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803 Armed services housing-military personnel.
803a Military housing insurance.
809 Armed services housing civilian employees.
1810 Armed services housing-impacted areas.


903 Individual residences; national defense housing mortgage insurance. 908 National defense rental housing mortgage insurance.


1000 Mortgage insurance for land development.


1100 Mortgage insurance for group practice facilities.

Caoss REFERENCES: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: See Banks and Banking, 12 CFR

Chapter III.
Federal Home Loan Bank Board, 12 CFR Chapter V.
Federal Reserve System: See Banks and Banking, 12 CFR Chapter II.


Sec. 200.1 200.2






200.13 Homes for servicemen. Subpart A- Origin and Establishment

200.14 Homes for veterans.
200.15 Housing for civilian employees of

Armed Services, NASA, and AEC. 200.19 Other home mortgage assistance.

Meaning of term "Commissioner.”

200.20 Rental projects. Subpart B-Functions and Programs

200.21 Housing for the elderly.

Nursing homes.



200.24 Investment insurance. Scope and nature of programs.

200.25 Armed services housing-impacted Application for lender approval.

Forms for mortgage and loan insur- 200.26 Condominium ownership.

200.27 Land development.


Group practice facilities. 200.10 One-to four-family homes.

200.29 Other project mortgage assistance. 200.11 Disaster damage to homes.

COOPERATIVE HOUSING INSURANCE 200.12 Suburban and farm homes.

200.30 Cooperative projects.



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Subpart D-Delegations of Basic Authority and

Functions DELEGATIONS TO PARTICULAR POSITIONS 200.50 Authority for delegations. 200.51 Acting Commissioner. 200.52 Deputy Assistant Secretary. 200.52a Assistant Commissioner for Field

Operations and Deputy. 200.52b Director of the Mortgage Insurance

Programs Support Division and

Deputy. 200.53 Director of the Publicly Financed

Programs Support Division and

Deputy. 200.54 Director of the Administrative Sup

port Division and Deputy. 200.55 Assistant Commissioner Property

Improvement and Deputy. 200.56 Assistant Commissioner Unsubsi

dized Insured Housing Programs

and Deputy. 200.56a Director Single Family and Land

Development Division and Dep

uty. 200.58 Director Multifamily Division and

Deputy. 200.588 Chief of the Rental Housing Branch. 200.58b Chief of the Cooperative and con

dominium Branch. 200.580 Chief of the Nursing Homes and

Related Facilities Branch. 200.580 Chief of the Group Practices and

Nonprofit Hospitals Branch. 200.59 Assistant Commissioner Subsidized

Housing Programs and Deputy. 200.59a Director Publicly Financed Housing

Division and Deputy. 200.59b Chief of the Low Rent Housing


Sec. 200.59c Chief of the College Housing As.

sistance Branch. 200.61 Director Subsidized Mortgage Insur

ance Division and Deputy. 200.61a (Reserved] 200.61b (Reserved] 200.610 (Reserved] 200.61d Chief of the Homeownership As

sistance Branch. 200.61e Chief of the Elderly Housing Assist

ance Branch. 200.611 Chief Multifamily Housing Assist

ance Branch. 200.62 Assistant Commissioner Technica

and Credit Standards an

Deputy. 200.63 Director of the Architecture ani

Engineering Division and Deputy 200.64 Director Appraisal and Mortgag

Risk Division and Deputy. 200.65 Assistant Commissioner Program

and Deputy. 200.65a [Reserved) 200.65b Director Economic and Marke

Analysis Division and Deputy. 200.66 Director of the Research and Statis

tics Division and Deputy. 200.67 Director of the Program Divisio

and Deputy. 200.68 Assistant Commissioner Adminis

tration and Deputy. 200.70 Director of the Budget Division ani

Deputy. 200.71 Director Participation and Compli

ance Review Division and Dep. uty; Previous Participation Re

view Officer. 200.72 Director of the Management ani

Operations Assistance Divisioi

and Deputy. 200.73 Assistant Commissioner for Reha

bilitation and Deputy. 200.77 Assistant Commissioner-Comptrol

ler and Deputy. 200.78 Accounts Officer and Deputy. 200.79 Insurance Officer and Deputy. 200.80 Fiscal Officer and Deputy. 200.81 Procedures Officer and Deputies. 200.82 Reports Officer and Deputy. 200.84 [Reserved] 200.84a [Reserved] 200.84b Field Ofice Directors, Deputies, and

