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prints, &c. Red Room-Red and white cheque bed, 5 leather bottomed and 2 large Chairs, Mahogany Chest of Drawers and small fly tables, &c. Library off the Drawing Room—3 chairs, chests with papers, &c.

Stair CaseEight Day Clock, 21 prints. Blue Room—Blue and white tent bed, &c., Dressing table and Glass, Chest of Drawers, &c. Green Room--Green bed, &c., 3 chairs, &c. Nursery

-Yellow bed, small field bed, &c., 5 chairs, &c. Menservants’ Bed Room—3 beds, 3 chairs. Mr Charles Ross's Room-Tent bed, table, basin-stand, dressing-glass, and in Closet Chairs and field bed. [As to DRESS, we have had the earliest allusion in No. 137, many interesting details in No. 157, and some in No. 143—all of young folks at school

or college--and another is B. No. 365, 1611, headed] Memorandum yt ye Laird caus

provyde for clayse to his oye as efter followis Item ane stand of fyne Inglis stemein or kim cheir clayt [cloth] wt ane dowblatt clock and twa pair of schanks (trousers] wt ane hatt and lat ye tailyeor mak ye clays resonabill wyde and syse not so meikle for ye pnt as for tyme comin. [There is a note on back, £33 10s 8d boy and all comptit.' We have here three old words—two for sorts of cloth, and one

for a garment. Oye, grandson, perhaps David. B. No. 366, 1642.-] The Laird of Balnagown his compt

Johne Lauder Item iiij ells iij quarters halfe, fyne greinische spainis clothe to be your Hor clock and cleais, Ixviij lib. Item vii ells i naill of fyne licht greinishe pane vellum all to lyne your Hor clocke i ct ii lib.; Item vi quarters halfe of mixt greinische spainis taufatie xiij lib. Item iiij dussone of silver pleatit buttones iij lib. Item, ij once viij drope of silver cupine to be v hallfe poyntis xviiij

Item for horninge thir v dussone hallfe poyntis xviij sh.

Item 1 lange taill buttone wt silver head and eyie to your clock 1 lib. vii sh.

Item v quartors of frence buckrame to thes worke Item ij drope hallfe of waukings to border wt, v sh. Item 1 fyne silver hatt band to him of the newest faschion vi lib. Item 1 silver and gold borderine bellt to your Hor xxiiij lib. [We would give much for a colour photo of the auld Laird in this grand garment, and of himself and his lady in those shown in another account on the same sheet, and dated 1641.] ...v ells fyne well collored Spaneisch cloth to be yor ho. clock clais and schanks (cloak, clothes, and trousers] lxxi lib. . . iiii ell .. devon schyr bais [baize] to lyne them wt ii dusson greit silver buttons to the cott . . iiii lib. . . 1 langtailed buttone wt a silver heid and eye xiii dusson of silver buttons to the clothes [beats the boy in Pickwick who “had measles, and broke out buttons "] .... viii ells silver ribbanes to the breiks . . . ii pair of Sueit (sewed ?] gloves to your ladie iij lib. xii sh. . . ij pair of Inglische schifrones kids ?] to hir i lib. xvi sh. ii sewger loves weying vii lb. viij lib. . . xix

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ells black pinkit satin to be yor ladie a goune . . iiij oz. silver pearlen to it . . halfe ell of puldruie [?] to it .. silk round and small silver lupen . . frenche buckrome . . viij ells of balen (whalebone hoops ?] . . v quarters of blew Spanis talfatie [taffaty] . . ii ells silk and silver ribans to be a belt [all] to it [i.e., for making up this wonderful gown. Then

in next account with same merchant: B. No. 367, 1647.-] 3 ells of Scarlatt cloth to be you a clock .

