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(c), (d) and (e) of these instructions and one deck of 80-column machine accounting punch cards with the information required by paragraph (b) of these instructions punched in the prescribed card columns.

(b) The deck of machine accounting punch cards shall include the required

information for all revenue flights operated during the month. An individual card containing monthly summaries of the information below shall be included for each common flight stage and each common aircraft type of each flight. Each card shall be punched by columns as follows:

Card column





3-4. 5-6.



Carrier -

The two-letter name code as required for reporting the CAB Origin

and Destination Survey data.

Leave blank.

The month of year covered by the card, numbering each month con.

secutively "01" through "12" beginning with January. Year.

The last digit only of the current year shall be used. Scheduled, extra section, Flight stages on each revenue trip operated pursuant to flight schedor exempted trips.

ules filled with the Board shall be zero punched, except that: (1) flight stages operated as extra sections shall be punched X(11) and, (2) flight stages operated without authority to transport mail or on a nonsubsidy basis as well as flight stages (exempted trips) operated over route segments or in serving a point where suspension

has been authorized shall be punched R(12). Flight number..

The flight number pursuant to flight schedules filed with the Board.

As needed the flight number shall be preceded with zeros (thus 0001). Extra sections shall be indicated by punching in card column 9 for each successive section operated the digits 1, 2, 3, etc., or any numeric digit (no alpha) currently in use by the reporting

Alrcraft type code. The aircraft type code as set forth in paragraph (1) of these instructions.

Leave blank.
Flight stage:

The three-letter alpha code used in the Origin Destination Survey.

The three-letter alpha code used in the Origin-Destination Survey. Aircraft miles.

The total revenue aircraft miles flown during the month for the

flight stage identified card columns 20-25. Monthly total passenger The total number of revenue passengers during the month carried load.

on the flight stage identified in card columns 20-25. Trips operated.

The total number of trips operated during the month for the fight

stage identified in card columns 20-25. Blank..

Leave blank,

13-14. 15-19. 20-33:

20-22. 23-25. 26-33.




(c) The carrier's name, month and (5) Column 6 "Aircraft Type” shall year of the report, page number and reflect the type code for each aircraft number of pages shall be shown (in type operated as set forth in paragraph handwriting if desired) at the upper right (f) of these instructions. of each page of the listing. The full (6) Column 7 “From" and Column 8 prescribed name for each column head “To" shall reflect the alpha city codes ing shall be shown as either a heading for each flight stage operated. or footing strip, unless forms are pre (7) Column 9 "Revenue Aircraft Miles printed.

Flown" shall reflect for each flight stage (d) Prescribed column headings shall the revenue miles flown between points be as follows:

listed in Columns 7 and 8. (1) Column 1 “Carrier" shall reflect (8) Column 10 "Number of Passenthe name code for the reporting air car gers" shall reflect for each flight stage rier as required for reporting the Origin the number of passengers carried beand Destination Survey data.

tween points listed in Columns 7 and 8. (2) Column 2 “Day" shall remain (9) Column 11 "Trips Operated" shall blank.

reflect the total number of trips operated (3) Column 3 "Month” and column 4 for each flight each month. "Year" shall reflect the month and year (e) This listing shall be a tabulation of operation of each flight stage. The of the deck of machine accounting cards year shall be identified by the last digit required to be filled with the Board by thereof.

paragraph (a) and described in para(4) Column 5 "Flight Number" shall graph (b) of these instructions. Prior reflect the flight number set forth in the to tabulation the cards shall be sorted carrier's flight schedules filed with the into regular trip sequence within airBoard.

craft type code (columns 13–14),


"zero", "X(11)", or "R(12)” (column :8), within flight number (columns 9–12). in tabulating, a line shall be skipped before and after each summary total, and tabulation shall be continuous without regard to such totals. Minor control totals shall be shown wherever there is a change from a regular flight to an extra section or to an exempted flight (column 8), a change in points served

(columns 20–25), or a change in aircraft type (columns 13–14); an intermediate total shall be shown wherever there is a change in flight number (columns 912); and major totals shall be shown for each aircraft type (columns 13–14) for the entire tabulation Cards with an "X(11) " or "R(12)” in column 8 shall be listed; however, they shall not be added into major control totals.

(f) The aircraft type codes for each aircraft type to be used for reporting on this schedule shall be as follows:

Aircraft Aircraft types:

type codes Convair: CV-580

24 CV-240

25 CV-340/440

26 Douglas DC-3_

37 Fairchild F-27-----

48 Martin: M-202

69 M-404

70 As additional aircraft types are placed in service, carriers will be advised by the Chief, Ofice of Carrier Accounts and Statistics of the code numbers to be used for reporting purposes.

