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considers relevant regarding the matters under investigation.

§ 1b.19 Submissions.

When the Investigating Officer determines it is appropriate in the interest of the proper administration of the law, he may inform any person that a recommendation may be made to the Commission that said person be a defendant in a civil action to be brought by the Commission. In such case, said person may submit a statement of fact, argument, and/or memorandum of law, with such supporting documentation as said person chooses showing why said person should not be a defendant in any civil action brought by the Commission. The investigating officer shall inform said potential defendant of the date by which such statement may be submitted to said officer, and if such statement is submitted by such date, it shall be presented to the Commission together with any recommendation for enforcement action by the office responsible for the investigation.

the investigation, or other appropriate official, to make an informed decision on the request for confidential treatment. If the person states that the information comes within the exception in 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(4) for trade secrets and commercial or financial information, the person shall include a statement specifying why the information is privileged or confidential. If the person filing a document does not submit a second copy of the document with the confidential information deleted, the Officer conducting the investigation may assume that there is no objection to public disclosure of the document in its entirety, The Commission retains the right to make the determination with regard to any claim of confidentiality. Notice of the decision by the investigating Officer or other appropriate official to deny a claim, in whole or in part, and an opportunity to respond shall be given to a person claiming confidentiality no less than 5 days before its public disclosure.




Sec. 2.1 Initial notice; service; and information

copies of formal documents. 2.1a Public suggestions, comments, propos

als on substantial prospective regulatory

issues and problems. 2.1b Availability in contested cases of infor

mation acquired by staff investigation.


$ 1b.20 Request for confidential treat

ment. Any person compelled to produce documents in an investigation may claim that some or all of the information contained in a particular document(s) is exempt from the mandatory public disclosure requirements of the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552), is information referred to in 18 U.S.C. 1905, or is otherwise exempt by law from public disclosure. In such case, the person making such claim shall, at the time said person produces the document to the officer conducting the investigation shall also produce a second copy of the document from which has been deleted the information for which the person wishes to claim confidential treatment. The person shall indicate on the original document that a request for confidential treatment is being made for some or all of the information in the document and shall file a statement specifying the specific statutory justification for nondisclosure of the information for which confidential treatment is claimed. General claims of confidentiality are not sufficient. Sufficient information must be furnished for the officer conducting

2.2 Transmission lines. 2.4 Suspension of rate schedules. 2.7 Recreational development at licensed

projects. 2.8 Simplification of wholesale electric rate

schedule filings. 2.9 Conditions in preliminary permits and

licenses-list of and citations to "P"

and "L" forms. 2.12 Calculation of taxes for property of

public utilities and licensees constructed

or acquired after January 1, 1970. 2.13 Design and construction. 2.15 Specified reasonable rate of return. 2.17 Price discrimination and anticompeti

tive effect (price squeeze issue). 2.18 Pbased electric rate increase filings. 2.19 State and Federal comprehensive plans.

[blocks in formation]



2.500 Penalty reduction/waiver policy for



2.51 (Reserved] 2.52 Suspension of rate schedules. 2.55 Definition of terms used in section 7(c). 2.57 Temporary certificates-pipeline com

panies. 2.60 Facilities and activities during an

emergency-accounting treatment of de

fense-related expenditures. 2.65 Applications for certificates of public

convenience and necessity for gas transmission facilities to be installed in the

off-shore southern Louisiana area. 2.67 Calculation of taxes for property of

pipeline companies constructed or ac

quired after January 1, 1970. 2.69 Guidelines to be followed by natural

gas pipeline companies in the planning, locating, clearing and maintenance of rights-of-way and the construction of

aboveground facilities. 2.76 Regulatory treatment of payments

made in lieu of take-or-pay obligations. 2.78 Utilization and conservation of natural

resources natural gas.

AUTHORITY: 5 U.S.C. 601; 15 U.S.C. 717-717w, 3301-3432; 16 U.S.C. 792-825y, 2601–2645; 42 U.S.C. 4321-4361, 7101-7352.




