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POPULATION. No. 403, 1694.-Several of the Lists referred to in No. 233 as

exacted by the Commission for securing the Peace of the Highlands.]

List of men on the lands of George Mackenzie of Gruinart-Udrigill [9 names], Sand [6 names], Drimcork [16.] Subscrived at Polew.

List of Aplecros's men [headed] A list of ye men, tennents and servants and oyrs living upon A plecros ground in ye parochin of Loch Hurin (142 names.]

List of tenants of Bracklach and Auchtadonill given up be Kenneth Mackenzie of Auchtadonill to the Commissars of Justiciary at Dingwall [27 names.]

A List of the tennants neams belonging to Alexr. Mackenzie of Balloan [69 names, of which the following, having place names, or descriptive_names, may be given :-) Keneth Mackenzie in Rilick, Rorie Mackchenich in Craigowir, John McCurchie buy [fair-haired], Agnes ffraser in Oldtown-straniselg, John McKenzie hir griev, Dugall Moffinlae vic Cuil, Dugall Meffinlae hir storman, Ferq" McCrae hir buyman [herd], Alexr. McKenzie alias mc ean ve Curchie in Larichvaithvoir, Rorie Bayn McCoil vic ferqr., John Makreyrie in Stroin, ( ) Makbrebiter in Stassanich, John McConchie vic Coil oig in achtascald brea, Evander McChenich, Murdo McWilliam Rioch, Rorie Makalister vic ean ny voir, Keneth MakConil vic quinlae, Duncan Mc Ean Wayn, Alexr. Wheyt (only English name], fferchar Roy in achlunichan

Inis is ane exact list of all the men-tenants and servants neams living one my lands in Lochbroome qch I doe by these attest .... Al. McKenzie.

(For Gairloch, see No. 415.]

List of men above 12 years in Assint (24 names] ; in Boath (26 names] ; in Kenloch [4 names.]

[In No. 67 we have the statement, adopted by the two Presbyteries, that in Creich parish were 1000 persons who could communicate if instructed. Taking the age-limit of communicants at 16, these would represent a population of at least 2000 for Creich in 1649; now it has only 1835, and in 1801 had 1974. Similarly, in 1649, Kincardine had 750 possible communicants, or a population of about 1500; now it has only 1417, and in 1801 had 1865. A century

later we have : No. 404, 1795.-) A List of the Inhabitants of the Town and

Parish of Tain liable for Statute labour (361 names. Among them are forbears of some now in Tain, see Appendix. These being all men, neither too young nor too old for work, would represent a total population of at least 2300. after, at the first census, the town of Tain had 2277; in 1901 it had 1645. As to causes of decrease in the North,

Six years For my

we have had, in Nos. 67 and 68, a minister accused of approving emigration to America, and indignantly denying the charge as if it were one of heresy. On the opposite side

we have No. 405, 1772.-Letter from General Alexander Mackay,

M.P. for the Northern Burghs, to William Baillie ; parts torn or rotted.] .... I cannot understand or comprehend what can make any person say or imagine I am neglectfull of my burrows. If it is from my not visiting them, that has been and ever will be with every representative, but I am sure I never neglected any one thing I knew they desired of me where their interest was concerned, so that accusation is absolutely without foundation . . . There will be people trying them .... fresh assurances are often preferable to the most reall services ... I see numbers of people are going from all our northern parts to America. part tho' I'm sorry for the loss of people as it is a national loss yet I see great advantages to arise from it in time as I think it will establish ( ) a new system which is very much wanted ( ) happen ( ) our Country will be the same ( ) hundred years to come as it was a hundred years ago ( ) the ideas of most men I have heard are contrary to human nature, wanting to force in a country what is allmost impracticable. The Highlands is a grazing country by nature and not for manufactures, there is no firing for villages or towns. Large ( ) ( ) few hands can manage ( ) ( ) tennanted as ours can never prosper (...) all eternity bé poor, their very existence() depending on the season as they never can( ) to act upon a rational certainty ( ) but the south sheep country () about 60 or 70 years ago by changing their system they are now happy and wealthy. Matters were overdone in many places but time and experience which allways finds the true standart is bringing things to what it should be. Happy will I be to see the Highlands approaching to them tho in place of three and five hundred pound farms I woud be glad to see ten twenty and thirty-the consequence would soon show itself. Mrs Mackay joins me in kind compliments to Mrs Baillie you and family ... Alexr. Mackay. [The General's argument against introducing manufactures in the Highlands leads to the next section.