(g) Revenue aircraft miles for all aircraft types shall agree with revenue aircraft miles reported for Item 5886, Schedule T-1. Schedule T-41 Charter and Special Serv

ice Revenue Aircraft Miles Flown (a) This schedule shall be filed by each route air carrier.

(b) A complete report shall be made on this schedule for the overall or system operations conducted by the air carrier during the calendar year.

(c) Total charter and special service revenue aircraft miles flown by the re

porting air carrier during the calendar year shall be reflected in this schedule by combination carriers and all-cargo

carriers in the sections provided therefor, respectively. Such data shall be broken down to reflect revenue aircraft miles flown for the Department of Defense and for all other customers.

(d) The revenue aircraft miles flown for the Department of Defense and for all other customers, moreover, shall be broken down to reflect operations between certificated points of the reporting carrier and operations not between certificated points of the reporting carrier. Include under these headings revenue aircraft miles flown under exemption authority. (When a flight involves both certificated and noncertificated points, that portion or portions of the flight which are represented by (1) on-loading or off-loading at a certificated point, and then (2) off-loading at a certificated point subsequently reached shall be considered revenue aircraft mileage between certificated points: Provided, That there is no off-loading at any intermediate non-certificated point. All other revenue aircraft miles flown on such a flight shall be considered as mileage not between certificated points.) Under the heading of operations between certificated points the reported data shall reflect revenue aircraft miles involving (1) passengers exclusively; (2) cargo exclusively; (3) passengers and cargo jointly; and (4) paid ferry mileage. Under the heading of operations not between certificated points the reported data shall reflect revenue aircraft miles involving (1) passengers exclusively; (2) cargo exclusively; (3) passengers and cargo jointly; (4) paid ferry mileage; and (5) flights between foreign points. In the case of charters performed for the Department of Defense by an all-cargo carrier between its certificated points, the passenger legs of trips on which the legs in the other direction involved transportation of cargo shall be shown separately as a subtotal. Also, in the case of an all-cargo carrier, cargo charter revenue aircraft miles flown which are not between points certificated to such carrier shall be broken down to reflect those within and those outside the carrier's “area of operations" as defined in § 207.6 of the Board's Economic Regulations. In the event special services are performed by any reporting carrier, the revenue aircraft miles in such services shall be separately identified. (ER-327, 26 F.R. 4222, May 16, 1961, as amended by ER-336, 26 F.R. 6809, July 29, 1961; ER-369, 27 F.R. 12820, Dec. 28, 1962; ER-417, 29 F.R. 13528, Oct. 1, 1964; ER-435, 30 F.R. 7704, June 15, 1965; ER-447, 30 F.R. 14198, Nov. 11, 1965)

Section 26-General Corporate

Elements Schedule G-41-Persons Holding More

Than 5 per centum of Respondent's Capital Stock of Capital

(a) This schedule shall be filled by all route air carriers.

(b) This schedule shall reflect the name, address and number of shares of each class of stock held by all persons holding more than five (5) per centum of the issued and outstanding capital stock or, in cases of unincorporated business enterprises, more than five (5) per centum of the total invested capital of the reporting carrier as of the close of

the year.


(c) Management personnel shall include all general supervisory and administrative personnel not directly responsible for the in-flight operation of aircraft or engaged directly in the performance of maintenance activities. Management personnel, as distinguished from elective oficers and directors, for whom report is to be made shall include those who received $20,000 or more compensation for personal services during the previous calendar year and those initially employed during the current calendar year at an annual compensation rate of $20,000 or more.

(d) Indirect compensation in column 6 shall include payments made by persons holding management contracts providing for management of, or services to, the air carrier

its associated companies.

(e) Expenses borne by the air carrier to be reported in column 7, shall include all reimbursements to the persons listed in column 1, regardless of whether for goods or services used by the persons listed or by others; whether in the form of per diem or other allowances, or reimbursement for specific expenditures; and whether for amounts reimbursed directly to the persons listed or, except for standby hotel or other facilities maintained for the air carrier's personnel generally, indirectly through vendors who bill the air carrier directly.