2.80 Detailed environmental statement.


$ 2.1 Initial notice; service; and infor

mation copies of formal documents. (a) Whenever appropriate, publication of an initial notice or order in the FEDERAL REGISTER shall be the primary means of informing interested persons and the general public that the proceeding to which the notice or order relates has been instituted before the Commission. The mailing of individual copies shall be confined to that which is required by law, by the Commission's rules and regulations, or by other considerations deemed valid by the Secretary in specific instances.

(1) It is the policy of the Commission to publish notice in the FEDERAL REGISTER upon the institution of the following proceedings before the Commission:

(1) Natural gas pipeline companies and public utility rate schedules and tariffs. (A) Initial rate schedule filings and changes in rates schedules proposed by public utilities and changes in rate

2.100_2.101 [Reserved) 2.102 Policy respecting production-related

activities performed by an interstate

pipeline. 2.103 Statement of policy respecting take or

pay provisions in gas purchase contracts. 2.104 Mechanisms for passthrough of pipe

line take-or-pay buyout and buydown

costs. 2.105 Gas supply charges.

schedules or tariffs proposed by natural gas pipeline companies, including purchased gas adjustment clauses.

(B) Changes in rates proposed by natural gas pipeline companies for field sales.

(C)-(D) (Reserved] ]

(E) Tracking rate schedule or tariff filings made pursuant to settlement agreements.

(F) Rate schedule or tariff filings made by natural gas pipeline companies or public utilities in compliance with Commission orders.

(G) Reports of refunds by natural gas pipeline companies and public utilities.

(H) [Reserved)

(I) Complaints against natural gas pipeline companies and public utilities, unless otherwise directed.

(11) Interconnections, service and exportation pursuant to the Federal Power Act. (A) Applications for interconnection and service under section 202(b).

(B)-(C) [Reserved]

(D) Applications pursuant to section 207.

(E) [Reserved]

(iii) Hydroelectric, Federal Power Act. (A) Applications for preliminary permits pursuant to section 4(f).

(v) Accounting, gas and electric. (A) Applications pursuant to sections 4, 23, 301, and 302 of the Federal Power Act.

(B) Applications pursuant to sections 8 and 9 of the Natural Gas Act.

(vi) Federal rates. (A) Application for confirmation and approval of rate schedules for Federal hydroelectric projects.

(vii) Natural gas pipeline certificates, exportations, and importations, Natural Gas Act. (A) Applications for exemption under section 1(c).

(B) Applications for authorization to import and export gas under section 3.

(C) Applications for orders directing physical connection of facilities and sale of natural gas under section 7(a).

(D) Applications for permission and approval to abandon under section 7(b).

(E) Applications for permanent certificates under section 7(c).

(F) [Reserved]

(G) Complaints against natural gas pipeline companies, filed by individuals and companies, unless otherwise directed.

(viii) Independent producers. (A) Orders suspending rates for independent producers and initiating a hearing thereon.

(B) Filing of offers of settlement.

(C) Small producer applications and petitions for relief relating to small producer matters.

(D) Petitions for special relief under the Commission's area rate opinions.

(ix) (Reserved]

(x) Environmental statements. (A) NOtice to be published pursuant to Order series 415.

(xi) Miscellaneous, gas and electric. (A) Order instituting an investigation in which hearings are fixed or in which an opportunity is given for filing comments or petitions to intervene.

(B) Show cause order, in which hearings are fixed or in which an opportunity is given for filing comments or petitions to intervene.

(C) Order or notice consolidating proceedings for hearing purposes or severing a proceeding formerly consolidated for hearing purposes.

(D) Applications for declaratory order, disclaimers of jurisdiction, or waiver of Commission regulations, unless otherwise directed.

(B) Applications for licenses for con

structed or unconstructed projects, or notice of declaration of intention, sections 4(e), 23(a)(b).

