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home from Newfoundland with 20 prizes . . I have been made inidshipman, which is a great deal better than before mast, for my pay was but 23s per moncth, now it is 30s ... If I was clear now and had any friendes I could buy a vessell for very little, for prizes is very cheap

one for £100 that you cannot in peace time for £200 . [The difficulty as to recruits, seen in Nos. 257 and 258, con

tinued, and we have :No. 605, 1709-10.--MS. letter to] The Commrs. for

cruiting . . land forces and marines . . Shire of Ross . recommend .

vigorous . . execution . . act for . . recruiting . . forces .... hope your Zeal to Her Majesty improve every opportunity no part of the shire may want the number of commissioners . . . officers to be ready to receive recruits ... take care that the severall rewards and encouragements . . . paid and disposed of ..

· absolutely necessary for carrying on the war .. Continue to send an account Council Chamber, St James's 18th Decr. 1710. [Signed] Rochester, Buckingham, Seafield, Beaufort, Mar, Dartmouthe, Loudoun. [In right corner S. Parker, Tho. Trevor, Ricd. Onslow, Berkeley. [In left corner, in handwriting of Lord Ross of Halkhead] Comrs. of recruits for ye Shire of Ross. [One of the accounts of 1709 bears that volunteers had been invited, but none offered themselves, and the Commissioners of Supply had warranted the officers to apprehend such as came within the Act”-in short, sent a press-gang.

At the same time a document of the Union--a coppie Debenter

: No. 606, 1709.--1 · · £60. Equivalent Office, 16th Decr. 1709. Pursuant to an Act of Parlt. for .

payment of the Equivalent money, the Commissioners . . doe hereby certifie tha there is due to Mr John Dallas of Bannans upon the Third Class of the civill list . . Sixty Pound Stg. . . . out of the Revenues of the Customs and Excise and other arising Equivalent due to Scotland mentioned in the fifteenth Article of Union. [Subscribed] And. Hume, John Swinton, Jas. Campbell, Jo. Inglis, Secretary, John Symmer, Accomptant. (As to the STUART Rising of 1715, the following gives all the leading men of Ross-shire at the time and how they stood. It is put in condensed

form: B. No. 607, N.D., but names fix to 1715-24.] Commissioners

of ye Land Tax:-Rosses—Of Balnagown, General Charles ; Pitcalny, Malcolm ; Kindeace, David ; Aldy, Wm. and Jn.; Invercharron, Wm.; Inverchassley, David ; Easterfearn, Wm.; Shandwick, Andw.; Belnacore, Alex.; Torroy, Arthur; Braelangwell, Hugh, senr. and junr.; Tolly, do.; Kirkskeath, Robt. ; Chamberlaine of Strathcarron, Robt. ; Little Tarrel, Alex, and Hugh; Pitkerrie,




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Alexr.; Loggy, Robt. ; Calrossie, Thos.; Eye, Charles ; Little Kindeace, Alex. ; Little Daan, David. MUNROESOf Fowlis, Sir Robt. and Robt., jr. ; Newmore, George; Culrain, do., senr. and junr. ; Culkairn, do. ; Limlair, do.; Teachat, do.; Knockan and Kirin, Kenneth; Novar, llector and John; Milton, John; Killichoan, Alexr. and John; Kildermory, Ilugh; Auchnagart, Robert ; Culcraigy, Wm.; Ardulzie, Hugh; Teaninich, do.; Daan, Hector ; Lealdy, Donald ; Chamberl. of Swordale, John. MacKENZIES-Farness, Kenneth ; Royston, Sir James; Colonel Alexr. ; Scatwell, Sir Kenneth and K., junr.; Reidcastle, Rodk. ; Delvin, Mr John; Allangrange, Mr Simon; Belmaduthy, Alexr.; Torridon, Mr Simon; Kincraig, Colin ; Inchculter, George ; Davachcairn, Wm.; Highfield, Jn.; Kinock, Dr; Bishop Kinkell, Hector ; Ardross, John; Broomhill, Duncan, Lord Macleod of Tarbat. MACLEODS of Cadboll, Aeneas; Alexr. M., advocate ; of Geanies, Cap. Donald. Of other families :-) Alex. Forrester of Cullinald ; Colin Graham of Dryny ; Sir Wm. Gordon ; Adam Gordon, Kilfedder; James Fraser, Seafield ; Alexr. Duff, Drummuir; Walter Innes, Crunrune; W. Robertson, Craiginiln; Kenneth Bain, Tulloch ; Laird of Pilton ; Mr John Macgilligin, Alness ; David Beaton, Culniskea ; Eldest Bailie of Dingwall. ATTAINTED BY ACT OF PAR.-Sir John Mackenzie of Coul ; Alexr. do., Applecross ; Rodk. do., Fairburn ; Alexr. do., Davachmaluag; John do., Avoch ; George do., Bellamucky.