(f) Columns 8 through 11 shall reflect securities of the air carrier owned by officers, directors, or management personnel as at December 31. Column 8 shall reflect the class of capital stock, bonds or other securities of the air carrier owned; columns 9 and 10, respectively, shall reflect the number of shares of stock held in the name of, or for the account of, each general officer, and director, and all management personnel receiving $20,000 or more per annum and column 11 shall reflect the principal amount of bonds or other securities held in the name of, or for the account of, each general officer and director and all management personnel receiving $20,000 or more per annum for personal services. Schedule G-43—Compensation and ET

penses of Persons and Firms (Other than Directors, Officers and Employees) Receiving $5,000 or More During the Calendar Year

(a) This schedule shall be filed by all route air carriers.

(c) Column 3, "Held for Own ACcount" shall reflect by either of the words "yes" or "no", whether or not the interest is held for the account of the person named in column 1.

In cases where the answer is "no" the name and address of the persons for whose account the interest is held shall be indicated by footnotes. Schedule G-42—Compensation and Ex

penses of all General Officers and Directors and of Management Personnel Receiving $20,000 or More per Annum for Personal Services

(a) This schedule shall be filed by all route air carriers.

(b) The indicated data shall be reported individually for each elective corporate officer, executive and director. The dates to be reported in column 3 shall be the dates each such elective officer, executive and director was first elected to the ofice held at the date of the report. Reports shall be made in aggregate for all management personnel receiving compensation for personal services of $20,000 or more per annum. The name of each elective oficer, executive and director and the number of management personnel receiving $20,000 or more per annum shall be entered in column 1; the annual compensation and reimbursed expenses paid during the calendar year to each oficer, executive and director, and the aggregate thereof for all such management personnel, shall be entered in columns 5, 6, and 7 respectively; and the upper and lower limits in the range of compensation and expenses paid to management personnel shall be separately stated in such columns 5, 6, and 7.


(b) The indicated data shall be re Territory, and reference to each statute ported for each person or firm, other under which such grant was made;

than directors, oficers and employees of (c) With respect to any options outthe air carrier, receiving compensation standing at the close of the fiscal year or expense reimbursements of $5,000 or to purchase securities of the air carrier more during the calendar year.

from the air carrier, give the amount, (c) Compensation and expenses to be with the title of the issue, called for by reported in this schedule shall include such options; a brief outline of the fees, retainers, gifts, commissions, con prices, expiration dates, and other matributions, allowance for expenses or any

terial conditions on which such options form of payments amounting in the ag may be exercised; the name and address gregate to $5,000 or more during the of each person holding such options year. In addition to expense reimburse calling for more than 5 percent of the ments paid directly to the recipients re total amount subject to option, and the flected in column 1, this schedule shall amount called for by the options of each include expenses incurred by the per person; and for each class of such opsons or firms named in column 1 which tions not previously reported, state the have been paid directly to vendors by consideration for the granting thereof. the air carrier. Expenses to be reported (ER-327, 26 F.R. 4222, May 16, 1961, as in this schedule shall encompass pay

amended by ER-369, 27 F.R. 12820, Dec. 28, ments such as for legal, medical, engi

1962] neering, advertising, accounting, statis

Section 27-National Defense tical, educational, or charitable purposes

Elements but shall exclude payments for services which both as to their nature and Schedule D-1-Services Performed for - amount may reasonably be regarded as

the Defense Establishment ordinarily connected with the routine

(Memorandum of Services Included in physical operation or maintenance of an

Other Schedules) air carrier such as payments for rent of buildings or property, for heat, light,

(a) This schedule shall be filed by all power, telegraph, and telephone or pay

route air carriers whether or not services ments to other carriers for interchange

performed for the defense establishment of equipment or settlement of interline

are separately reported in accordance traffic balances.

with section 21. (d) “Persons or firms" shall be con

(b) Separate sets of this schedule strued to mean individuals, partnerships,

shall be filed for each separate operating corporations or other legal entities.

entity of the air carrier.

(c) Item 1 or item 2 shall be checked, Schedule G-44—Corporate and

as appropriate, to indicate the status of Securities Data

the operating entity with respect to (a) This schedule shall be filed by

services performed for the defense all route air carriers.

establishment. (b) The information to be reported (d) The volume of services performed shall be prepared in accordance with the for the defense establishment shall be detailed instructions set forth on the

indicated, where item 2 has been checked, schedule. The corporate information by inserting the required information. shall include the air carrier's exact name

These data shall not include transporat the close of the year; the date of in tation performed in the air carrier's corporation or other organization; the

regularly scheduled transport services. State or other sovereign power under Item 2A, “Gross revenues, fees, and rewhich incorporated or otherwise orga

imbursements,” shall include, for serynized; the date of termination of charter; ices performed for the defense establishthe date and place of annual meetings;

ment, all gross revenues and fees, and a complete statement setting forth

together with reimbursements of exdates of all consolidations, mergers, re

penses which are properly chargeable

against income under the principles reorganizations, changes in corporate

flected in this system of accounts. name, etc., occurring during the year.

