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No. 991, 1810.–Service of heir,] Wm. Macpherson, carpenter,

son of Alex. Macpherson, messenger ... principal dwelling house, kiln, and barn . . . King's high way at E., Altmatach running through Little Tain at w. St Mary's Well at N. (between Hill Street and Well Street.

Paper found
among 18th century papers, as was also
No. 992, 1827.-) Excerpt from minutes of meeting of the

Directors of Tain Royal Academy, held in the Hall thereof,
4th July, 1827. Preses., Dond. McLeod, Esq. of Geanies.
The Clerk represents .. the absolute necessity of having a
Box for the safety of their proceedings and Titles. As a
gratuitous clerk he need not perhaps feel much interest, but
. . multiplicity of the papers which in another capacity come
into his office, he cannot be certain of their being kept
distinct ... while he offers his personal services, he hopes
an allowance may be made him for stationary . . never yet
allowed to him or his father who preceded him in this
lucrative situation ... The Directors appoint the Clerk to
procure a box ... and a book for recording their minutes,
for which they authorize their treasurer to pay.

But nothing for stationery. The clerk was Alexander Suter, and his father Thomas Suter.

TONGUE AND BIGHOUSE–Nos. 318, 322, 512, 521, 633, 654, 524 after 962. No. 993, 1750.—Letter, addressed] Wm. Baillie . . To the care of Mr Peterkin, postmaster of Dornoch.

Kirktoun, 29th Augt. . . . I shall long to hear of Mr Gray's ffate at ffalkirk

ye dealer has all reason for acting cautiously. Now as to M. M., since you seem to be really serious on yt. head

as this affair will do better in a chat or conversation than by wryting . . I shall go forward to the Pass and meet as

tho' accidentally, then talk over this subject, and act thereafter wt. respect to M. M. as .. proper. What has happened

shall be a dead secret for me yet :. I had .. a distant hint of it. People .. will .. have strong conjectures, I shall order next week's runner to go over for your return . . wt. George Boyd, gardener at Skibo, to whom you may send it under cover .. by-letters oft miscarry . . I have newspapers weekly sent me ... Hugh Mackay.

[He was the Hon. Colonel Hugh Mackay of Bighouse, Tongue, a son of George, 3rd Lord Reay. Mary, in above and Nos. 655, 656, 657, was his second daughter. His third daughter, Marion, married her cousin George, 5th Lord Reay. Between Nos.

655 and 656 comes No. 994, 1750.—To Baillie.] Tongue, 20th Novr. 1750. Your last ffavours I had yesternight.

I delivered the inclosed, and joined my opinion strongly in favours of what you wrote.

As I hinted formerly, all the return shall pass unmolested under my cover. I have not the least curiosity that way or to see yours. Meantime you can't expect (tell

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beforehand] what so young a creature will write or say on this subject .. tho' I'll venture to say that all you'll have from her will be sincere ( )skey is to be soon here, I wish you could get him stopt genteely ( ) what I will sought to make him very welcome, but you knew your

friend ( )rassed by him and yt. she is not at freedom to tell how matters stand ( ) Kindeace is to be also, as are oyrs froin the eastward to ye same purpose ( )ays extraordinary on such occasions. I must quietly place them to your account

... Cause call for my goods from Charles Ross, merct., below ye Trone Church, ffirst sea occasion. Did you get a letter I wrote you from Skibo wt. a ( ) from

You have made Hugh very happy wt. his dogg... [No. 995, 1743.-Letter, addressed Mr Alexr. Ross, sheriff

clerk, Tain. Tongue, Jan. 8, 1743 .... Please give my love to Mr Hugh Munro, and tell him that his son is weel and with me; that he is entered on tryals before this presbytery, was examined on the preliminary questionary tryals, had a homily and exegesis .in which he acquitted himself to satisfaction, that he has got out an exercise and addition with a chronological discourse ... There are means used to impede . . but clandestin and apparently malicious .. our presbytery . . determined not to stop without better reasons than were given to the p. of D --h .... Walter Ross (a lawyer, as the first part is about law business. ITugh Munro was minister. A paper of 1776 mentions“ George Mackay of Tordarroch in Sutherland, next of kin of Peter Mackay of the Island of Sapola in the province of Georgia in N. America.”

Wick - Nos. 206, 279, 280, 284, 964. B. No. 996, 1789.-Letter to Balnagown as M.P.] Wick,

12th October ... intended visit . . retarded by indisposition .. frankly excuse ... Our worthy Provost, Sir John Sinclair, and Baillie MacLeay . . at pains promoting your interest .. Baillie M-Leay has satisfy'd us respecting the newspaper, and we will be looking for an Edinburgh Courant in place of the London Chronicle ... thanks for your profer'd services ... now to ask .. aid and assistance to Sir John Sinclair in procuring money from Government or otherways for making a Harbour ... for perhaps the first fishing station in Scotland .... [Signed] Willm. MacLeay, Robert Corner, Jas. Miller, Junr., James Macphaull, John Russell, John Cogill.