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Most of the terms relating to AGRICULTURE that are common in the older charters occur in No. 406, 1571.- Parchment, Latin Charter]

Andrew Ross at that time one of the bailies of Tain .... that Finlay son of the late Donald Finlay resigned in my hands a piece of land extending to 8 bolls' sowing of bere or thereby lying in the south or west part of the town of Tayne common pasture or moor on the west side and the place of a barn holding the reaping of three yoke of oxen, with two sills (threshing floors] lying between the common lane or lands of William McTyr on the east the kiln or lands of John Finlay on the west and the buildings of Magnus Moir on the north .... [In No. 3, 1538, we have had " a croft of four bolls bear sowing,” and so in every one of the 30 parchment charters belonging to the burgh of Tain where

land measure is given, except one: No. 407, 1613.- Latin; faded and many words illegible.]

Thomas Ross Inverethie . . . for a certain sum in my hand by Walter Ross of Morangie in name of his son Hugo Ross

my two tenements ( ) lying . . one between the lands formerly of Finlay McGildonich, Sir Alexr. Henderson ( ) Hector Douglas, Andrew Mitchell, and Thomas Manson to the east, the lands of the late Mr Alexr. Dingwall now Malcolm Ross's to the west the cominon road to the south

:: () extending to 23 roods of lands . . between the lands formerly of Sir Donald McCulloch Archdean of Rics

. . at the east . ... common road to the south ... lands now of James Corbat and Donald Ross carpenter at the north .... [Signed] Thomas Ross wyt my hand at ye pen led by ye notar .. becaus I can not write it Johnne McCulloch bailzie hereto wyt my hand. [We have seen in No. 5, 1559, the first and heaviest item of the dues payable to the Abbot of Fearn is in “ victuall,” viz., bere, ten times as much of it as of oats. In No. 292, 1612, we have the rentals of the Chaplainries of Rarichie, Alness, Mill of Kessock, and Navity in bolls of bere, and No. 53 the Tain valuations for “

in the same.

So in No. 144, 1671, and No. 155, 1707, and many other papers. Bere was far and away the chief grain--the victual”-in these counties in the 16th and 17th centuries. It ripens early, and best suited their rough farming. In Tain at least the quantity of it needed to sow was practically the only land measure. As illustration, not only of this, but of the price of land, we have :


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No. 408, 1613.-Registration of Contract.] .. Walter Ross of

Morinsches (son of Abbot Thomas) of the ane pairt and Andrew Ross burgess of Tayne and Marion Ross his wife of the other paid £1000 money of North Britane to Walter Ross .. who .. sold to them . . . 35 bolls arable land in the south part of Tayne; In ane field callit Gallichmore 6 bolls 1 firlot ; In twa Comings (Cumming's Croftis and croft moir 10 bolls 1 firlot ; In twa deamis croftis 11 bolls; In Dyke Hendrick, 6 bolls; In South pairt contiguous betwix ye hie gaittis [highways) at the East and west pairtis, the said Walter Ross his barne, corne yeard, truss-stacklaroche (site for stack] and byre at ye north and . . ye laird of Moy and Mackgillandreis at ye South . . . . A definite

price of land within half a mile of Tain occurs in B. No. 409, 1593.-Receipt.] I Dod Moir burges of Tayne

grantis me to have recavit fra Gillimichell Roy in Leichtoune . . fourscore libs. in haill and compleit payment of ane Croft . . south of Tayne contenand ten firlatts beir sowing callit Croft Croy . . as chartor ... will declair .... Witnesses Wm. Ross, Alexr. Hay, Dod Talyeor . . burgesses . . Dod Moir wt my hand at ye pen led . . becaus I can not

wreit .... [Prices also occur in No. 410, 1610 to 1648.-Paper, docketed] Memorandum anent

