-Management of Pregnant Women and the Diseases Renaud.--High Life. By C. A. Burgin. - The Freedman and his

of Pregnancy. By J. S. Longshore, M.D.-Hepatic Disorder. By J. Future, II.-A Rejoinder. By G. F.-Beyond the Breakers, XIV. concluded. By Robert Dale Owen.--Our Geographical Sponsors.

C. Dreker, M.D.-Autopsy of a case of Epilepsy of long standing.

Selections : Chemistry of the Cincbona Barks.-Clinical Reports: By W. W. Crane.-An Extraordinary Episode. By Reginald Lewin. Practice of Medicine-Surgery.-Medical and Domestic Items.-The Report of the Special Commissioner, Edwin M. Stanton : Secret Editorial.--Reviews and Literary Notices.-Physician's Directory. History of Lincoln's Cabinet.-Our Monthly Gossip.-Literature of the day.

Merchants' Magazine (Hunt's) and Commercial Medical Journal (New York). A Monthly REVIEW, Edited by WILLIAM B. DANA. (Published

Record of Medicine and the Collateral Sciences. Edited monthly.) New York. 1869. Subscription, £1 105. per by EDWARD S. DUNSTER, M.D. New York, 1870. Sub

annum. scription, £1 10s. per annum, or 38. per number.


Financial Question. By C. H. Carroll. --The Reciprocity Movement CONTENTS OF THE JANUARY NUMBER.-Contributions to Practical

in Canada.-Floating Capital and New Loans.-Chicago and Alloa Laryngoscopy. Four Cases of Morbid Growths within the Larynx. Railroad.-The Discount Market.

- Relief from Fiscal Burdens. - The By A. Ruppaner, M.D.-Review of the Report of “ Last Illness of Dr.

Supreme Court and the Legal Tender Act. -The Condition of the Alden March." By C. A. Robertson, M.D.-Treatment of Contusions Massachusetts' Insurance Companies.-The Hop-crop and its Pro of the Perinwum, attended with Laceration of the Urethra. By ducts.— Tennessee Finances.-North Carolina Bonds. -Pennsylvania Stephen Rogers, M.D. Reviews. -- Bibliographical and Literary State Debt.-General Movement of Coin and Bullion at New York in Notes.-Reports on the Progress of Medicine : Dermatology.-Mis

October, 1869. - Railroad Items.-The Public Debt. - Commercial cellaneous and Scientific Notes.

Chronicle and Review.- Journal of Banking, Currency, and Finance. Medical Review (American Eclectic). Editors :

Naturalist (The American).- A popular Illustrated ROBERT 8. NEWTON, M.D., J. M. F. BROWNE, M.D., LL.D., and P. ALBERT MORROW, M.D. New York, 1869.

Magazine of Natural History. Editors: ALPHBUS 8. Subscription, 12s. per annum.


Hyatt, and FREDERICK W. PUTNAM. Salem (Mass.), PeaBy Alexander Wilder, M.D.-Atomic Force. By Thomas R. Fraser,

body Academy of Science, 1870. Subscription, 18s. per annum. M.D.- Are We Advancing ? By Robert S. Newton, M.D.-A Case in CONTENTS OF THE JANUARY NUMBER.-Shavings Examined Miere Practice. By E. H. Anderson, M.D.-Case of Otitis. Reported by scopically. By Professor A. M. Edwards.--Notes on some of the Rarer John H. Fitch, M.D. - Periscope. – Reviews and Bibliographical Birds of Massachusetts. (Continued.) By J. A. Allen.-The Lingering Notices.-Editorial.-Editorial Notes and Comments.- News and Admirers of Phrenology. By Professor Cleland. The Clapper Rail. Miscellany.

By Dr. Elliott Cones, United States Army. - Reviews. - Natural

History Miscellany: Botany - Zoology-Geology.-Answers to CarMedical Sciences (American Journal of the).

respondents.-Books Received. Edited by Isaac Hays, M.D. Assisted by J. MINIS Hays, M.D. New Series. (Published Quarterly.) Phila.

North American Review (The). Edited by delphia, 1870. 6s. per number.


Boston, 1870. (Quarterly.) 6s. each number. its derivative Alkaloids. By S. Weir Mitchell, M.D.- Amputation at CONTENTS OF THE JANUARY NUMBER. -The Let-Alone Principle. the Knee-joint by Modified Lateral Flaps. By Stephen Smith, M.D.- By Simon Newcomb.-Indian Migrations. By Lewis H. Morgan. -AR A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Physiological Action of the Ancient Creed. By Karl Blind. - Railway Problems in 1869. By Alkaloids, Viridia, Veratroidia, and Veratria of Commerce, and of the Charles Francis Adams, jun.-The Ecclesiastical Crisis in England. Resin of Veratrum Viride. By Horatio C. Wood, jun., M.D.-On the By Professor Goldwin Smith. - The Treasury Reports, 1809. By Diaguostic Value of the Corpuscular Blood-elements in the Urine of Gamaliel Bradford.-Critical Notices.


Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children

GERATH, M.D., B. F. Dawson, M.D., and A. JACOBI,
M.D. New York, 1869. Subscription, 20s. per annum.