IN ARMS IN SIR ROBt. MUNRO'S COUNTRY AND AT PERTH AND SHERIFFMUIR : Rodk. M., junr., Applecross; Win. M., junr., Belmaduthy; Kenneth M. of Suddy : Charles M., Cullen ; Alexr. M., Ballone; Kenneth M. Achterdonald ; George M., Gruinard ; Colin M., Dochpollo ; Rodk. M., junr., Redcastle ; Kenneth M., junr., Torridon ; Rodk. M., Dingwall, Cambuscurry : Lachlan MacIntosh of that Ilk; Alexr. Matheson of Benagefield ; Sir Robt. Gordon of Gordonstone. DEAD— Sir Donald Bain of Tulloch ; John Ross of Auchnacloich ; Murdoch Mackenzie of Ardross ; John Beaton of Culniskea.

[How Tain again suffered is seen in B. No. 608, 1715.---) Ane Counsell holdin 14th Octr. 1715 Be

Wm. Ross and Thos. Ross, Baillies . . . Bailli Robert Ross presented a bill [described in it as a vintner] drawn be my Lord Duffus, Commander of a considerable partie of the rebells that cam heir from the Earle of Seaforth his camp --upon the magistrats for payment to him of sex pund 5s 2d sterling . . for his majestie King James VIII's use . . . desired ... they should draw upon ther treasurer

. if not . . immediately . . he should acquant the Lord Duffus ... having considered . . judge themselves nowayes bound to honour that draught contrar to ther alledgiance to ther righteous sovraign King George, yet they resolve . . baillies draw bill upon the Treasurer .. out of the first and readiest

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of the publict effects, and that the main cause therof is to

prevent further trouble to the toune. [B. No. 609, 1716.-) Wee Wm. and Thos. Rosses, Baillies of

Taine, doe hereby testifie and declare that the Earle of Sutherland having called for Inverchasley to Tain ... was pleased to commit him to our custodie for alleagit disobeying . . and corresponding with the rebells . . Inverchasley. offered baill of £500 sterling . . the Earle not accepting, Inverchasley remained in prisone and about Bailly William his house sexty days with allowance of one open prission and liberty of the toune . . and the man being aged and tender and the storme great and not sufficient wents in the tolbooth his Lyfe by close imprisonment would be in eminent danger. At the last expeditione the Earle made, the heritors being called out with their horses and armes and Inverchasley being in the list .. it was presumed the

commitment was relinquished .... [B. No. 610, 1715.--Along with above, copy of warrant.]

These are ordering you to secure . . David Ross of Inverchasley . . in your Tolbooth of Taine for . disobedience

... and correspondence with the rebells . . . Sutherland. [B. No. 611, N.D., but, from names, soon after 1715.

Paper, docketed] Copy of a letter to Mr Wade. Sir, Being informed of your generous endeavour to procure . pardon to the following attainted gentilmen-Geo. Mackenzie of Balmuchie, Alexr. Mackenzie of Dachmaluack, Roderick Mackenzie of Fairburn, and Roderick Chissolm of Strathglass, We think ourselfs bound to encourage . . assuring you . . the saids gentilmen do propose to live quitely and peacably under his majesties government . . some degree merit his Royal clemency . . . (Signatures not given; may be same date, 1717, as a petition, among Tain papers, to the Sheriff by Donald Mackenzie of Kilcoy, praying that he may “ have the benefit of the general pardon for the late unnatural rebellion,” and relating that he surrendered to General Cadogan, and has been under a sentinel. His petition is marked as granted. As to the STUART RISING

of 1745-6, we have :No. 612, 1745.—Three letters from David Ross of Inver

chasley to Wm. Baillie. 1st] I've delivered my letter to ane express who promises to be at Culloden be 2 o'clock tomorrow [i.e., at Lord President Forbes's, who was therefore there] : Mr Balfour promises some of his brethren will go on Thursday : . . [2nd] ....1.. think we should try to make out the Company directly [i.e., an Independent Company for defence) .... 5th Novr.

. [3rd] : . let me know the humour your people are in . . . . I had news last post . . Highland Army had taken the field . . . . Seafort was to dispute passing cannon to E. Cro. [Earl of Crom

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arty.] Laird Donald says the President would give us ane

artillery camp . . . . 9th Novr. (No. 613, 1745.-Letter, docketed “The Chissolme," and

addressed] Mr Wm. Baylie, Chamberland of the Estate of Balnigoin. Sir, I hade the pleasur of yrs of the 9th . Thir unlucie troubles hase putt a stop to all credite and busines in most places and verie much with us, oyrways you would not have the trouble of writting me of the peyment of the Bear you gave.

