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3t. Brazilië.


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82. Staden van Homborg, Hans. Beschrijvinghe van America / wiens In

woonders / wildt / naeckt/ seer Godloos / ende wreede Menschen-Eters
zijn ; hoe hy selve onder de Brasilianen lange gevangen geseten heeft/

... Item/ hoe de Wilden Wayganna geheeten/ hun daer/ als onder
't gebergte by de Bay de Todos los Sanctos onthouden ende geneeren/
voorts waer mede sy omgaen ende Oorloge voeren. Alles
dienstigh voor de gene die naer Brasilien of Farnambucque varen.
t Amsterdam, J. Jsz. Bouman, 1660. 2 stukken in 1 band. ?) kl. 49,

Met houtsneden en titelvignetten. 86. Jesus, Fr. Raphael de. Castrioto lusitano ou historia da guerra entre

o Brazil e a Hollanda, durante os annos de 1624 a 1654, terminada pela gloriosa restauração de Pernambuco e das capitanias confinantes ; obra em que se descrevem os heroicos feitos do illustre J. F. Vieira, e... etc. Nova edição segundo a de 1679. Pariz, 1814. 8o. Com retrato

e estampas. 53. Brazil: its history, people, natural productions, etc. London, 1860. 8o.

With plates, illustrations and map. 83. Brown, C. Barrington and Lidstone, W. Fifteen thousand miles

on the Amazon and its tributaries. London, 1878. 8°. With plates,

illustrations and map. 84. Coudreau, H. Voyage au Yamunda. 21 Janv. 1899.-27 Juin 1899.

Paris, 1899. 4o. Avec portraits, illustrations et cartes. 85. Coudreau, [Mad.] 0. Voyage au Trombetas (d'après des notes de

carnet d'H. Coudreau). 2) 7 Août 1899—25 Nov. 1899. (A vec Biographie d'H. Coudreau.] Paris, 1900. 40. Avec portrait, planche, illustrations

et cartes. 88.

Voyage au Rio Curua. 20 Nov. 1900 -- 7 Mars 1901. Paris, 1903. 40. Avec planche, illustrations et cartes. 87. Faulhaber, Pastor H. Leitfaden für den Unterricht in der Geschichte

von Brasilien. Für die deutschen Schulen Brasiliens zusammengestellt. Blumenau,

1903. 80.

3u. Overig Zuid- en Midden-Amerika.


98. Bourne, Capt. (B. F.). The giants of Patagonia: -'s account of

his captivity amongst the extraordinary savages of Patagonia. To which

is added , ... etc. London, 1853. sm. 8°. With plates and title-vignette. 99. Mac Cann, W. Two thousand miles' ride through the Argentine

Provinces : being an account of ... the country, and habits of the people; with a historical retrospect of the Rio de la Plata, Monte Video,

and Corrientes. London-Bombay, 1853. 2 vols. 80. With plates and map. 100. Simson, A. Travels in the wilds of Ecuador and the exploration of

the Putumayo river. London, 1886. 8°. With map and music-notes. 102. Thomas, C. The Maya year. [With Prefatory note by W.J.Mc Gee.]

Washington, 1894. roy. 8°. With plate. (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau

of Ethnology.] 104. Edwards, Fr. Books, pamphlets, maps, views, &c. relating to South

America. London, 1906. 8o. [Edwards's American Catalogue. Part V.]

1) De titel van het tweede stuk begint: „Avontuerlijcke / vreemde/ ende waerachtige beschryvinge van het Landt America , alwaer Hans van Staden onder de Brasilianen, Tuppin Imbas ghenaemt / lange gevangen geseten heeft”.

2) De bijvoeging tusschen haakjes staat alleen op den zgn. Franschen titel. 101. George, P. Das heutige Mexiko und seine Kulturfortschritte. Jena,

1906. 8°. Mit Porträt und Tafeln. (Beiheft „Mitteilungen der Geogr.

Gesellschaft zu Jena”.] 103. Hiersemann, K. W. Americana. Auswahl einiger wichtiger Manuscripte

und Bücher (Mit einigen spanischen Sachen.) Leipzig, 1906. 80. [Kata

log 326.] 105.

Mittel- und Süd-Amerika, West-Indien und Philippinen.
Spanien und Portugal. Leipzig, 1907. 8o. [Katalog 336.]

3v. Noord-Amerika.