CONTENTS OF Tue NOVEMBER NUMBER.-Remarks upon some re-
cently reported Cases of Monstrosity. By C. C. Terry, M.D.-The
Pathology and Treatment of Membranous Dysmenorrhæa. By Dr. F.
Mandı.-- The History of Four Cases of chronic Inversion of the
Uterus, with the account of an Operation designed as a Substitute for
Amputation. By F. Gaillard Thomas, M.D.-The Treatment of Endo-
metritis by Uterine Injections. By J. C. Nott, M.D.-On Chronic
Metritis in its Relation to Malignant Disease of the Uterus. By E.
Noeggerath, M.D.-Correspondence : Meeting of German Naturalists
and Discussions at Innsbruck. - Transactions of the Philadelphia
Obstetrical Society.-Review of Literature pertaining to Diseases of
Women, Pregnancy, Labour, and the Puerperal State, and Diseases of
Children.-Reviews and Notices of Books.-Books Received.
Old and New. A Monthly Magazine of Science,

Business, Politics, and Religion, for the Home Circle.
Edited by the Rev. EDWARD EVERETT HALE. Boston
and New York, 1870. Subscription, £1 4s. per annum.

Editor.-La Crecke. From the German.-Six Fingers and Toes. By
Burt G. Wilder, M.D.-The French System of Storm Maps. By Pro-
fessor J. P. Lesley.-Language a Fine Art. By Emma M. Converse.-
Two Yards of Earth. By Edgar L. Paxton.---Nature and the Great
Railroad. By W. T. Brigham.--Too Neat by Half. By F. W. Holland.-
Florida. By Charles Beecher.-Gloria in Excelsis. By Mrs. M. P. Lowe.
-The West As It Is. By Mrs. Julia Ward Howe.-Claude Blouet's
Sufferings. (After the French of M. André Theuriet).- The Negro and
his Bureau. By Sidney Andrews.--The Scriptures : the Nature of
their Inspiration, and their Relation to other sources of Religious
Truth. By Henry W. Bellows.-Dreaming and Waking. By E. Fox.
ton.-Lifting Up By Harriet E. Lunt.-Janus on “The Pope and the
Council."--Ten Times One is Ten. (A story in eight chapters.) By
Colonel Frederick Ingham.- What is Religion? By C. Carroll Everett.
The Suez Canal.-The Examiner.-Record of Progress.
Our Young Folks. An Illustrated Magazine for

Boys and Girls. Edited by J. T. TROWBRIDGE, GAIL
HAMILTON, and Lucy LARCOM. (Monthly.) Boston, 1870.
Subscription, 12s. per annum.

By Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney. Chapter 2.-Our Menagerie, l. By T.
W. Higginson.-Snow (Poem). By Rose Terry.- Burton and the
Baby. By Helen C. Weeks.-Mr. Clarence at ihe Capital. By J. T.
Trowbridge.-A Clean Sweep. By Caroline Augusta Howard. The
Owl and the Pussy-Cat (Poem). By Edward Lear.-Jack's Victory.
2. By Isaac J. Hayes. - How Battles are Fought. 2. By Major
Traverse.-Mrs. MacGarret's 'Tea-party. By Mrs. A. M. Diaz.-The
Evening Lamp.-Our Letter-Box.
Overland Monthly (The). Devoted to the de.

velopment of the country. San Francisco, 1870. Subscription, £1 45. per annum.

CONTENTS OF THE FEBRUARY NUMBER.-Our Ishmaelites.-Seaelephant Hunting.-Australia.-Meridian.--Mr. Burleigh?s Way.A Visit to Melrose.--A Flock of Wool.-Western Agricultural Im. provements.-An Officer's Wife in New Mexico.- The Years.Mackerel-catching.- The Story of an Ornithologist.--Concerning Popular Assassination. - The Chapel of St. Ferdinand." Jim."--The Rationale of Slang, etc.- Current Literature. Princeton Review (The Biblical Repertory and).

Edited by Rev. CHARLES HODGE, D.D., and LYMAN 6. ATWATER, D.D., and with the special cooperation of six divines. Quarterly. New York, 1870. Subscription, 16s. per annum. CONTENTS OF THE JANUARY NUMBER.- The History and Literature of Civil Service Reform.—The Early Regeneration of Sabbath School Children.—The Life of Samuel Miller, D.D., LL.D.-A Fragment: What the Greeks Thought of the Religion of the Jews.--The Reign of Law.-Adjourned Meetings of the General Assemblies at Pittsburg:The Life of Joseph Addison Alexander, D.D. - The Presbyterian

Church: Its Position and Work.-Notices of Recent Publications.
Literary Intelligence.
Printers' Circular (The). A Record of Typography,

Literature, Arts, and Sciences. Edited by R. S, MENAMIN.
Philadelphia, 1870. Subscription, 6s. per annum, post
Jessie Ringwalt.-History of tbe Columbia Typographical Society of
Washington., D.C. By A. T. Cowis and E. MacMurray. No. XIV.-
Independent Journalism.- Capacity of Presses.-A Pertinent Inquiry.
Acquirements Necessary to Make an Editor.-A Remedy for Strikes.
-Foreign Miscellany.-Miscellaneous Items.-Editorials.-- Literary.