Rorie Ogs Draught was not sent me, which is no ods. Rorie has yor peyment much at heart and gives you his complts. . Rod. Chissolm. E. 16 Decr. 1745. [The Chisholm comes also into the sad story

of Nos. 620 and 621, but in order of date we have next :No. 614, 1746, February.--Defences of Ferrymen against

claim by Cadboll.] . . . . only liable in nyne moneths rent of half the ferry of Portnaculter (Meikle Ferry) . . From the time the Earle of Loudoun with the Kings troops crossed to Sutherland about the 20th of Feby. ... not get one halfpenny of fraught or boat hyre till Whitsunday ... 22nd of March that the Rebells gote into Sutherland and . . defender had to desert the ferry as he was obnoxious to the Rebells, the Lord President having employed him to get Intelligence Rebells Broke and demolished all the ferry boats . . defender ruined and raked of everything . . . pleads . . court . . indemnify him .... it looks very wanton and exuberant to .. expect redress from the poor

defender for dammage done by the Rebells. [No. 615, 1746, 19th May.-Letter to Earl of Sutherland.

Your lp. may remember that at Tarbat House I showed you a spoon and some other things received from Hugh Ross the silversmith here [i.e., Tain), particularly a locket set in gold bearing a cypher on the gold part. You directed . . keep till . . know if it were from the family of Dunrobin (So a letter of same month, from David Muura, Edinburgh, to David Ross, commissary clerk, Tain, says the rebels rifled his house, “ carrying away back and bed cloathes,” and exacted money of Tain, “ for which redress must be exacted from the rebells' estates."

the same month occurs a Report, badly rotted : No. 616, 1746.-) At Taine . . . In obedience to General

Hinks direction there is sett aboard of a boat . . sail . . wind and weather permitts, 11 firelocks and 6 bayonets, two ( ) and 12 small swords, a new drum of Lord Loudons Royal ( ).. other effects marked against names who . . delivered up ( ) discoverys made ) firelock, sadle and target delivered to the Government officers ( ) sealed up in two plaid bunales . . . equally certain the bed or table linen and candlesticks belong to familys in this neighbourhood ..2 table napkins of Mr Gordon's , . , all


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pillaged by the rebels .... [Then in July there is a long
holograph letter:-
No. 617, 1746.-Alexr. Mackenzie of Fairburn to Baillie ;

begins about Corrie's bills "'] .... ties of friendship
and relation induce me to serve his poor representative . .
I dailly look for the Philistins approach, and I fear poor
Geordy will be ruined as are all to the south of this place
that were concerned in ye Rebellion . Ld. Seafort, ye
President, and Sir Alexr. Macdonald applications to
the Duke for him. When Glengarry could not gett in his
Clan, Sir Alexr. told . . if Barisdale was pardoned he woud
gett to surrender most of those that did stand out .. got a
protection of 20 or 40 days . · got 110 Knodart men to
surrender their arms at Bernera and Knodart, and as yet
they remain unmolested .... I sent only 30 good cows to
that market as they are surfeited with rebel cattle . . . The
army have already forestald the mercats . . Quantities
already sent to England by ye Army in Fort Augustus ...
[Next month a drover writes that he sent men after 6
strayed cattle, but they were “taken up in Glenmoriston
by a party of the army and nigh shot as rebels"; and next

month, September:-
No. 618, 1746.—Letter from A. Gray, drover, to Baillie.]

Ane idle report .. of a landing in Arisaick . . may putt the rebels in such humour as to attempt distressing us on the way, and as the companies are called in from Ruthven and Tay Bridge . . to Fort Augustus to get a command from Lord Loudoun to put us through Drumnachter and Perthshire . . . . (It will be seen here and in No. 446 there was a great trade route for cattle droves through the Highlands

into England. Then in October :No. 619, 1746.—Letter, same to same, from Carlisle, after

business part, has in a P.S. :--) Buchannan of Ardinprayar, McLean Loch Moidart, Teaindriss the titular Bishop of Carlisle, were Saturday night acquainted of a Dead Warrant for their execution upon Saturday next, and were separated from the rest of the prisoners and Chained down and layd to ane iron Gade. They are in a miserable

condition .. [No. 620, 1746.-Petition) To . . Duke of Newcastle . . Secy.

of State . . Alexr. Grant of Shewgly, James Grant his son, and Rev. Mr John Grant, Minister of the Gospel at Urquhart, prisoners in custody of a messenger . . sheweth

some days after the battle of Culloden Mr Lewis Grant of Grant applyd to petitioners . . then since the breaking out of this unhappy rebellion . peaceable at .. homes--for assistance to persuade such rebels . still in Arms in . . Urquhart, to surrender to . . Lewis . petitioners complying : . persuaded 84 rebels . . name of Grant to surrender .. which . . Lewis .. acknowledged ...

as ever

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