A General History of Rome from the Foundation of the City to the Fall of Augustulus, B.C. 753-A.D. 476

Harper & Brothers, 1886 - 701 páginas
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Página 533 - he was the first, and, saving his colleague and successor Aurelius, the only one of the emperors who devoted himself to the task of government with a single view to the happiness of his people.
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Página 551 - This great social revolution had kept pace with the development of Roman jurisprudence. From an early period in the career of Roman conquest the governors of the provinces had been harassed by the conflict of law and usage as between the Roman and his subjects. The civil law of Rome had regarded the rights and duties of the citizen only, and its principles were wholly inapplicable to the great mass of the population abroad and even at home. Even within the city the pnetor could not dispense justice...

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