- Newspaper Gossip.- List of Officers of Typographical Union.Advertisements. Proof Sheet (The). Issued by Messrs. COLLINS

and M'LEESTER, Type Founders. Philadelphia, 1869. Subscription, 6s. per annum, post free. CONTENTS OF THE NOVEMBER NUMBER.-Map of Boston and Adja. cent Country, showing that City to be the Geographical as well as the Intellectual and Moral Centre of One-half of the Globe. Compiled for the use of schools, from the latest survey of the fields. By A. Shortfellow, Esq., Cosmographical Engineer.- Editorial Note.-The Supplement: Our Object-- Complimentary-Shorts--Why Not?-Conparisons--Nutting in the Park—" Full Ġrown! Why Full-Grown ?" Dramatic-Financial Intelligence-Commercial Intelligence. --Notices to Correspondents. By Dr. R. Shelton Mackenzie.- Rampant Rascality. - The Franklin Society.-On Principals and Accessories.Short and Pithy.- The Philosophy of Whist. By Charles West Thompson.--The Average of Audiences. By Oliver Wendell Holmes. -Long Intermissions. - Advice Gratis.--Miscellanea.--Masonic Em. blems.-Advertisements. Riverside Magazine (The): an Illustrated Maga

zine for Young People. New York, 1870. Monthly. Subscription, 18s. per annum. CONTENTS OF THE FEBRUARY NUMBER.-Frontispiece. Telling Stories by Fire-light. By Edmund B. Bensell.-- The Shan Van Voght. A true Story. By Mrs. R. H. Davies. - Jake's Wedding, II. By Mrs. Helen Č. weeks.-Father Gander's Rhymes about the Animals. By C. P. Cranch.-William Fitz.- Robert and Helie of St. Saen. By the author of ". Seven Little Sisters."-More Little Artists and Storytellers. By Anne Silvernail.- A Letter from Egypt. By T. D. Butier. - Little Folk Songs, I-V. By Alta.-How the Captain came by a Legacy, II. By Vieux Moustache.--It is; it is not, and it is. By Dr. c. C. Abbott.-The Truly Rural Romaunt of the sleepy Princess (continued). - Indian Club Exercise. Second Paper. By C. R. Treat. - The Days of the Week, Vignette for February. By Hans Christian Andersen.-Books for Young People : Bjornson's Writings.– The Shadow on the Wall. By M. Angier Alden.-The Settle. By the Editor and the Children. The Calendar for February. Ruralist (The), and Ohio Valley Cultivator. A

Monthly Journal devoted to Agriculture, Horticulture, Literature, Science, Art, News, etc. Edited by E. J. HOOPER. (New Series.) Cincinnati, 1869. Subscription. 6s. per annum, post free. CONTENTS OF THE DECEMBER NUMBER.-Reports of the Cincinnati Horticultural Society.-Ohio Wine Grower's Association.-Correspondence. - Agricultural. Stock.-Fruit Garden and Orchard.Vegetable Garden. -- Nubbins in Nutshells. -- Household. - Miscellaneous. Speculative Philosophy (The Journal of). Edited by WILLIAM T. HARRIS. St. Louis, 1869. 2s. per number.

CONTENTS OF THE DECEMBER NUMBER.-Preface to Volume III. New Exposition of the Science of Knowledge. Translated from the German of J. G. Fichte, by A. E. Kroeger. Part fourth.-Analysis of Hegel's Aesthetics. Translated from the French of M. Ch. Bénard, by J. A. Martling.–Berkley's Doctrine of the Nature of Matter. By T. Collyn Simon.--Hegel's First Principle (as Introduction to the Translation of the “ Science of Comprehension").-The Problems of Philosophy at the present time. By E. von Hartmann, translated from the German by Thomas Davidson.-Is Thought the Thinker? Letter from T. Collyns Simon.

PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. Army of the James (Society of the). Report of BOSTON SOCIETY OF); being a New Series of the Boston

Journal of Natural History. the Proceedings at the First Triennial Reanion, held in

Boston, 1868 and 1869.

£1 5s. each part. Boston, Sept. 2, 1868. Compiled by Col. CHARLES A. CARLETON, sro. sewed, pp. 56. New York, 1870.

CONTENTS OF VOLUME I., PART 3.-On the Spongiae Ciliatae, as

Infusoria Flagellata; or, observations on the Structure, Animality, Army Reunion (The). With Reports of the and Relationships of Leucosolenia Botryoides Bowerbank. By X.

James Clark, A.B., B.S. (With 2 Plates.)---Notes on the Volcanic Meetings of the Societies of the Armies of the Cumberland,

Phenomena of the Hawaiian Islands, with a Description of the the Tennessee, the Ohio, and Georgia. Held at Chicago, Modern Eruptions. By William T. Brigham, A.M. (With 5 Plates.) Dec. 15 and 16, 1868. Illustrated. 8vo. cloth, cloth gilt, With over 50 Figures and Maps. and morocco, pp. 350. Chicago, 1870. £1, £158., and £1 15s. CONTENTS OF VOLUME I., Part 4.-On the Weapons and Military

Character of the Race of the Mounds. (With a Plate). By Colonel Medical Association (Transactions of the Charles Whittlesey.-On the Distortion of Pebbles in Conglomerates,

with Illustrations from Rangely Lake in Maine. (With 3 Plates.) AMERICAN). Instituted 1847. Vol. XX. 8vo. cloth, pp.