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80. Swan, J. G. The Haidah Indians of Queen Charlotte Islands, British

Columbia. With a brief description of their carvings, tattoo designs,
etc. (In Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge”, XXI). Washington,

1876. 4°. With plates. 78. Thomas, C. Catalogue of prehistoric works east of the Rocky Moun

tains. Washington, 1891. roy. 8°. With maps. [Smithsonian Institution.

Bureau of Ethnology.] 79. Pollard, J. Garland. The Pamunkey Indians of Virginia. [With

Preface by W. J. Mc Gee.] Washington, 1894. roy. 8°. [Smithsonian

Institution. Bureau of Ethnology.] 77. Smithsonian Institution (The) 1846–1896. The history of its first

half century. Edited by G. Brown Goode. Washington, 1897. roy. 80. With portraits, plates, figure and plan.

3w. Zuid-Afrika.

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216. Sutherland, Lieut.-Col. [J.] Memoir respecting the Kaffers, Hotten

tots, and Bosjemans. Vol. I. Cape Town, 1845. 80. 217. Andersson, Ch. J. Reisen in Südwest-Afrika bis sum See Ngami in

den Jahren 1850 bis 1854. Aus dem Schwedischen von Dr. H. Lotze.

Leipzig, 1858. 2 Bde. 89. Mit Tafeln, Illustrationen und Karte. 209. Baldwin, W. Ch. African hunting. From Natal to the Zambesi,

including Lake Ngami, the Kalahari Desert, etc., from 1852 to 1860.

New York, 1863. 8°. With portrait, plates, illustrations and map. 237. Baines, Th. Explorations in South-West Africa. Being an account

of a journey in... 1861 and 1862 from Walvisch Bay, on the western coast, to Lake Ngami and the Victoria Falls. (With Preface by M. A.

Baines.] London, 1864. 8°. With plates, illustrations and maps. 236. Streatfeild, Fr. N. Kafirland: a ten month's campaign. London,

1879. 8°. With plate. *233. Transvaal-Album verzameld uit Eigen Haard. Tweede druk. Haar

lem, 1881. 4o. Met kaart. (Plaat werk.] 244. Gillmore, P. The hunter's Arcadia. London, 1886. 8°. With plates. 242. Mackenzie, J. Austral Africa losing it or ruling it. Being incidents

and experiences in Bechuanaland, Cape Colony, and England. London,

1887. 2 vols. 80. With portraits, plates, illustrations and maps. 243. Young, Sir Fr. A winter tour in South Africa. (Reprinted ... from

the Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute, with large additions). London, 1890. 8°. With photographs and map.

232. Ambtsplichten van de Landdrosten in de Zuid-Afrikaansche Repu

bliek. (Volgens de Locale wetten der 2. A. R. van 1849 tot 1885 (bijeengebracht door A. Stockenstrom]). [Met Voorbericht van C. B. Spruyt.]

(Amsterdam, 1892). 80. 240. Goldman, Ch. S. The financial, statistical, and general history of

the Gold & other Companies of Witwatersrand. London-South Africa,

1892. roy. 8°. With plan. 239. Selous, Fr. C. Travel and adventure in South-East Africa. Being the

narrative of the last eleven years spent by the author on the Zambesi and its tributaries; with an account of the colonisation of Mashunaland and the progress of the gold industry in that country. Third edition.

London, 1893. 8°. With portraits, plates, illustrations and map. 245. (Steinmetz, Th.). De Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek en hare spoor

wegen. (Overdruk ,Vragen des Tijds”). (Haarlem, 1893). 8o. 234. Castle Line Atlas (The) of South Africa. With an account of he

geographical features, the climate, the mineral and other resources, and the history of South Africa. Londen, 1895. 4o. With vignettes,

maps and plans. 229. Louter, J. de. La question du Transvaal. (Extrait „Revue de Droit

international et de Législation comparée"). Bruxelles etc., 1896. gr. in-8°. 222. Stukken betrekking hebbende op den inval van de troepen der British

South Africa Company in de Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek, bijeenverzameld door het Departement van den Staatsprocureur. (Pretoria),

1896. fol. Met. kaart. (Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek. No. 2, 1896.] 221. Jorissen, Dr. E. J. P. Transvaalsche herinneringen 1876–1896.

Amsterdam-Pretoria, 1897. 80. Met portret. 235. Banck, Mr. J. E. Een lied voor Transvaal. 's-Gravenhage, [1899 ?). 4o. 218. Fitzpatrick, J. P. The Transvaal from within. A private record of

public affairs. Third impression. London, 1899. 80. 230. Louter, J. de. L'Angleterre et la république Sud-Africaine. (Extrait

„Revue de Droit international et de Législation comparée", 2° Sér., I).

