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He did it!

Crítica de los usuarios  - Aurora415 - Borders

From the beginning pages of his dedication to the very last page in the book, I found this biography entertaining and a fun read. Ozzy puts it all out there, whether you like it or not. He's honest ... Leer comentario completo

It's Okay

Crítica de los usuarios  - mrsmartin428 - Borders

I bought this knowing it wasn't going to be a book that would be life-changing for me...I've been an Ozzy fan for years, and one positive comment I can make on the book compared to an interview of ... Leer comentario completo

Great book!

Crítica de los usuarios  - Jojo27 - Borders

A must read for any Ozzy fan! This book is hilarious! :) Leer comentario completo

Great Book!

Crítica de los usuarios  - Mommy The Book Junkie - Borders

I have never been a fan of Ozzy but really wanted to read this book. I have not finished reading it yet but so far I can't put it down. What an amazing story! I can actually hear his voice and his accent as I read. I would recommended this book for everyone to read. Leer comentario completo

Fabulous Fun!

Crítica de los usuarios  - Zan F, Merch Team - Borders

It doesn't matter if, like me, you've never listened to Black Sabbath or watched The Osbournes on TV, if you enjoy a great memoir, you will love this book! Ozzy's voice comes shining through and it's ... Leer comentario completo

I Am Ozzy

Crítica de los usuarios  - XOzzyOsbourneXo - Borders

It's An Amazing Book!! Ozzy's Amazing XOzzyOsbourneXo Leer comentario completo

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