By George L. Vose.- Notes on Birds observed in Western Iowa, in 853. Philadelphia, 1870. £1 6s.

the months of July, August, and September ; also on Birds observed

in Northern Minois, in May and June; and at Richmond, Wayne Natural History (Memoirs read before the

County, Indiana, between June 3rd and 10th. By J. A. Allen.-Notes on Hesperomannia, a new genus of Hawaiian Compositae. :(With a Plate.) By William T. Brigham.-Notes on Alsinidendron, Platydesma, and Brigbamia, new genera of Hawaiian Plants, with an Analysis of the Hawaiian Flora. (With 3 Plates.) By Horace Mann. -The Geographical Distribution of the Native Birds of the Department of Vera Cruz, with a list of the Migratory Species. By F. Sumicbrast. Communicated to the Smithsonian Institution and published by permission of the Secretary. Translated from the French by T. M. Brewer, M.D.-The Eruption of the Hawaiian Volcanoes, 1868. By William T. Brigham, A.M.--The Physical Geology of Eastern Ohio. By Colonel Charles Whittlesey. (With a Plate.) Opthalmological Society (Transactions of the

AMERICAN). Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Annual Meetings, 1865, 1866, 1867, and 1868. New York, 1865, 1866, and 1869. 1865 and 1866 Parts 5s, each; 1867 and 1868 Parts 10s. each,

CONTENTS OF THE 1865 PART.-Report on the Progress of Opthalmology during the past year. By Dr. B. Joy Jeffries.-Opthalmic Photography - autopthalmoscopy. - Entoptics.-- Retinal structure. --Binocular Opthalmoscope.-Physiology and Theory of VisionBibliography.-Statement of Cases of Gonorrhwal and Furulent Opthalmia treated in the Desmarres (United States Army).-Eye and Ear Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, with Special Report of Treatment employed. By Surgeon J. S. Hildreth, United States Volunteers in charge of Hospital. --Opthalmia Intermittens, By Dr. Derby.-Asthenopia not connected with Hypermetropia. By Dr. Dyer.-Specialties in Medicine, By Henry D, Noyes, M.D.

CONTENTS OF THE 1866 PART.-Sudden Monocular Amaurosie, presenting unusual difficulties in Diagnosis. By Dr. Henry B. Sands.

Extract from Observations upon Anaesthesia of the Cornea and Radiating Fibres of the Iris, occurring without Intra-ocular Tension, By Dr. J. G. IIildreth.--Refraction of a small oblique pencil of diverging rays by a glass plate with plane parallel surfaces. By Dr. G. Hay.-On the necessity of employing greater accuracy in ascertaining and expressing the degree of acuteness of Vision. By Dr. H. Derby.-A Method of Operating for Divergent Squint. By Dr. C, R. Agnew.-Alublyopia produced by Osmic Acid. 'By Dr. Henry D. Noyes.--Anatomy and Physiology of the Ciliary Muscle in Man. By Dr. B. Joy Jeffries.-Suture of the Flap after extraction of Cataract. By Henry W. Williams, M.D.

CONTENTS OF THE 1867 AND 1868 PARTS.-Report on the Progress of Opthalmology for 1865 and 1866. By Dr. B. Joy Jeffries.-Report on the Progress of Opthalmology for 1867. By Dr. G. Hay.--Obero vations in Astigmatisın. By Dr. Henry D. Noyes.- Case of acquired Astigmatismu. By Dr. Pomeroy. Modification of Probes for the Lachrymal Passages. By Dr. W. H. Williams.-On the use of styles of lead in the Treatment of Disease of the Lachrymal Sac. By Dr. John Green.--Mydriatics in Glaucoma. Two cases in which the Instillation of Atropine was directly followed by an outbreak of acute Glaucoma. By Dr. Hasket Derby. --Sympathetic Opthalmitis ; abstract of history of forty-six cases. By Dr. Holmes. Case of Eocephaloid Tumour springing from the Fundus of the Eye-ball, stimtlating Glaucoma. By Dr. Morton.-Relative Accommodation. By Edward G. Loring, Jun., M.D.-Suture of the Wound of Cornea after Flap Extraction : report of forty-four cases. By Henry W. Williams, M.Õ.- A Cystitome for the modified Linear Extraction. By Dr. O. Hay.-Inclínation of the vertical meridian of the Eye-ball for the direction of Vision upward and outward. By Dr. G. Hay.-A point in the Physiology of Vision. By Dr. B. Joy Jeffries.- On a new series of test-leiters for determining the acuteness of Vision, By Dr. John Green.-Retinitis in Glycosuria. By Henry D. Noyes, M.D.- Cee of Herpeszoster Opthalmicus in a patient nearly eighty years of age, causing fatal prostration. By Dr. B. Joy Jeffries, M.D.--Remarks on the Operation for Cataract by modified Linear Extraction : Gracle's Method. By Henry D. Noyes, M.D.--Enucleation of Eye for Sym. pathetic Opthalmia. By Dr. J.F. Noyes.- Remarks upon the principle of the Thaumatrope. By Dr. B. Joy Jeffries.- Tests for the insutid. ency of the Recti Interni Muscles. By E. G. Loring, Jun., M.D.--O. the Cause of Anaesthesia of the Cornea and Radiating Fibres of the Iris, without Interocular Tension. By J. G. Hildreth, M.D.-Practical Observations on Extraction of Cataracts in Adults, By E. Williams.On a Colour Test for Astigmatism, By Dr, John Green. On a Nem System of Tests for the Detection and Measurement of Astigmatism, with an Analysis of sixty-four cases of Refractive Anomalies observed by the aid of this method. By Dr. John Green. Philosophical Society (Transactions of the

AMERICAN). With 11 Plates of Alustrations, 4to. seved, pp. 104. £1 ls.

CONTENTS.- Synopsis of the Extinct Batrachia and Reptilia North America. Part I. By Edward D. Cope, Corresponding Secin tary of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia,

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NEW AMERICAN BOOKS AND RECENT IMPORTATIONS. Abbott. Old Testament Shadows of New Testa- Beecher.-Overture of Angels. By HENRY WARD MENT TRUTHS, By LYMAN B. ABBOTT, Illustrated. 8vo. BEECHER. Illustrated. 12mo. cloth gilt, pp. 55. Ne cloth, pp. 213. New York, 1870. 16s.