(C) Applications for amendment of license, unless otherwise directed.

(D) Application for relicenses or nonpower licenses, or a recommendation for takeover, sections 14 and 15.

(E) Applications for transfer of license, section 8.

(F) Applications for surrender of license, section 6.

(G) Proceeding for revocation or termination of license, sections 6, 13, 26.

(H) Issuance of annual licenses, section 15.

(I) Lands withdrawn pursuant to an application for preliminary permit or license, and the vacation of such land withdrawals, section 24.

(J) Complaints against licensees, unless otherwise directed.

(iv) Corporate electric. (A) Applications pursuant to sections 203, 204, of the Federal Power Act, and applications or complaints pursuant to section 305 of the Federal Power Act.

(E) Requests for redesignation pursuant to 83.5(a)(26) of this subchapter, unless otherwise directed.

(F) Requests for extension of time pursuant to $3.75.302(j) of this chapter, unless otherwise directed.

(G) Consolidations and severance pursuant to $375.302(f) of this chapter, unless otherwise directed.

(H) Notice of correction of a document in any of the above categories.

(I) Notice of meetings of advisory committees established by the Commission.

(J) Notices of conferences in docketed rulemaking proceedings.

(K) Such other notices or orders as may be submitted by the Secretary for publication.

(2) Otherwise directed, as referred to above, shall be interpreted to mean notice given by the discretion of the Secretary.

(b) After notice has been given, the service of formal documents issued in a proceeding shall be confined to the parties of record or their attorneys, and the mailing of information copies shall be confined to that which is required by the Commission's rules and regulations, by courtesy in response to written requests for copies, or by other considerations deemed valid by the Secretary in specific instances. (Secs. 308, 309; 49 Stat. 858; 16 U.S.C. 8258, 825h; secs. 15, 16; 52 Stat. 829, 830; 15 U.S.C. 717n, 7170)

timely basis of potential significant issues and problems which may come before it in the course of its activities and to permit the Commission an early opportunity to consider argument regarding policy questions and administrative reforms in a general context rather than in the course of individual proceedings.

(b) Upon receipt of suggestions, comments, or proposals pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section, the Commission shall review the matters raised and take whatever action is deemed necessary with respect to the filing, including, but not limited to, requesting further information from the filing party, the public, or the staff, or prescribing an informal public conference for initial discussion and consultation with the Commission, a Commissioner, or the Staff, concerning the matter(s) raised. In the absence of a notice of proposed rulemaking, any conferences or procedures undertaken pursuant to this section shall not be deemed by the Commission as meeting the requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act with respect to notice of rulemakings, but are to be utilized by the Commission as initial discussions for advice as a means of determining the need for Commission action, investigation or study prior to the issuance of a notice of proposed rulemaking to the extent required by the Administrative Procedure Act, 5 U.S.C. 553.

(c) (Reserved]

(d) A person may not invoke this policy as a means of advocating ex parte before the Commission a position in a proceeding pending at the Commission and any such filing will be rejected. Comments must relate to general conditions in industry or the public or policies or practices of the Commission which may need reform, review, or initial consideration by the Commission.

[Order 211, 24 FR 1345, Feb. 21, 1959, as amended by Order 463, 37 FR 28054, Dec. 20, 1972; 38 FR 3192, Feb. 2, 1973; 44 FR 34941, June 18, 1979; 45 FR 21224, Apr. 1, 1980; Order 541, 57 FR 21733, May 22, 1992]

$ 2.1a Public suggestions, comments,

proposals on substantial prospective regulatory issues and prob

lems. (a) The Commission by this policy statement explicitly encourages the public, including those persons subject to regulation by the Commission, to submit suggestions, comments, or proposals concerning substantial prospective regulatory policy issues and problems, the resolution of which will have a substantial impact upon those regulated by the Commission or others affected by the Commission's activities. This policy is intended to serve as a means of advising the Commission on a

