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A TABLE containing the TITLES of all the STATUTES

during that Period.

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By DANBY PICKERING, of Gray's-Inn, Esq;

Reader of the Law Lecture to that Honourable Society.

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Printed by JOSEPH BENTHAM, Printer to the UNIVERSITY;

for CHARLES BATHURST, at the Cross-Keys, opposite St. Dunstan's
Church in Fleet-Street, London. 1765.

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Containing the Titles of all such Acts as are extant in print,

from the Fifth to the Ninth Year of King GEORGE I.

Cap. 1. FOR granting to his Ma

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Anno 5 Georgii I.

Cap. 9. For continuing certain duties .

upón coals and culm, and for eita

land- blishing certain funds to raise motax to be raised in Great Britain, ney, to proceed in the buildfor the service of the year 1719.

ing of new churches, as also to Cap. 2. For continuing the duties on compleat the supply granted to his

malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for Majesty, and to reserve the overplus the service of the year 1719. and

monies of the said duties for the for enlarging the time for entring disposition of parliament; and for at the exchequer such assignments

more effectual suppressing private of reverfionary annuities as are lotteries. therein mentioned; and for better Cap. 10. For enlarging the time grantsecuring the duties on hides and ed by two acts of parliament, for

skins, vellom, and parchment. repairs of the piers of Bridlington, Cap. 3. For applying certain overplus

alias Burlington; and for making monies, and further sums, to be

the said acts more effectual. raised, as well by way of a lottery, Cap: 11. Against clandestine running as by loans, towards paying off

of uncustomed goods; and for the and cancelling exchequer bills, and more effectual preventing of frauds for leffening the present great charge relating to the customs. in relation to those bills; and for Cap. 12. For making more effectual circulating and exchanging for

the several ads past for repairing ready money the residue of the fame and amending the highways of this bills for the future.

kingdom. Cap. 4. For strengthening the pro: Cap. 13. For the amendment of writs teftant interest in these kingdoms.

of error; and for the further preCap. 5. For punishing mutiny and venting the arresting or reversing of

defertion, and for the better pay- judgments after verdict.
ment of the army, and their quar- Cap. 14. To continue the commission-

ers, appointed to examine, state Cap. 6. For quieting and establishing

and determine the debts due to the corporations.

army; and to examine and state Cap.7. For continuing an act made the demands of several foreign

in the twelfth year of the reign of princes and states for subsidies dur-
her late majesty Queen Anne, in- ing the late war.
tituled, An act for encouraging the Cap. 15. For making more effectual
tobacco trade.

an act of the third and fourth years Cap. 8. For the more effectual relief of the reign of King IVilliam and

of such wives and children, as are Queen Mary, intituled, An act for
left by their husbands, and parents, the more effettual discovery and punish-
upon the charge of the parish. ment of deer-stealers.


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