York, 1870. 128. 6d. Agricultural.--Amerioan Agricultural Annual. Beecher.--Sermons. Second Series. By Heter

1870. A Farmer's Year Book, exhibiting recent progress WARD BEECHER. 8vo. cloth, pp. 466. New York, 1870. in Agricultural Theory and Practice, and a Guide to 12s. 6d. present and future labours. Illustrated, 12mo, cloth, pp. Beers.—Lacrosse, the National Game of Canada. 152. New York, 1869. 35. 6d.

By W. G. BEERS. Sanctioned by the National Lacrosse Agriculture (Report of the Commissioner of), Association of Canada. Photographs. 12mo. cloth, pp.

for the year 1868. 8vo. cloth, pp. 672. Wilk mary Ilus- 256. New York, 1870. 10s. trations. Washington, 1869. 145.

Behind the Curtain; or, Leelinau. 12mo. cloth, Alexander.-Life of J. A. Alexander, By H. C. pp. 836. Boston, 1869. 6s. 6d. ALEXANDER. 2 vols. crown 8vo. cloth, pp. 903. New Billings.-Josh Billing's Farmer's Allminax, for

York, 1870. £1 5s. Almanacs:

the year 1870. Being tew years since leap year, and ninety

four years since the Amerikan people left Grate Brittain FRANK LESLIE'S COMIC ALMANAC, for 1870. 4to. tew take care ov herself, and started a snug little bizziness paper cover, pp. 32. New York, 1870. 9d.

of their own, which I am instrukted tew state iz payin well, ILLUSTRATED ANNUAL REGISTER OF RURAL Containing all that is necessary

for an allminax, and a good AFFAIRS AND CULTIVATOR ALMANAC (THE), for 1870. deal besides. 8vo. sewed, pp. 32. New York, 1870, Is. 62 By J. J. THOMAS. 12mo. paper cover, pp. 128. Albany, Bhågvăt-Géētā (The), or Dialogues of Krěčskrá 1870. ls, 6d. LAWYER'S ALMANAC (THE), for the Year 1870.

and Arjoon. In Eighteen Lectures, with Notes. TransRoyal 8vo. cloth, pp. 199. New York, 1870. 10s.

lated from the original, in the Sanskreet, or ancient language SADLIER'S CATHOLIC DIRECTORY, ALMANAC,

of the Brahmans, by CHARLES WILKINS, Senior Merchants and ORDO for 1870. 12mo. paper cover, pp. 120. New

in the Service of the donourable the East India Compaay, York, 1870. 6s.

in their Bengal Establishment. (London : Printed for C

Meurse, opposite Catherine-street, in the Strand, 1785. Alsop.--A Character of the Province of Maryland. New York: Reprinted for George P. Philes, New Yorš

Described in Four distinct Parts. Also a small treatise on University, 1867. 8vo. boards, pp. 118.
the wild and naked Indians (or Susquehanokes) of Mary-
land, their Cnstoms, Manners, Absurdities, and Religion.

Breach of Trust; or, the Professor tersus the Together with a Collection of Historical Letters." By

Possessor, 1mo. cloth. pp. 330. With Ilustrations. GEORGE ALSOP. A new edition, with an Introduction and

Boston, 1869, 6s. 6d. copious Historical Notes by JOHN GILMARY SHEA, LL.D., Bresse.-Hydraulic Motors. By M, BEESSE Member of the New York Historical Society. 8vo. cloth, Translated by F. A. MAHAN, and revised by Prof. D. H. pp. 126. New York, 1869. 12s. 6d.

MAHAN. Royal 8vo. cloth, pp. 165. New York, 1870. lbs

. Baehr. The Science of Therapeutics, according Budd. --Good Order established in Pennsylvania to the Principles of Homoeopathy. By BERNHARD BAEHR,

AND NEW JERSEY IN AMERICA; being a true Aecount M.D. Translated and edited by C. J. HAMPEL, M.D. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, pp. viii. 635; vi. 751. New York, 1870.

of the Country, with its Produce and Commodities there

made in the year 1685. By THOMAS BUDD. A Na £2 10s. Bartholow.-Manual of Hypodermic Medication.

Edition, with an Introduction and copious Historieal Notes,

By EDWARD ARMSTRONG, Member of the Historical By ROBERTS BARTHOLOW, M.D. 12mo. cloth, pp. 150. Society of Pennsylvania. 8vo, cloth, pp. 112. Few York, Philadelphia, 1870, 7s, 6d,

(1865. 129. 60.5


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Burr.--Pater Mundi; or, Modern Science testifying Earthly House (Our) and its Builder; or, the

to the Heavenly Father. By Rev. E. F, BURR. Vol, I. Wisdom of God as displayed in the Body of Man. With 12mo. cloth, pp. 294. Boston, 1870. 73. 6d.

numerous Engravings. *16mo, cloth, pp. 200. New York,

1870. 28. 6d. Chamberlin.-American Commercial Law: re

Edwards.-Life of Rossini. By H. S. EDWARDS. lating to Every Kind of Business, with full Instructions and Practical Forms adapted to all the States of the Union.