£45 [note that Roman notation was used in 1642, Arabic now in 1647] Scarlatt french searg to it . . . 20 ells of buf collored cloth to be clais to your man Jon Rose £13.. 4 dusane of silver plett buttons to them.. . 34 ells of mixt talfatie ribbans to be his poyntis (so the man is gorgeous in buff as the master in scarlet] .. 4 ells of French Searge to be two bairnes cottes £16 . . half unce of red silk to them . . 2 ells of red callico to them (the first mention of a cotton stuff in these papers] £2 4s . . 4 ells of blue taffatie ribbans to them. [Then another account with an evidently very important draper, an Edinburgh bailie,

as we see in No. 389:B. No. 368, 1661-3.- ] The Laird of Ballangown his accompt

from George Suttie yor (very long-part only given, omitting repetitions] 4 doson of Frainch brist buttons 13s 4d

5 unce of gold leace £30 61 dosin of mandel button £10; ane pair Issobela collort silk stockinges £14 ; 4 drop gold louping and tressing (apparently for tying the hair] 30 sh. . . . Ane fyn hatt wt taffatie pok (for lady?] £24; 2 unce 12 diop of contrefitt [counterfeit] leace £2 12 sh.; Mr Andro ane fyn smooth hatt £27 . . Taffatie rubans re:) blew and lemon £36 . . Gold silver and silk rubans £10. Macking 2 bands and hand coffes to yor sister 30 sh. ..20 qrtrs. changeing collort taffatie £18 Makinge of 4 half sarks £4 . pair . . cuittikines stokins 30s . . 51 ells of dolobel hair turk £25 4 perel nekleaces 48 sh. 2 pair of woman stokinges £7. [At same time there is a very long account from which selections


be given : B. No. 369, 1661 to 1670.-Receipt on back by] Thomas

Watson tailzeor in Edr. Accompt for the Laird of Balnagown . . . Stenting brists and nek to to the Lairds floured tabie suitt, making coat suitt, gairters, hatband and shoustnings—making .. holland stokings serg stokings and grytt stokings and two pair tops . . . dressing ane doublet and making litle slevis to it .. making ane sad turk cloak

ane shag coat of barrogone half pund of fyn tobaco . . Lairds silk drogat suit · grett coat wrought with silver laice . · pullen breeches and cloak to the paige . stenting to ane silver cloath doublet . . ryding brechis with kneting and pys . . . . Stenting and balling to your sisters gown .. making a goune and piticott (tailor-made costume !) cuilting and making your ladyes mantle . . your longcoatt,

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breeches and susticor ...[Many obsolete or local terms used in this and other accounts and inventories seem to be unknown to literature, and their meanings to await investiga

tion. B. No. 370, 1665.—Letter, addressed] Ffor my speciall frends

Charles Mc InLeane and Robert Barbour mchts in Inverness These in heast. Loving freinds Thes are showeing you that I am adverteised that it heath pleased God to call my Brother out of this lyfe to his glorie and I am necessitat to tak off mourning cloathes . ye call for Fredreek freaser taylor qho hes my measour and goe with him to Balzie Dumbair and tak from him as much blak cloath as will mak me ane sute Let them be pleane without ribbines . feall not to send in all heast . . . to my uncle's house to Tomach . David Ross off Balnagowne.

Send to Tomach both the Rifield gunnes to be brought to me. [There is another P.S. on the outside, as if added after the note was sealed] . . . Let the Cloath be cheap and send me blak stokings. [In the same year we have, in a shoemaker's account,] a par off black shewes £2 8 a par off oring slipers £2 2 a par off boots ffitting £2 8. [Then comes a

letter, apparently from an impecunious dandy :-No. 371, 1682.-] Ester Ard 8 June 1682. Misteris, Let thes

present my best respects to yor self and to yor husband I hop you will pardon me for not sending ten merkes I owe you truly it is not forgetfulness yt is the weit (wyte, blame] of it.. With all be pleased to advance five merks more with the former ... the shewmaker . . to make a pair shewis good strong and handsome . . gray laeder ... stokins . . first occasion for I am to pass a visit wher I hop to gaine 5 or 6 hundreth merks [gambling ?] · : · yor affectionate