the lands of Coull and utheris [A] Be contract daited 8th May 1610 twixt Kenneth Mackenzie of Kintail and Alexr. Mackenzie his brother and Christan Munro his spous the said Kenneth for the sowme of 5500 merkes [each 13s 4d] Scots, then advanced be the said Alexr. dispones . . . the wester half davach of the lands of Coull with houss biggings yairds &c. teynd sheaves of the haill davach lands of Coull Miln . . miln croft . . ailehouse and ailehouse croft . salmond fishings on the lin of coull or . . Reogie and uther fishing on the waters of Rasay and Conan all in . . Breaross and . . . half of the lands and grassings of Corrievulzie . two sheallings and grassings in Strathderie called Riechrosk and Feoleorach and .... half of . . Stravaich .. in fee blench . . ane pennie yearly and . . to the King's maʼtie 5 merks . . and 2 bolls victual . [B] John Mackenzie of Lochslin contract . . 1630 for the soume of 2000 merks . . . disponed to Alexr. Mackenzie of Coull . . lands of Easter Achiltie . houss biggings and salmond fishings Contract daitit . . 1636 . .¡C] George Earle of Seafort . . for the soume of 21000 merks . . . disponed to Alexander Mackenzie of Coull the haill davach lands of Coull . . multures . . alehouse . . lands of Kinellan . . Easter Achiltie . . fishings on Rasay [Blackwater and Conan half of . Stravaich two sheallings in Straderie called Fechrose and Ffealowrach . . half . . Corrievulzie . . . Contract . . daitit 1642 . . [D] George Earle of Seafort for the soume of 2000 merkes . : grants Tack to Sir A. M. of C. ... of haill lands of Ardachack, Knock, Teanindoire and Badintrinan as





19 years

pendicles of . . Kinnellan ... and that for ..

and till the sd soume were repayed ....[E] The deceast Kenneth Earle of Seafort be his disposition of . . 1606 [all above lands] heretablie and irredeemablie to Kenneth Mackenzie of Coull . . . . Be contract .. daitit 1642. [F] George Earle of Seafort for 4000 merkes ... disponed to Coline Mackenzie of Tarvie yeirly arrent of £213 . . furth of . Kinnellan .. [G] 1648 George E. of Seaforth for the tocher and provision dew be him to Margaret Mackenzie daughter to Jon Mackenzie of Lochslin then spous to Normand M‘Leod of Berneray . . 10500 merks disponed to said Normand . . lands of Craigskorrie, Keannahaird, pendicle Teainhair . . lands of Dunglass, Balblair Knocknatead, quarter lands of Ballinain . Sir Normand disponed the wadsett to Findon and Ffindon ... to Mr Jon M'Cra and M'Cra disponit Kennahaird and Craigskorrie to his son Alexander and he .. to Coull ... Tarbet Cromartie and Reidcastle as having right to the thrie pairts of the apprysings (three-fourths of the foreclosures] against the estate of Seafort . . . for soumes of money dispone all right of propertie . . . and the fourt pairt remains with Sir Alexander himself. [From the above, only this vague idea of value is obtainable, that estates covering some 9 to 12 square miles were by the first three contracts transferred for less than £20,000 Scots, or £1600 stg. No document gives dimensions of the same ground both in bolls and acres, and the nearest approach to giving in bolls an area now

definable is in No. 411, 1549.-Parchment, Latin ; Charter) . . . Donald Glas burgess of Tayne . . . conveyed to my spouse Elisabet Vaus

one tenement with garden, lying between . . Hugo Ross Davidson on the West, the common lands on the East, the common road on the North, and lands of Ranald Goldsmit on the South; one hut adjacent . . . . Certain arable lands lying within Tayne viz. . . . Croft Crenan between the lands of William McGull and John Bayne on the East . . Robt Munro . . West .. Andrew Spyne . . South ... Croft Croy lying between . Wm. McAne Rossich on the South

Andrew Spyne . . west. Also certain arable lands extending to four bolls bere sowing or thereby near the shrine (Lat. prope sacellum] of the blessed Duthac and (( ) Polkalk, lying in diverse places, as is more fully contained in my charters . . . . Reddendo to the exactors of the Collegiate Church of the blessed Duthac of Tayne, four pennies

a year . . . . Witnesses Eugnesius McTore, Wm. McGill, Paul Duf, Wm. Peddison Maro (marrow, match or twin]. [The area containing the four bolls is almost exactly defined--on the west by the “sacellum,” which still stands roofless and detached from the old Church of St Duthus, and the line of the Cemetery bounds, which cannot have greatly varied ; on the south by the High



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