16mo. cloth, pp. 358. Boston, 1870. 95. By FRANKLIN CHAMBERLIN. 8vo. boards, pp. 991. Hart- Ellet.—The Court Circles of the Republic; or, ford, Conn., 1870. £1 5s.

the Beauties and Celebrities of the Nation; illustrating Charleston City Directory for 1870. Illustrated. life and society under eighteen Presidents; describing the 8vo. boards, pp. 300. Charleston, 1870. 185.

social features of the successive administrations, from Christian Home Life. A Book of Examples and

Washington to Grant; the drawing-room circles; the Principles. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. 300. New York, 1870. 58.

prominent statesmen and leading ladies, the brilliant

belles and distinguished visitors; the principal entertainClark. -Mirthfulness and its Exciters. By B. F. ments; fashionable styles of dress; manners, etiquette,

CLARK. 12mo. cloth, pp. 248, Boston, 1870. 7s. 6d. anecdotes, incidents, etc. etc. Illustrated with fifteen Clarkson.- A Biographical History of Claremont;

original Portraits, splendidly engraved on steel. By Mrs.

E. F. ELLET, with Sketches by Mrs. R. E. Mack. 8vo. or, Livingston Manor before and during the War of In

cloth gilt, pp. 586. Hartford, 1869. £1 ls. dependence. With a Sketch of the First Steam Navigation of Fulton and Livingston, By THOMAS S. CLARKSON. Ellington.—The Women of New York; or, the 880. cloth, pp. 315. Clermont, N.J., 1870. £2 10s.

Under World of the Great City. By G. ELLINGTON, Clemens.-The Innocents Abroad; or, the New —

Illustrated. 8vo. cloth, pp. 630. New York, 1870. 185. Pilgrim's Progress ; being some account of the Steamship Embury-Poems. By EMMA C. EMBURY. Crown Quaker City's Pleasure Excursion to Europe and the Holy 8vo. cloth, pp. xii. and 368. New York, 1870. 12s, 6d, Land; with descriptions of Countries, Nations, Incidents, and Adventures, as they appeared to the anthor. With

Emerson.—The Choral Tribute. New Church two hundred and thirty-four Illustrations. By MARK TWAIN Music. By L. 0. EMERSON. Oblong 16mo, boards, pp, (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS). 8vo. cloth, pp. 652. Hartford, 400, Boston, 1870. 75, 60, 1869. £1 ls.

Fairy Egg (The) and What it Held. By Three Collier. -Everyday Subjects in Sunday Sermons. Friends. Ilustrated. 18mo. cloth, pp. 164. Boston, 1870.

By R. L. COLLIER. .16mo. cloth, pp. 232. Boston, 1870. 73. 6d. 78. 60.

Fisher.Essays on the Supernatural Origin of Cowan.—The Use of Tobacco, versus Purity, CHRISTIANITY, By Rev. G. P. FISHER. Enlarged Edition,

CHASTITY, AND SOUND HEALTH. By John Cowan, M.D. 8vo. cloth, pp. 620. New York, 1870. 185. 16mo. cloth, pp. 96. New York, 1870. 45.

French.-Historical Collections of Louisiana and Craven.—Triumphs of Criticism. A Critical and FLORIDA, including Translations of Original Manuscripts Paradox Work on the Bible. By M. B. CRAVEN, 8vo. relating to their

Discovery and Settlement, with numerous sewed, pp. 64. Philadelphia, 1870. ls. 6d.

Historical and Biographical Notes. By B. F. FRENCH, Currency.-Report of the Comptroller of the

Member of the Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New

York, and Massachusetts Historical Societies. New Series, CURRENCY, to the Second Session of the Forty-first Con

8vo. cloth, pp. 362. New York, 1869. 10s. 64. gress of the United States. December 6, 1869. 8vo. cloth, pp. Xxxvi. and 602. Washington, 1869. 14s.

Fulton.--Woman as God made Her: the True Currency.---The National Currency Act, with

Woman. By Rev. J. D. FULTON (Tremont Temple,

Boston). 16mo. cloth, pp. 262. Boston, 1869. 58. Amendments, and the Laws relating to Tazation of National Banks and Schedule of Stamp Duties, 1864-1869. Goodrich.-Peter Parley's Merry Stories. Ву 8vo. limp cloth, pp. 70. Washington, 1869. 25. 6d.

S. G. GOODRICH, Illustrated. 12mo. cloth, pp. 388. New

York, 1870. 10s.
Curtis.-Life of Daniel Webster. By GEORGE
TICKNOR CURTIS. Vol. 1. 8vo. cloth. pp. 589. New York,

Goodrich.-Peter Parley's Thousand and One 1870. £1 5s.

STORIES. By S. G. GOODRICH. Illustrated. 18mo, cloth, Daisy Dell Series.-Shepherdess of Daisy Dell,

pp. 380. New York, 1870. 10s. Rosa Dale's Friends, Alice and the Ox Goad, Work for Hamilton. Reminiscences of James A. Hamilton; Play, Playing Soldier, and Sadie's Adventures, 6 vols. or, Men and Events, at home and abroad, during three 32mo. cloth. Illustrated, Boston, 1869. 65.

quarters of a century. 8vo. cloth, pp. I. and 648. New Deering.-Intemperance, its Financial, Physical,

York, 1869. £1 5s. Mental, Social, and Moral Evils, and its Cause and Remedy,

Hamlin.-Sermons. By Rev. L. L. HAMLIN. By Thos, W, DEERING, M.D. 16mo. cloth, pp. 112. New Edited by Rev. F. G. HIBBARD. 12mo. cloth, pp. 432. York, 1870. ^ 4s.

Cincinnati, 1870, 10s. De Mille. --The B. 0. W. C.

