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Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area----- 80 Stat. 913; 16 U.S.C. 460t.
Guadalupe Mountains National Park..

80 Stat. 920; 16 U.S.C, 283b. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.--

80 Stat. 922; 16 U.S.C. 460s-1, 4608-2. Conservation of Fish and Wildlife.

80 Stat. 926; 16 U.S.C. 668aa. Department of Transportation.--.

80 Stat. 950; 49 U.S.C. 1651 note. Presidential Determination of Foreign Aid.. 80 Stat. 1021; 22 U.S.C. 2370 note. International Education Agreements..

80 Stat. 1068; 20 U.S.C. 1174. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore...

80 Stat. 1309; 16 U.S.C. 4600-2. Tariff schedules for watches...

80 Stat. 1522; 19 U.S.C. 1202, Schedule 7,

Part 2, subpart E, headnote 6. Presidential Determination of Foreign Aid..--- 80 Stat. 1527; 7 U.S.C. 1703.

Appendix C—Guide to Federal Register Finding Aids The purpose of this guide is to give users of the Federal Register publications a better understanding of the indexes and other finding aids to Federal statutes, Proclamations, Executive orders, and other Presidential materials, and agency rules and other legal instruments published by the Ofice of the Federal Register pursuant to law and Parts 1-40 of this chapter.

These materials are published in the daily Federal Register, the Code of Federal Regulations, the slip laws, and the United States Statutes at Large from the original acts of Congress and the Executive rules and notices fled with the Office. From related source material, the Office publishes the U.S. Government Organization Manual, the Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, and the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents.

Each of the publications named above includes appropriate subject indexes and numerical finding aids designed to facilitate its use and reduce research time. This guide describes the indexes and finding aids and indicates where they may be found. It also includes a table of special information lists that are useful to researchers generally.

This guide is arranged as follows:
Table 1-Researching Agency Materials.
Table 2-Researching Presidential Materials.
Table 3–Researching Statutory Materials.
Table 4 Special Information Lists.

SOURCE: Appendix C appears at 30 F.R. 15612, Dec. 17, 1965.


Alphabetical List of Finding Aids

Finding aid item

aid item Acts Approved by the President, Congress: weekly list--

53 Acts Approved by the President, Acts Requiring Publication in the

weekly list

53 Federal Register, list...

Bills enacted into law: Agency abolitions and transfers:

Legislative history

46 Executive agencies abolished,


42 transferred, or terminated.--- 54 Public

41 National defense, abolished

Concurrent resolutions, lists.-- 45 agencies or transfers of func

Nominations Submitted to the tions relating to.--


57 Bills enacted into law:

Presidential reports.-

58 Legislative history

46 Public and private laws, lists--- 43, 44 Private

42 Tariff Schedules of the United Public

41 States, Table of Amendments. 27,50 CFR:

Contents table (Federal Register), 1, 21 Checklist

54 Customs collection districts, alphaCurrent and superseded volumes,

betical list. list

56 Denial and Probation Orders, Table Subtitles and chapters, alphabeti

of (International Commerce Bucal list--

12 reau, Commerce Department)---- 6 Titles and chapters, table.------ 11 Executive orders: Canal Zone Orders, tabulation

Affected by Federal Register docu(Panama Canal Zone)


25 Codification guides:

Affected by public laws (Tables of CFR Parts Affected:

Laws Affected)

38 Cumulative

3B, 23B Customs collection districts, Daily

3A, 23A
alphabetical list-----

28 CFR Sections Affected:

Directly related to regulations in CFR publication -13 Title 32A, CFR...

26, 33 Federal Register issuance.. 3C1, 23C Parallel Tables of Presidential Concurrent resolutions, lists.--- 45 Documents and Agency Rules.. 31


Finding Presidential documents Con. Finding Executive orders Continued

aid item
Published in-Continued

aid item Published in CFR.-

Federal Register---

24 Published in Federal Register-- 24 Statutes at Large...

37 Statutes cited as authority for.. 32, 49 Statutes cited as authority for.. 32, 49 "How to Find U.S. Statutes and U.S. Presidential reports to the Congress. 58 Code Citations".

52 Private Laws: Indexes, subject:


44 Code of Federal Regulations.-- 10, 29. Bills enacted.-

42 Federal Register.-

2, 22

Public Papers of the Presidents. 35 Affected by Federal Register docu-
U.S. Government Organization


5, 25 Manual

19 Affected by public laws (Tables of U.S. Statutes at Large. 39 Laws Affected).

38 Weekly Compilation of Presiden

Parallel Tables of Presidential tial Documents --

36 Documents and Agency Rules. 15, 31 Internal Revenue Code, provisions

Published in CFR--

30 affected by public laws (Tables

Published in Federal Register--- 24 of Laws Affected):

Published in Statutes at Large.... 37 1939

47 Statutes cited as authority for-- 32, 49 1954

47 Tariff Schedules of the United International agreements affected

States, Table of Amendments. 27,50 by public laws (Tables of Laws Af- Public Land Orders, tables (Land fected)

47 Management Bureau, Interior DeInternational Commerce Bureau


7 (Commerce Department), Table Public laws: of Denial and Probation Orders.- 6 Legislative history-

46 Interpretative Releases, Tables of


43 (Securities and Exchange Com

Bills enacted into...

41 mission)

9 Public Papers of the Presidents, list Land Management Bureau, Interior

of items.

34 Department, Tables of Public Record Retention Requirements Land Orders.-7 Guide

17,51 Laws Affected, Tables of...