Bruxelles etc., 1899. gr. in-89. 223. Memoranda gewisseld tusschen ... den Staatspresident der 2.-A.

Republiek en... den Hoogen Commissaris gedurende de Conferentie gehouden te Bloemfontein op 31 Mei 1899 en volgende dagen. Pretoria,

1899. fol. 224. Stead, W. T. Are we in the right? An appeal to bonest men. Lon

don, (1899). roy. go. 227. Vlugt, Dr. W. van der. Tranvaal contra Groot-Brittannië. Korte

toelichting tot het Nederlandsche Adres aan de volkeren van Groot

Brittannië. Amsterdam-Pretoria, 1899. 8°. 226. Boissevain, Ch. The struggle of the Dutch Republics. A great crime.

(An appeal to the conscience of the British nation.) Amsterdam,

(1900). 8o. 225.

The struggle of the Dutch Republics. (Open letter to an American lady). Amsterdam, (1900). 8o. 215. Barnard, Lady Anne. South Africa a century ago. Letters written

from the Cape of Good Hope (1797-1801). Edited with a Memoir and

brief notes by W. H. Wilkins. London, 1901. 8°. With portrait. 213. Ogden, H. J. The war against the Dutch Republics in South Africa,

its origin, progress, and results. Annotated with extracts from books, newspapers, pamphlets, and speeches by Members of Parliament and other leaders of public opinion. Manchester etc., (1901). large 8o. (National Reform Union Publications.]

210. Davitt, M. The Boer fight for freedom. New York, London, 1902. 8o.

With portraits, plates, illustrations and maps. 241. Iwan-Müller, E. B. Lord Milner and South Africa. London, 1902.

8o. With portraits. 231. Louter, J. de. De Nederl. Zuid-Afrik. Vereeniging. (Overdruk

„Utrechtsch Provinciaal en Stedelijk Dagblad"). (Utrecht), 1902. 8o. 228.

La guerre sud-africaine. Bruxelles-Paris, [1902]. 80. 212. Anrep-Elmpt, M. van. Geschichte und Selbsterlebtes aus Süd-Afrika.

Paris-München, 1903. 8o. Mit Porträt, Tafeln und Karten. 211. Dehérain, H. L'expansion des Boers au XIX° siècle. Paris, 1905. 8o.

Avec cartes. 220. Samassa, P. Das neue Südafrika. 1–4. Tausend. Berlin, 1905. 8°. 238. Colquhoun, A. R. The Africander land. London, 1906. 8°. With maps. 214. Cordier, H. Le périple d'Afrique. Du Cap au Zambèse et à l'Océan

indien. Paris, [1906.]. 8o. Avec planches. 219. Proksch, Dr. M. F. Die Landwirtschaft auf dem Hochlande des

Oberen Oranje (Oranje Freistaat und Südtransvaal) auf naturwissenschaftlicher, historischer und national-ökonomischer Grundlage. Wien, 1906. 80.

3x. De kust van Guinee.

96. Moore, Fr. Travels into the Inland Parts of Africa : containing a

description of the several Nations ... up the River Gambia;... To which is added, Capt. [B.] Stibbs's Voyage up the Gambia in the Year 1723, to make Discoveries; ... Also Extracts concerning the Niger-Nile, or Gambia, and Observations thereon. London, E. Cave,

1738. 2 vols in one. 8°. With plates, map and plan. 51. Benezet, A. Some historical account of Guinea , its situation, produce,

and the general disposition of its inhabitants. With an inquiry into the rise and progress of the slave trade, its nature, and lamentable

effects. A new edition. London, J. Phillips, 1788. 8°. 97. Matthews, J. A voyage to the river Sierra-Leone, on the coast of

Africa; containing an account of the ... : country, and of the .... people; in a series of Letters to a friend in England .... during .. 1785, 1786, and 1787. With an additional Letter on the subject of the African slave trade. London, B. White & Son and J. Sewell, 1791. 8o.

With plates and map. 52. Bowdich, T. E. Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee, with

a descriptive account of that kingdom. By the late New edition, with introductory Preface by his daughter, Mrs. [Tedlie H.] Hale.

London, 1873. 8°. With map. 95. Macdonald, G. The Gold Coast past and present. A short description

of the country and its people. London, New York-Bombay, 1898. 8o.