Assistants. 200.84c Director of the Multifamily Hous. Sec. Sous 200.92

ing Insuring Office (New York) 200.84d (Reserved] 200.84e Director, Compliance Coordination.

DELEGATIONS TO COMMITTEES 200.85 Executive Board. 200.86 Security Committee. 200.87 Management Improvement Com.

mittee. 200.89 Substantial Compliance Committee. 200.90 Finance Committee. 200.91 Operations Analysis Policy Commit


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Sec. 200.115 Program Manager and Multifamily

Housing Representative. 200.116 Director, Production Division, and

Deputy. 200.117 Director, Housing Services and

Property Management Division, and Chief, Property Operations

Branch. 200.118 Area Director and Deputy Area

Director. Subpart Mortgage Insurance Procedures and

Processing 200.140 Scope of subpart. 200.141 Procedure in general.

APPLICATION FOR INSURANCE 200.142 Form and filing. 200.143 Purpose and content. 200.144 Fees. 200.145 Technical analysis and underwrito

ing processing. 200.146 Acceptance, rejection and recon


COMMITMENT FOR INSURANCE 200.147 Issuance of commitment. 200.148 Types of commitments. 200.149 Terms and conditions.

INSURANCE ENDORSEMENT 200.150 Request for endorsement. 200.151 Final review. 200.152 Endorsement for insurance.

CLAIMS FOR LOSSES 200.153 Presentation of clalm. 200.154 Notice of default. 200.155 Claim requirements. 200.156 Settlement of claims. 200.157 Provisions and characteristics of

debentures. 200.158 Applicability of Treasury regula

tions to debenture transactions. 200.159 Relief on account of lost, stolen, de

stroyed, mutilated or defaced

debentures. 200.160 Redemption of debentures prior to

maturity. 200.161 Administration of debenture trans

actions. 200.162 Certificates of claim.


Structural Defects Committee.
200.93 Multifamily Participation Review

PUT 200.94 Loan Assistance Committee.

MISCELLANEOUS DELEGATIONS 200.95 Field Office Chiefs of Operations merki

and Assistants to the Directors. 200.96 Field Office Directors, Deputy Di

rectors and Assistant Directors; and Director, Multifamily Hous

ing Insuring Office (New York). 200.97 Assistant Commissioner for Field

Operations and Deputy; Assistant

Commissioner for Home

Mortgages and Deputy; Assistant echu

Commissioner for Property Improvement and Deputy; and the Assistant Commissioner for Multifamily Housing and Deputy and Division Directors under their

200.98 Chief Underwriter and Deputy, Chief

Mortgage Credit Examiner and
Deputy, Chief Appraiser and Depu-
ty, Commitment Appraiser, and
Commitment Mortgage Credit Ex-

aminer. 200.99 Real Property Officer. Ad-> 200.100 Closing Clerk. 200.103 Division Directors and their superi

ors; Field Office Directors, Depu

ties, and Assistants, and others. d (1= 200.104 Classified Information Control Off

cer. gatic 200.105 Personnel Security Officer and Dep

uty. 200.106 Assistant Commissioner for Field

Operations and Deputy; HUD Regional Administrators and Assistant Regional Administrators for FHA; Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Administrative Officers, Chief Clerks, and Service Office Supervisors in FHA Field Offices; and Assistant Comissioner for Administration

and Deputy. 200.107 National emergency. 200.108 Director Management and Opera

tions Assistance Division and

200.109 Regional Administrators, Deputy

Regional Administrators, and the
Assistant Regional Administrator,
Region VIII (Denver), Housing

Production and Mortgage Credit. 200.110 Chief, Valuation Section, and Com

mitment Appraiser. 200.111 Chief, Mortgage Credit Section, and

Commitment Mortgage Credit

Examiner. 200.113 Chief, Finance and Mortgage Credit

Section, 200.113 Assistant Director for Technical

Services. 200.114 Assistant Director for Single Fam

ily Mortgage Insurance.