A Book for Boys. Happy Voices.- New Hymns and Tunes, with By J. DE MILLE, author of the “ Dodge Club.” Illustrated. many popular and sterling, old ones, for the home circle 16mo. cloth, pp. 322. Boston, 1870. 78. 6d.

and Sabbath-schools. Oblong 12mo. boards, pp. 176. Denton. – A Brief Description of New York, ,

New York, 1870. 23. formerly called New Netherlands, with the places there- Harcourt.—Rambles through the British Isles. unto adjoining. Likewise a brief relation of the Customs By Rev. R, HARCOURT. Ilustrated, 12mo. cloth, pp. 349. of the Indians there. By DANIEL DENTON. A new edi- New York, 1870. 88. 6d. tion, with an Introduction and copious historical Notes. By GABRIEL FURMAN, Member of the New York Historical

Harvard.The Gospel of the Kingdom: a Kingdom Society. 8vo. cloth, pp. 60. New York, 1845. 128. 6d. not of this World, not in this World, but to come in the

Heavenly Country, of the Resurrection from the Dead, and Deutsch.-A New Practical Hebrew Grammar,

of the Restitution of all Things. By SENIOR HARVARD. with Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew Exercises and 8vo. cloth, pp. 463. Philadelphia, 1870. 155. a Hebrew Chrestomathy. By SOLOMON DEUTSCH, A.M., Ph. D. Svo. cloth, pp. 268. New York, 1868. 14s.

Hatfield. The Bryant Homestead-Book.

JULIA HATFIELD. Illustrated. 4to. pp. 224, cloth and De Vere.—The Great Empress. A Portrait. By

morocco gilt. New York, 1870. £1 10s, and £2 10s. M. SCHELE DE VERE, of the University of Virginia

. Hegel.—Hegel's First Principle : an Exposition , Philadelphia,

of Comprehension and Idea (Begriff und Idee). Translated Doughty-Mountains and Molehills, and other

from the German of G. W. F. HEGEL, and accompanied Stories. By Mrs. S. P. DOUGĦTY, 16mo. cloth, pp. 192. with an Introduction and explanatory Notes, by WILLIAM Boston, 1870. 6s.

T. HARRIS, 8vo. sewed, pp. 82, St. Louis, 1869. ls.

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Helps and Hindrances to the Cross. 12mo, The Fine Arts applied to the Useful Arts. Report by the cloth, pp. 356. Boston, 1870. 6s. 6d.

Committes: Frank Leslie, S. F. B. Morse, Thomas W.

Evans, United States Commissioners. Ilustrated. Sro. Holliday.-A Bible Handbook, Theologically sewed, pp. 44 and 8 (52). Washington, 1868. Arranged for finding Proof-Texts on the Leading Doctrines

Lewis.—The Pathology of Bright's Disease. By of the Bible. By F. C. HOLLIDAY, D.D. 12mo. cloth,

WM. B. LEWIS, M.D. Illustrated. 16mo. paper cover, pp. 332. Cincinnati, 1870. 7s. 6d.

pp. 29. New York, 1869. Is. 6d. Holloway.—The Ladies of the White House. By LAURA C. HOLLOWAY. Illustrated. 8vo. cloth, pp.

Living Questions (The) of the Age. By an

American Citizen. 12mo. cloth. pp. 297. Chicago, 1870. 656. New York, 1870. £1 10s.

78. éd. Horticultural. -American Horticultural Annual.

Lowell. --The Cathedral. 1870. A year-book of Horticultural Progress for the Pro

By JAMES RUSSELL fessional and Amateur Gardener, Fruit Grower, and

LOWELL. 16mo. cloth, pp. 53. Boston, 1870. 6s. 6d. Florist. Illustrated. 12mo. cloth, pp. 152. New York, Martyn.—The Dutch Reformation : a History of 1870. 33. 6d.

the Struggle in the Netherlands for Civil and Religious Hospital Boy (The). By the Author of "Poke Liberty, in the Sixteenth Century. By W. CARLOS MAR. and her Sister." 16mo. cloth, pp. 122. Philadelphia,

TYN. Crown 8vo. cloth. pp. 824. New York, 1870. 7s.6d. 1870. 2s. 6d.

Maryland.-Reports of Cases in the Court of Howard.-Book of Conundrums and Riddles. APPEALS OF MARYLAND. Vol. XXIX. 8vo. bound, pp. By C. J. HOWARD. 16mo. boards, p. 162. New York,

xii. and 673. Baltimore, 1870. £1 10s. 1870. 2s. 6d.

Maverick. Henry J. Raymond and the New Hull.—The Question Settled. A Comparison of York Press, for Thirty Years. Progress of American Biblical and Modern Spiritualism. By Rev. MOSES HULL.

Journalism from 1840 to 1870. With Portrait, Illustra12mo.!cloth, pp. 235. Boston, 1870. 73. 6d.

tions, and Appendix. By AUGUSTUS MAVERICK. Sro.

cloth, pp. 502. With Portrait of Mr. Raymond, Facsimiles Hunt. — Volcanoes and Earthquakes. Abstract of of Letters, Newspapers, fc. Hartford, 1870. 15s. a Lecture by Pofessor T. STERRY Hunt, LL.D., F.R.S.,

Merrill.-Iron Truss Bridges. Method of Caldelivered before the American Geographical and Statistical Society, April 22, 1869. 8vo. sewed, pp. 10. New York,

culating Strains, etc. By BREVET COL. W. E. MERRILL, 1869. 1s.