cousine Alexr. Ross. [On back] ffor Hellene ferne, thes.
(No. 372, 1700.- Account, headed] May 1700 Compt Leard

of Gerlich [Gairloch; the then laird was Sir Kenneth Mac-
kenzie, and just about this date his son and heir, Alexander,
was born.] An head dres with an box £14, 2 elns and
of holland £6 18s 6d, 7 quarters } muslin . . £5 5s, 2 el half
Lou £3, 2 dozon buttons 8 sh., macking 2 sutts holland
£1 8 sh., 4 el blak ribin £2 13s 4d, 5 el allamod £20, an
el of Rollan £3, 5 quarters Rollan muslin £3 15s, 5 buttons

5 sh., maeking neck ruffels 8 sh. (sum] £61 11s 10d. ...
[No. 373, 1702.-Letter.] Affectionat ffreind I have sent

the bearer express for fyve elnes Kelt (undyed woollen cloth] as I spoke to you at Cadboll ... and als much stuff as will be ane justicoat with silk and thread lykewayes tuo elnes ordinar good linnen for necks . . . Mertmes mercat . . . ye shall be payed .... Your most humble servant Ro: Bayne, Dingwall ... [On back] To Andw Henderson mercht Inver

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[No. 374, 1705.-Torn piece of page of merchant's account

book; writing and spelling bad, part faded.] ( )ntes of Seaforth in the yeir of God 1705. ( ) sent to Brain [Brahan]

...( ) dussane dry killin and for hadowes £3 5s . . half dussane killin . . £1 10. To your ho: when ye went last south four pairs of does with ane taned skin to Mr Clark and Hyds hatt bee your lord dessyre £4 Mor ffor dressing the barrill that went with the butter and chise and putting it aboard in the shipe. Mor for the fyve parcels carriage to Inverness that went with the Skipper Whyt £1 18s For ane letter that cam from Thos. Wilson with that transferrie, 4 sh. For tuo shets . . £1 4s Givin to the miller and milboy for the booll vyte (wheat) grinding 15 sh. Mor for ane peck of mustard seid 4 sh. To Maister Hyd at severall tymes three pairs gloves with ane pair to Robert Younge the Coke £1 Givin to the waitter ffor want of ane tranfeirrie (tipping a Customs officer) for the things yt came north with raff (Ralph ?] broune £3.... Pait ye ii Jay. To Miss Jean Urquhart quhen she cam last north ane pair ryding gloves and a pair whyte ( ). To you at Bankhill ane pair to yourself and two pairs to the lassis and a pair but (without] fingers ( ). To you at Chanry two pairs little gloves ( ). To maister of the superplus of the 6 hyds dress ( ). Mor 2 pairs staigs [ ? stag's skin) and one pair chivinings £2 7s. To maister Mackenzie two pairs plain gloves with ane pair but fingers 16 sh. To you at Chanry [same.] To you a lairge muff and ane little mouse £1 10 sh. To you a pair staigs 14 sh. To you of stuff nintin else [19 ells] : .. To you 3 pairs whyt gloves 12). To you at Brain a pair chiv. and a pair surgell Staigs. Be your dessyr to Jane Menzies 4 pairs chivinings ( ) ( ) I recevit ane kairt (card) of gilt ( ). Maister Clerk for drussing ane hyd ( ). [The account is apparently against the Countess-Dowager Frances. The merchant is clearly a glover and furrier in Inverness, but the paper shows the very miscellaneous odds and ends of business a merchant of those times would undertake, to oblige customers. The single boll milled in Inverness shows wheaten flour a

specialty, only for the few. No. 375, 1710.-) Inventory of Patrick Rose officer of Excyse