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Subpart Property Improvement Loan

Procedures and Processing

LOAN TRANSACTION 200.165 Lender's application for insurance. 200.166 Lending area. 200.167 Credit investigation of borrower. 200.168 Other requirements for a Property

Improvement loan. 200.169 Direct borrower loans. 200.170 Loan through a dealer. 200.171 Notice to borrower.

DISBURSEMENT 200.172 Disbursement of proceeds to dealer. 200.173 Disbursement of proceeds to bor


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200.205 Basis of action. 200.206 Inquiry notice and explanation. 200.207 Determination. 200.208 Rescinding actions. Subpart K.Nondiscrimination and Equal Oppor

tunity in Housing and Group Practice Facilities 200.300 Nondiscrimination policy. 200.305 Notice to public. 200.310 Definition of "discriminatory prac

tice". 200.315 Prohibition against discriminatory

practice. 200.320 Subdivision report and multifamily,

land development, and group practice facilities preapplication

analysis. 200.325 Corporate charters and regulatory

agreements. 200.335 Provisions in legal instruments. 200.340 Complaints and hearings. 200.345 Sanctions. 200.350 Appeals from findings of Field

Office Directors, 200.355 Reinstatement.

Sec. 200.505 Nature of defect. 200.507 Eligibility requirements. 200.510 Type of assistance. 200.512 Subrogation by mortgagor. 200.515 Right and finality of determinatior

Subparts L-Q (Reserved] Subpart R-Claims Collection Standards 200.900 General collection standards. 200.905 Collection of title I accounts.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 20 issued under sec. 2, 48 Stat. 1246, as amende sec. 211, 52 Stat. 23, as amended, sec. 607, 6 Stat. 61, as amended, sec. 712, 62 Stat. 128 as amended, sec. 907, 65 Stat. 301, as amenc ed, sec. 807, 69 Stat. 651, as amended; I U.S.C. 1703, 1715b, 1742, 1747k, 1748f, 1750 Subpart A-Origin and Establishmer $ 200.1 Creation.

The Federal Housing Administratio: (frequently referred to herein as thi FHA) was originally created by the Na tional Housing Act, approved June 2 1934 (48 Stat. 1246; 12 U.S.C. 1702). O November 9, 1965, by operation of th. Department of Housing and Urban De velopment Act, approved September 1965 (79 Stat. 667), the FHA was trans ferred to the Department of Housing an Urban Development. (31 F.R. 7743, June 1, 1966] $ 200.2 Status.

The Federal Housing Administratio is an organizational unit within the De partment of Housing and Urban Deve opment. [31 F.R. 7743, June 1, 1966) $ 200.3 Purpose.

The Federal Housing Administratio was established to encourage improve ment in housing standards and cond: tions, to provide an adequate home f nancing system by insurance of housin mortgages and credit, and to exert stabilizing influence on the mortgag, market. [26 F.R. 7380, Aug. 12, 1961) $ 200.4 Meaning of term “Commii

sioner". Effective January 18, 1966, the terr “Commissioner," as used in this chaptei shall have the following meaning:

(a) Where the term appears in con nection with the conveyance or assign ment of real or personal property, it shal be deemed to refer to the Secretary o: Housing and Urban Development.

Subpart 1-Equal Employment Opportunity 200.400 Purpose. 200.405 Notice to public. 200.410 Definition of term “applicant”. 200.415 Agreement of applicant. 200.420 Equal opportunity clause to be in

cluded in contracts and sub

contracts. 200.425 Exemptions. 200.430 Sanctions.