Hours and miles flown in transport servIf during the year an original charter of

ices shall be reported by aircraft type incorporation or a modification of an in columns 1 and 2 of item 2C. existing charter was granted, furnish the (e) Where defense services are sepaname of each Government, State or rately reported in accordance with

section 21 Introduction to Systems of opaque paper and the sixth, seventh, and Reports, the reporting of data for items eighth are of buff opaque paper. The 2C, 2D, 2E, and 2F will not be required. data columns of the first sheet of certain [ER_327, 26 FR. 4222, May 16, 1961, as schedules are separated by perforations amended by ER-369, 27 F.R. 12820, Dec. 28, to permit disassembly for clipboard 1962]

statistical processing. The remaining

sheets are unperforated and are of & GENERAL REPORTING PROVISIONS format which permits filing within SUPPLEMENTAL AIR CARRIERS

binders designed for standard 872" by

14'' sheets. The four copies of each Section 31-Introduction to System schedule filed with the Civil Aeronauof Reports

tics Board shall be comprised of the (a) Each supplemental air carrier

original white sheet and the three green

sheets. shall file with the Civil Aeronautics Board, monthly, quarterly and annually

(f) Wherever practicable the sheets

have been designed to permit machine CAB Form 41' reports of financial and operating statistics as prescribed herein

tabulation. Upon approval by the Civil unless waiver is made by the Civil Aero

Aeronautics Board, the carrier may sup

ply its own continuous-feed forms, pronautics Board.

vided each schedule conforms with the (b) The system prescribed provides for the submission by each supplemental

specifications of the forms prescribed

herein. air carrier of a certification and four categories of financial and operating

(g) A good quality black typewriter statistics, on individual schedules of the

ribbon shall be used in preparing the

original copy of each schedule submitted CAB Form 41 report, grouped as follows:

to the Civil Aeronautics Board. In no A. Certification.

event shall ditto or similar processes be B. Balance Sheet Elements.

used nor shall any information be typed P. Profit and Loss Elements. T. Trafic and Capacity Elements.

on the reverse side of copies submitted to G. General Corporate Elements.

the Civil Aeronautics Board.

(h) Each supplemental air carrier (c) The prescribed system of reports

shall generally comprise a single reportprovides that the frequency of reporting shall be monthly for some schedules,

ing entity; however, separate data shall

be reported on Schedule P-3.1 and quarterly for some, and annually for

Schedule T-3.1 for each of the following others.

classifications: (1) domestic within the (d) Each schedule of the prescribed CAB Form 41 report has been assigned

48 contiguous states, (2) territorial be

tween the 48 contiguous states, Alaska a specific code. The prefix alphabetical

and/or Hawaii, (3) other territorial, and codes A, B, P, T, and G, respectively, have been employed to denote certifica

(4) international including Canadian tion, balance sheet, profit and loss, traffic

transborder. The application to be made

of the above rule with regard to the enand capacity, and general corporate ele

tities for which separate reports shall be ments. The digits immediately follow

made is set forth below in the list ening the alphabetical prefix designate the

titled “Supplemental Air Carrier Reportparticular schedule.

ing Entities.” (e) Each supplemental air carrier shall submit to the Office of Carrier AC


ENTITIES counts and Statistics, Civil Aeronautics Board, Washington 25, D.C., four (4) AAXICO Airlines, Inc. copies of each schedule, except as herein American Flyers Airline Corp. after indicated in section 32, “General Capitol Airways, Inc. Reporting Instructions." All schedules

Johnson Flying Service, Inc.

Modern Air Transport, Inc. are set up in units of eight sheets each

Overseas National Airways, Inc. with snapout inter-leaf carbons between

Purdue Aeronautics Corp. sheets. The first sheet of each set is of

Saturn Airways, Inc. white opaque paper and the second of Southern Air Transport, Inc. white translucent paper. The third, Standard Airways, Inc. fourth, and fifth sheets are of green

Trans International Airlines, Inc.

U.S. Overseas Airlines, Inc. 1 Specimen copies of CAB Form 41 were Vance Roberts filed with the Office of the Federal Register World Airways, Inc. as part of the original document.

Zantop Air Transport, Inc.

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