U.S.A. Illustrated. 8vo. cloth, pp. 130. New York, 1870.

£1 5s. Hyacinthe. -- Discourses on Various Occasions by Michigan.—Reports of Cases in the Supreme

the Reverend Father HYACINTHE, late Superior of the Barefooted Carmelites of Paris, and Preacher of the Con

COURT OF MICHIGAN. By W. Jennison. Vol. ... ference of Notre Dame. Translated by LEONARD WOOLSEY

Vol. XVIII. of the Series. 8vo. bound, pp. viii, and 618. Bacon, Pastor of a Church of Christ in Brooklyn, New

Detroit, 1870. £1 8s. York. With a Biographical Sketch and Portrait of the Miller.--A Description of the Province and City Author. 12mo. cloth, pp. xliv. and 198. New York, 1869.

OF New York, with Plans of the City and several Forte

, Illinois.-Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court as they existed in the year 1695. By John MILLER. A of ILLINOIS. By N. O. FREEMAN. Vols. 45 and 46. 8vo.

New Edition, with an Introduction and copious Historical bound, pp. 586, 604. Chicago, 1870. £1 12s, each vol.

Notes. By John GILMARY SHBA, LL.D., Member of the

New York Historical Society. 8vo. cloth, pp. 128. Na Indiana-Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court York, 1862. 12s. 6d. : OF INDIANA. By J. B. BLACK. Vol. 30. 8vo. bound, pp. xiv., 596. Indianapolis, 1870. £1 10s.

Mitten.--The Six Mitten Books. By Aunt Fanny, author of " Night Cap Stories," etc.

1. Mittens; 2. Little Jackson-How to treat the Sick without Medicine. Mittens ; 3. More Mittens ; 4. The Two Story Mittens;

By James C. Jackson. M.D., Physician-in-Chief of our 5. New Little Mittens; 6. The Orphan's Home Mittens Home on the Hill-side, Dansville, Livingston County, New With many Illustrations. 12mo. cloth, pp. 150, 168, 102 York. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. 538. With Portrait of the 148, 164, and 138. New York, 1869. In Bor. £1 10. Author and View of his Residence. Dansville (New York),

Moncrieff.—The Schoolboy Hero; or, Arthur 1869. 15s.

Fortescue. By ROBERT HOPE MONCRIEFF. 16mo. cloth, Kapp.-Geschichte der deutschen Einwanderung pp. 118. Philadelphia, 1870. 2s.6d.

IN AMERIKA. By F. KAPP. Vol. 1. 8vo. cloth, pp. 416.
New York, 1870. 7s. 60.

Murray.-A Treatise on Proceedings in the

UNITED STATES COURTS. With Forms and Appendis. Kentucky-Hugh's Report of Cases in the Supreme

By J. A. MURRAY, 8vo. bound, pp. 188. Albany, 1870. lås, COURT AND IN THE COURT OF APPEALS OF KENTUCKY. Edited by HENRY MYERS. 8vo. bound, pp. xv. and 450.

Nash.—Bay Leaves, and other Poems. By Cincinnati, 1870. £2.

GILBERT NASH. 16mo. cloth, pp. viž., 394 Boston, Kentucky.-Sneed's Decisions of the Court of

1870. 73. 6d. APPEALS OF KENTUCKY. Edited with Notes by HENRY Nat the Navigator.-A Life of Nathaniel Bor

MYERS. 8vo. bound, pp. xiii., 408. Cincinnati, 1870. £1 12s. ditch for Young Persons. Illustrated. 16mo. cloth, pp. Kidder.–Vital Resources; or, How to become 192. Boston, 1870. 55.

Physiologically Younger and Stronger. By JEROME New York.—Reports of Cases in the Court of

KIDDER. 16mo, cloth. pp. 165. New York, 1870. 7s.6d. APPEALS of New York. By S. HAND. Vol. 40. Sro.
Knapp:-A Treatise on Intraocular Tumors. bound, pp. xxiii., 634. New York, 1870. 15s.

From Original Observations. With Plates. By H. KNAPP, Nourse. --The Maritime Canal of Suez: Brief
M.D. Translated by S. COLE, M.D. 8vo. cloth, pp. 323.
New York, 1870. 185.

Memoir of the enterprise from its earliest date, and com;

parison of its probable results with those of a ship cara! Lange.-Critical, Doctrinal, and Homiletical across Darien. By J. E. NOURSE, U.S.N. With Mas COMMENTARY ON PROVERBS, ECCLESIASTES, AND THE from plates of Suez Canal Company, letter from Lesseps

, SONG OF SOLOMON. By J. P. LANGE. Translated from his likeness and autograph. 8vo. sewed, pp. 58. Washingtes, the German, 8vo. cloth, pp. vi. and 135. New York, 1870. 2s. 6d. 1870. £1 58.

Noyes.-History of American Socialisms. By Lea.-Studies in Church History: Temporal JOHN HUMPHREY NOYES. 8vo. cloth, pp. vi. and 678. p Power, Benefit of Clergy, Excommunication. By H. C. Philadelphia and London, 1870. 18s. LEA. 12mo. cloth, pp. 515. Philadelphia, 1870. 158.

Noyes.-Specialties in Medicine. By HENRY D. Leslie.- Paris Universal Exposition, 1867. Re- Moyes, M.D. (Contained in the 1865 Part of the Trans.

ports of the United States Commissioners. Report on the actions of the American Opthalmological Society). pp, 1ă. Fine Arts, by FRANK LESLIE, United States Commissioner. New York, 1865. 58.

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