Subpart K-Correction of Structural Defects 200.500 Purpose. 200.502 Application for assistance.

(b) Where the term appears in con

HOME MORTGAGE INSURANCE nection with instances other than set forth in paragraph (a) of this section,

$ 200.10 One-to four-family homes. it shall be deemed to refer to the Federal (a) The FHA insures mortgages on Housing Commissioner acting on behalf one- to four-family dwellings. The maxiof the Secretary of Housing and Urban mum mortgage cannot exceed the lesser Development.

of a dollar amount (which varies de(31 F.R. 816, Jan. 21, 1966)

pending upon whether the residence is

one-, two-, three- or four-family) and an Subpart B-Functions and Programs amount computed under a statutory for

mula based on the ratio the loan bears IN GENERAL

to the appraised value of the property. $ 200.5 Scope and nature of programs. (b) The basic home mortgage insur

ance program is authorized under Title The Federal Housing Administration

II, section 203(b) of the National Housdoes not make loans or build housing

ing Act and governed by regulations but operates insurance programs under

contained in Part 203 of this chapter. the provisions of the National Housing Act. The FHA provides insurance for pri

(26 F.R. 7380, Aug. 12, 1961, as amended at

32 F.R. 15637, Nov. 10, 1967) vate lenders against loss on mortgages financing homes, multifamily projects, $ 200.11 Disaster damage to homes. land development projects, and group

(a) The FHA Insures mortgages given practice facilities projects and against loss on loans for property improvements.

to finance the replacement of homes deIt also provides insurance of yields on

stroyed or extensively damaged by major investments in rental housing projects.

disasters. The maximum mortgage canAll mortgage and loan transactions must

not exceed the lesser of a dollar amount be acceptable to the Commissioner. The

and an amount computed under a statuvarious insurance programs are outlined

tory formula based on the ratio the loan in $ $ 200.10 through 200.39, and more

bears to the appraised value of the particularly described in other parts of

property. this chapter.

(b) This program is authorized under

Title II, section 203(h) of the National (32 F.R. 15637, Nov. 10, 1967)

Housing Act and governed by regula$ 200.6 Application for lender approval. tions contained in Part 203 of this

chapter. An application for approval, as a

[26 F.R. 7380, Aug. 12, 1961, as amended at mortgagee, as a loan correspondent or

32 F.R. 15637, Nov. 10, 1967] as a Title I lending institution is submitted on an appropriate form pre- $ 200.12 Suburban and farm homes. scribed by the Commissioner. These

(a) The FHA insures mortgages on forms may be obtained from any local

single-family owner-occupied homes loFHA insuring office or from the Head

cated in sparsely populated nonurban quarters Office in Washington, D.C.

areas and farm areas. The land on which When fully executed the form is sub

the house is located must be adjacent mitted to the insuring office having juris

to a public highway. The maximum diction for transmittal to the Headquar

mortgage cannot exceed the lesser of a ters Office, Washington, D.C.

dollar amount and an amount computed (26 F.R. 7380, Aug. 12, 1961)

under a statutory formula based on the $ 200.7 Forms for mortgage and loan

ratio the loan bears to the appraised insurance.

value of the property.

(b) This program is authorized under Forms and instructions for obtaining

Title II, section 203(i) of the National assistance under each of the various

Housing Act and governed by regulations FHA mortgage and loan insurance pro- contained in Part 203 of this chapte grams may be obtained from any FHA

126 F.R. 7380, Aug. 12, 1961, as amended at insuring office. When fully executed, 32 F.R. 15637, Nov. 10, 1967) forms are submitted to the insuring office having jurisdiction of the area

$ 200.13 Homes for servicemen. where the property is located and for (a) The FHA insures mortgages on which insurance assistance is requested. single-family dwellings owned and oc(32 F.R. 15637, Nov. 10, 1967]

cupied by servicemen on active duty with

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