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BEFORE all things, and above all things, special care must be taken of the sick, so that they be served in very deed, as Christ Himself, for He saith: "I was sick, and ye visited Me."1 And: "What ye did to one of these My least Brethren, ye did to Me."2 But let the sick themselves bear in mind that they are served for the honour of God, and must not grieve the Brethren who serve them by their extravagant demands. Nevertheless, they must patiently be borne with, because there is gotten from such a more abundant reward. Therefore let the Abbot take special care they be not neglected.

Let a separate cell be set apart for their use,

expedit, offeratur. Sanis autem, et maxime juvenibus, tardius concedatur. Sed et carnium esus infirmis, omninoque debilibus pro reparatione concedatur. At ubi meliorati fuerint, a carnibus more solito omnes abstineant. Curam autem maximam habeat Abbas, ne a Cellerariis aut servitoribus negligantur infirmi: quia ad ipsum respicit, quicquid a discipulis delinquitur.

and an attendant that is God-fearing, diligent, and careful. As often as it shall be expedient, let the use of baths be allowed the sick; but to such as are in health, and especially to the young, let it be seldom granted. Moreover the sick and weakly may be allowed the use of flesh meat for their recovery. As soon,

however, as they get better, they must all, after the accustomed manner, abstain from meat. Let the Abbot take special care that the Cellarer or attendants neglect not the sick, because whatever is done amiss by his disciples, is imputed to himself.

16 Julii


16 Mar. LICET ipsa natura humana trahatur ad 15 Nov. misericordiam in his ætatibus, senum videlicet et infantum: tamen et Regulæ auctoritas eis prospiciat. Consideretur semper in eis imbecillitas, et nullatenus eis districtio Regulæ teneatur in alimentis; sed sit in eis pia consideratio, et præveniant horas canonicas.


ALTHOUGH man's nature is of itself drawn to feel pity for these two ages, that is, for the old and for children, yet it is fitting that the authority of the Rule should provide for them. Let their weakness therefore be always taken into account, and the rigour of the Rule with regard to food, be by no means kept with them. Let a kind consideration be had for. them, and let leave be granted them, to eat before the regular hours.

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