Ane jockee coat and ane oyr coat estimat to £10 Scots each. Ane vest £3 12 ane pair breeches £2 10 ane pair Gamaseons (loose outer drawers or stockings) 12 sh. ane pair stockins £1 ane handkerchief and gravat £1 4, chest £2 sword belt 16/; pair shoes with bukles £1, gray horse

£24. [No. 376, 1718.–] Unto . . Wm. Ross of Easter Fearn, Com

missary ... the petition of Jean Urquhart lawful daughter to the deceist Sir John Urquhart of Cromarty . . . When resident in the fortalice of Kinkell Klairsich, had the neces


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sary habiliments . . viz. 10 fine small linen smoaks 2 holland new smoaks never made use of, 11 small linnen aprons, 4 muzzlin aprons whereof 3 flourished, 13 handkerchiefs of . . Scots Cambrig, two boxes with head cloaths, all starched some plain cambrik and muzzlin some laced and hedged, a box with gloves, ribbons and new laces 2 salt bottles with silver heads--in Lady Kincraig's custody, a feather bed and 4 pillows, a brass mortar, a bigg pan, a ryding sadle, a dumety [? dimity] petticoat and severall other things ... all now amissing and indispensable ... conveen before

your Lop such persons as . . . . are in knowledge how they are disposed of ... [In the trial] Mary Roy being deeply sworn . . depones

de pones .. ye petitioner had (same list, but adds) petticoat lately given by Wm. Fraser's wife item a baptism suit, and 9 pair of sheets one of which is now in Donald Gealmach the gardener's and that Gealmach on account of getting a citation, took her (witness]

by the breast and endeavoured to thrapple her .... [No. 377, 1713.-Summons] ... at the instance of Kenneth

Mackenzie son to the Laird of Aplecros and Accompt of
Necessaries Given to Mrs Jean Mackenzie daughter to the
Laird of Reidcastle by her Father's orders. Repetitions
omitted.] Novr. 1712 To 227 yds. fine silk stiff £11 13s 3d
6 ells fine brod striped muslin £1 13, . . To 3 ells scarlat
riban 3s 9d, 6 ells fine lace £2 2s To 2 fine Silver belts 9s To
4 ells edging 6s To 7 ells fine Holland £1 ils 6d, To 2 crows
3s, 6 ells silver riban £1 10s, To 3 pair fine gloves at 24s
[Scots] 6s [stg.) To 1} ells buik muslin 7s 6d . . To 2 weers
for headress 1s 6d 2 ells boffaine (coarse cloth] To 2 silk
nepekins 8s, ane fine ffan 4s . . ane quair [? square) ell
bucurun [? buckram] ... ane night cape (cap) To old lady
use 8 ells Scots Holland £1 4s Two silk aprons with silver
lace Total £32.9 [hut, it will be seen, that does not include
everything necessary in dress. In a paper of 1723 there are

Shifts, ruffles, and stocks for Newmore."
B. No. 378, 1718.---] Inventory of Hon. Generall Ross's

goods .. by John Davison :-One plain Coulered cloth coat
and britches with a brocade westcoat . . ane suit of light
coulered cloth trim'd with silver. Ane druget suit trim'u
with gold. One grey coat and britches trimd with gold.
One blew westcoat One silver Camlet westcot without but-
tons. One Camlett riding coat and britches . . pairs of
scarlett stockins, grey, Light coulered and Thred . 3 hatts
3 wiggs .. boots . . spurs . . gaiters . . boot stockins, 8 new
and 11 old rufled shirts 12 new cravats . . 5 night caps 2
shaving cloths 26 napkins, 1 silver tea pott .. sugar box ..
tea cup . . saucer : . bason ..

knife . . fork spoon, Sadle . . velvet hoosing and baggs trim'd with gold, hunting saddle 2 snaffles 2 collars 2 case of pistols, sword and belt . . . 30 lb. chocolat 4 lb. tea, one pott of snuff, 27 bottles claret . . Two trunks . Livery coat .. hatt..


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