With plates, illustrations, maps and plan. 45. Leonard, Maj A. Gl. The Lower Niger and its tribes. [With Preface

by A. C. Haddon.] London, New York, 1906. 8°.

3y. Overig Afrika.

252. Roberts, Capt. G. The four Years Voyages of -; being a Series

of uncommon Events, which befell him in a Voyage to the Islands of the Canaries, Cape de Verde, and Barbadoes, from whence he was bound to the Coast of Guiney ... Written by himself. London, A. Bettesworth and J. Osborn, 1726. 8°. With plates and map.

244. Park, Mungo. Travels in the interior distriots of Africa; performed

under the direction and patronage of the African Association, in the years 1795, 1796, and 1797. With an Appendix, containing geographical illustrations of África. By Major (J.) Ronnell. London, W. Bulmer

and Co., 1799. 4°. With portrait, plates, maps and music-notes. 245.

The Journal of a mission to the interior of Africa, in the Year 1805. Together with other documents, official and private, relating to the same mission. To which is prefixed an account of the life of

Mr. Park [by E. Wishaw). London, 1815. With maps. 242. Warne, F. Expedition zur Entdeckung der Quellen des weiszen Nil

(1840—1841). Mit einem Vorworte von C. Ritter. Berlin, 1848. 8°. Mit

Tafel und Karte. 247. Richardson, J. Narrative of a Mission to Central Africa performed

in ... 1850--51, under the orders and at the expense of Her Majesty's Government. By the late --- [Edited, with Preface, by B. St. John.]

London, 1853. 2 vols. 8°. With map. 240. Kiesewetter, Dr. Fr. Livingstone, der Missionär. Erforschungsreisen

im Innern Afrika's. In Schilderungen der bekanntesten älteren und neueren Reisen insbesondere der grossen Entdeckungen im südlichen Afrika während .... 1840—1856 durch Dr. D. Livingstone. Zweite vermehrte Auflage. Leipzig, 1860. 8o. Mit Porträt, Tafeln, Illustrationen

und Karte. [Malerische Feierstunden, I• Serie, 2. Abth., Afrika I.] 250. M.Lood, Lyons. Travels in Eastern Africa; with the Narrative of a

residence in Mozambique, London, 1860. 2 vols. 8°. With portrait,

plate, title-vignettes and map. 239. Chaillu, P. B. Du. Explorations & adventures in Equatorial Africa;

with accounts of the manners and customs of the people, and of the chace of the gorilla, crocodile, leopard, elephant, hippopotamus, and other animals. (Second edition.] London, 1861.8°. With plates, illustrations

and map.

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97. Travassos Valdez, Fr. Africa occidental. Noticias e considerações.

Tomo I. Lisboa, 1864. 8°. Com retrato, laminas e plantas. [Tomo II

não appareceu.] 99. Paiva Manso, [L. M.) Visconde de. Historia ecclesiastica ultrama

rina. I. Africa septentrional. Bispados de Ceuta, Tanger, Safim e

Marrocos. Lisboa, 1872. 8o. [Todo o apparecido.] 237. Baker, Sir S. W. Pacha. Ismailia. A narrative of the expedition to

Central Africa for the suppression of the slave trade organized by
Ismail, Khedive of Egypt. London, 1874. 2 vols. 8°. With portraits,

plates, maps and plan. 238. Zöllner, R. Der schwarze Erdtheil und seine Erforscher. Reisen und

Entdeckungen, Jagden und Abenteuer, Land und Volk in Afrika.

Bielefeld-Leipzig, 1874. 80. Mit Tafeln und Karte. 243. Monteiro, J. J. Angola and the river Congo. London, 1875. 2 vols.

80. With plates and map. 23. Veth, P. J. en Kan, Dr. C. M. Bibliografie van Nederlandsche

boeken, brochures, kaarten, enz. over Afrika. (Herdruk „Tijdschrift

van het Aardrijkskundig Genootschap", I.] Utrecht, 1876. 80. 248. Cameron, V. L. Across Africa. London, 1877. 2 vols. 80. With plates,

illustrations, map and facsimiles. 98. Paiva Manso, [L. M.] Visconde de. Historia do Congo. Obra posthuma do

publicada pela ... Academia. (Documentos). Lisboa, 1877. 8o. 246. Gordon, Colonel (C. G.). in Central Africa 1874-1879. From

original letters and documents. Edited by G. B. Hill. London, 1881. 80. With portraits, map and facsimile.

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