[No. 2.-Latin text--see photo., page 4.] Innocentius Epis

copus Servus servorum Dei Dilecto filio Willemo Spino (pr)eposito ecclesiae beati Duthaci de Tayn Rossense diacono Salutem et Apostolicam benedictionem. Cum a nobis petitur quod justum est et honestum ta(m) (v)igor equitatis quam o(rdo) (ex)igit rationis ut id per sollicitudinem officii nostri ad debitum perducatur effectum. Sane pro parte tua nobis oblata petiti)o con(ti)ne(bat) (quod ?) (?) Venerabilis Frater noster Thomas Episcopus Rossensis de capituli ecclesiae Rossensis et aliorum quorum intererat consensu pro divini cultus agumen(tatio)ne dictam ecclesiam beati Duthaci in Collegiatam erexit ac in ea Unam praeposituram et Quinque Canonicatus et totidem prebendas Duos Diaconatus asut) Duos Subdiaconatus Unam Sacristiam et Tres clericatus erexit et pro Prepositurae Canonicatuum prebendarum Diaconatuum, Subdiaconatuum Sacristiæ et clericatuum horum omnium dote condecenti certos Fructus Redditus et Proventus per quosdam Christi fideles pie ero(gatos ass)ign(avit) cumque dictam praeposituram quae inibi dignitas principalis existit certo modo vacantem auctoritate apostolica tibi collatam assecutus fuisti ( ) a nobis

( apostolico petiisti munimineque roborari. Nos igitur tuis in hac parte supplicationibus inclinati omnia et singula per dictum capitulum in pre(missis) ac(ta) ac (g)esta sicute rite et proinde facta sunt auctoritate apostolica, Firmamus et presentis scripti patrocinio Communimus. omnino hominum liceat hanc paginam nostrae confirmationis et communitionis infringere vel ei ausu temerario contraire. Siquis autem hoc attentare (pre)sumpserit indignationem Omnipotentis Dei ac beatorum Petri et Pauli Apostolorum ejus se noverit incursurum. Datum Romae apud Sanctum Petrum anno incarnatonis dominicae millesimo quadringentesimo nonagesimo secundo sexto decimo Kl. Augusti

pontificatus nostri anno octavo. [No. 261, N.D.-Script and allusions about 1670-80.] The

rentall of the Barrons and freeholders of the shyre of Ross as weel holden few of the King and with is the stent roll for payment of the Commissioners charges that did attend his ma'ties parliament and that:--The Laird of Belnagown his whol valued rent .. in Kincardin, Eddertoune, Kilmure and Fearn, £2344 ; George Ross of Morangie for lands of Inverbreakie, Moringie, and Belnagall and the milnes of Moringie and Dibidill, £1391; Kilravock in P. of Nigg, £1164 ; Dunbeth for Gaynies, £548; Seafield, £486; Arboll,

Nulli ergo £574 ; Pitcalnie for Wester Arboll . lands . . Kincardin and Nigg, £592; Culrean in p. Kilmure, Roskein, Kincardin, £1098; Piltoune in Taine, estate of Mulderge and Little Allan, £1394 ; Margaret McKenzie, Little Kindeis, £527 ; John Forrester and his sone for Dunskeath, Cullinald and Annat, £401; Invercharron for Gruinyeard, £60; James Ross of Eye, £155 ; Inverlaell estate possessed be Rorie Dingwell, Pitlundie, and Mr Jas. M'Kenzie . . Rorie . . £306 .. Pitlundie, £225; Mr J. M., £84; Tutor of Kindeis in Kincardin, £900 .. The Laird of McIntosh in Roskein and Alnes, £854; Rosauch estate . . £200; Scatwell in Awach, £200; Findrosie, £1020 ; Drynie, £100; Kilcowie in Suddie and Kilmure, £728; Redcastle, £1600 ; Farburne, £823; Garloch in . . Loggie, Urqt., Foddertie, and Garloch including Sandes, £2441; Findon estate and part of the Constable fies of Chanonrie, £2256; Davach

cartie, £166; Tulloch, £600; Brae, £467; Assint, £570. [No. 263, 1765.---] Baron Roll . . Captain John Ross of Bal

nagown, Sir Harry Munro of Foulis, Bart.; Sir John Gordon of Invergordon, Bart. ; Roderick Macleod of Cadboll, John Munro of Culcairn, Alexr. McKenzie of Davachmaluack, Geo. Mackenzie of Allangrange,

John Mackenzie of Applecross, Hugh Macleod of Geanies, Hugh Rose of Kilraick, Duncan Fraser of Seafield, The Right Hon. Stewart Jas. Mackenzie of Rosehaugh, Sir Alexr. Mackenzie of Coul, Bart.; John Mackenzie of Delvin, Kenneth Mackenzie of Dundonnell, Alexr. Chisolm of Comar, Alexr. Lesly of Findrossy, David Ross of Inverchassly, George Munro of Navarr, William Ross of Aldie, Roderick Mackenzie of Redcastle, Wm. Mackenzie of Strathgarve, Thomas Mackenzie of Ord, Thos. Mackenzie of Highfield, Wm. Mackenzie of Belmaduthy, advocate; Duncan Ross of Kindeace, Jon Mackenzie of Brae, Murdoch Mackenzie of Letterew, Adam Gordon of Ardoch, George Ross of Pitkerry, Hugh Rose of Geddes, Alexr. Gray, Deput Clerk of Session ; Captain James Cuthbert of Millncraig, Charles Robertson of Kindeace, David Munro of Allan, Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Scatwell, Roderick Mackenzie of Scotsburn, Charles Munro of Culrain, Alexr. Mackenzie of Inchcoulter, Lieut. Col. Charles Ross of Morangie, Jon Mackenzie, Esq., commonly called Lord Macleod; Henry Davidson of Tulloch, George Mackenzie of Inchcoulter. [The Roll of 1767 also occurs, with 50 names; next is that of 1782, which distinguishes and sums up

the different qualifications thus:-- Řeal Barons-Property lands, 37; enrolled on superiorities to heirs, 4; enrolled on lands, partly property and partly superiority, 3; enrolled

on Liferent superiority, 39-total, 83. [No. 263, about 1690.—] Heretors, Wadsetters, and life

renters within the shyre of Ross (parishes in Italics, M. for Mackenzie and Mo. for Munro:-) DingwallSir Donald

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