[Order No. 547, 41 FR 15004, Apr. 9, 1976, as amended by Order 225, 47 FR 19054, May 3, 1982]

82.1b Availability in contested cases of

information acquired by staff inves

tigation. Pursuant to the Commission's authority under the Natural Gas Act, particularly subsection (b) of section 8 thereof, and under the Federal Power Act, particularly subsection (b) of section 301 thereof, upon request by a party to the proceedings, or as required in conjunction with the presentation of a Commission staff case of staff's crossexamination of any other presentation therein, all relevant information acquired by Commission staff, including workpapers pursuant to any staff investigation conducted under sections 8, 10, or 14 of the Natural Gas Act, and sections 301, 304 or 307 of the Federal Power Act, shall, without further order of the Commission, be free from the restraints of said subsection (b) of section 8 of the Natural Gas Act, and subsection (b) of section 301 of the Federal Power Act, regarding the divulgence of information, with respect to any matter hereafter set for formal hearing.

(b) The Commission can suspend any new schedule making any change in an existing filed rate schedule, including any rate, charge, classification, or service, or in any rule, regulation, or contract relating thereto, contained in the filed schedule.

(c) Included in such changes which may be suspended are:

(1) Increases.
(2) Reductions.
(3) Discriminatory changes.

(4) Cancellation or notice of termination.

(5) Changes in classification, service, rule, regulation or contract.

(d) Immaterial, unimportant or routine changes will not be suspended.

(e) During suspension, the prior existing rate schedule continues in effect and should not be changed during suspension.

(f) Changes under escalator clauses may be suspended as changes in existing filed schedules.

(g) Suspension of a rate schedule, within the ambit of the Commission's statutory authority is a matter within the discretion of the Commission.

[58 FR 38292, July 16, 1993)



AUTHORITY: Sections 2.2 through 2.13, issued under sec. 309, 49 Stat. 858; 16 U.S.C. 825h, unless otherwise noted.

8 2.2 Transmission lines.

In a public statement dated March 7, 1941, the Commission announced its determination that transmission lines which are not primary lines transmitting power from the power house or appurtenant works of a project to the point of junction with the distribution system or with the interconnected primary transmission system as set forth in section 3(11) of the Act are not within the licensing authority of the Commission, and directed that future applications filed with it for such licenses be referred for appropriate action to the Federal department having supervision over the lands or waterways involved.

(Natural Gas Act, 15 U.S.C. 717-717w (1976 & Supp. IV 1980); Federal Power Act, 16 U.S.C. 791a-828c (1976 & Supp. IV 1980); Dept. of Energy Organization Act, 42 U.S.C. 7101-7352 (Supp. IV 1980); E.O. 12009, 3 CFR part 142 (1978); 5 U.S.C. 553 (1976)) [Order 141, 12 FR 8471, Dec. 19, 1947. Redesignated by Order 147, 13 FR 8259, Dec. 23, 1948, and amended by Order 303, 48 FR 24361, June 1, 1983; Order 575, 60 FR 4852, Jan. 25, 1995)

[Order 141, 12 FR 8471, Dec. 19, 1947. Redesignated by Order 147, 13 FR 8259, Dec. 23, 1948]

8 2.7 Recreational development at li.

censed projects. The Commission will evaluate the recreational resources of all projects under Federal license or applications therefor and seek, within its authority, the ultimate development of these resources, consistent with the needs of the area to the extent that such development is not inconsistent with the primary purpose of the project. Reasonable expenditures by a licensee for public recreational development pursuant to an approved plan, including the purchase of land, will be included as part of the project cost. The Commission will not object to licensees and operators of recreational facilities within the boundaries of a project charging

§ 2.4 Suspension of rate schedules.

The Commission approved and adopted on May 29, 1945, the following conclusions as to its powers of suspension of rate schedules under section 205 of the act:

(a) The Commission cannot suspend a rate schedule after its effective date.

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