47 Revised Statutes affected by public Legislation, general, affected by pub

laws (Tables of Laws Affected).- 47 lic laws (Tables of Laws Affected). 47 Reorganization plans affected by Legislative history of bills enacted

public laws (Tables of Laws Afinto public law. 46 fected)

47 Names lists:

Securities and Exchange CommisGovernment Organization Man

sion, Tables of Interpretative Reual 20 leases

9 Statutes at Large...


Senate, Nominations Submitted to.National defense:

Statutes cited as authority for Executive orders directly related

Presidential documents.-- 32, 49 to regulations in Title 32A, Statutory authorities and rules, CFR 26, 33 parallel tables ---

4, 16, 48 Tabulation of abolished agencies Tariff Schedules of the United or transfers of functions relat

States, Table of Amendments.- 27,50 ing to.

18 Treaties affected by public laws Nominations Submitted to the Sen

(Tables of Laws Affected) ------- 47 ate

57 United States Code: Panama Canal Zone, Tabulation of

"How to Find U.S. Statutes and Canal Zone Orders.-8 U.S. Code Citations".

52 Presidential documents:

Positive law titles affected by pubAffected by Federal Register docu

lic laws (Tables of Laws Afments

5, 25

47 Affected by public laws (Tables of

Sections of the U.S.C. cited in the Laws Affected).


4, 16, 48 Parallel tables of Presidential Veterans' regulations affected by

documents and agency rules.. 15, 31 public laws (Tables of Laws AfPublished in:


47 CFR 30 White House Releases, lists_



TABLE 1-RESEARCHING AGENCY MATERIALS This table describes the principal finding aids used to locate agency materials published in the daily Federal Register, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and the United States Government Organization Manual. The finding aids are listed under the name of the publication containing the source materials to which they lead. Federal Register

Code of Federal Regulations 1. Contents table.

10. General Index. 2. Subject index.

11. Table of CFR Titles and Chapters. 3. Codification guide (lists of CFR parts or 12. Alphabetical List of CFR Subtitles and sections affected).


13. List of Sections Affected. 4. Parallel Table of Statutory Authorities and Rules.

14. Redesignation tables. 5. Table of Presidential documents affect

15. Parallel Tables of Presidential Docu. ed by Federal Register documents.

ments and Agency Rules.

16. Parallel Table of Statutory Authorities 6. International Commerce Bureau (Com

and Rules. merce Department), Table of Denial

17. Guide to Record Retention Requireand Probation Orders.

ments. 7. Land Management Bureau (Interior De

18. Tabulation of Abolished Agencies or partment), Table of Public Land

Transfers of Functions Relating to NaOrders.

tional Defense. 8. Panama Canal Zone, Tabulation of Canal Zone Orders.

U.S. Government Organization Manual 9. Securities and Exchange Commission, 19. Subject index. Tables of Interpretative Releases.

20. List of Names.

Federal Register The following finding aids lead to agency source materials published in the daily Federal Register. Finding Aid

Location 1. Contents table.

Federal Register, each issue, Identifies by subject, agency documents published

third page. in the Federal Register. 2. Subject index.

Federal Register, separately Analyzes contents of the Federal Register for the issued as follows: Monthperiod covered.

ly for Jan., Feb., Apr., May, July, Aug., Oct., Nov., and Dec.; Quarterly for Jan.-Mar., Apr.-June,

July-Sept.; Annually. 3. Codification guide. Identifies by CFR number, agency regulations and

rule-making proposals (and Presidential docu-
ments) currently published in the Federal

A. List of CFR Parts Affected (Daily).

Federal Register, each issue, Lists CFR parts affected by documents ap- following table of Conpearing in each day's issue.

tents. B. Cumulative List of CFR Parts Affected.

Federal Register, end of Lists CFR parts affected by documents pub- each issue, beginning with lished during a particular month.

the second issue of each

month. C. List of CFR Sections Affected.

1. Current. Lists CFR sections amended or Federal Register, separately

otherwise affected by documents published published each month in the Federal Register beginning Janu- until entire year has been ary 1 of a particular year. Entries indicate cumulated. (Portions of nature of changes effected.

the list are also published in pertinent units of the CFR.)

Finding Aid

Location 3. Codification guide Continued C. List of CFR Sections Affected Continued

ii. Prior years. Lists CFR sections affected Issued as separate CFR

by Federal Register documents published units.
from 1949 through 1963. Enables users to
determine text in effect on any given date

during the period covered. 4. Parallel Table of Statutory Authorities and Rules. Included with List of CFR Leads from sections of the United States Code to Sections Affected, at end

agency rules published in the Federal Register (see Finding aid 3 C 1). which contain new citations implementing

statutory authority. 5. Table of Presidential Documents Affected by Fed. 3 CFR: 5-year compilations, eral Register Documents.

Table 4 (before 1948, Leads to documents published in the Federal Reg- Table 7) and Annual Sup

ister each year since 1945, which have amended plements, Table 4.

or otherwise affected Presidential documents. 6. International Commerce Bureau (Commerce De- 15 CFR 382.51(b).

partment), Table of Denial and Probation

Lists persons or firms denied export privileges

and/or placed on probation, with citations to
currently effective orders published in the Fed-

eral Register.
7. Land Management Bureau (Interior Department),

Table of Public Land Orders. A. 1948-present.

43 CFR Ch. II, Appendix. Lists orders and includes dates, subjects, and

citations to publication in the Federal

Register. B. 1943-1947.

3 CFR, 1943–1948 Comp., Separate table for each year.

Table 5.
8. Panama Canal Zone, Tabulation of Canal Zone 35 CFR, Appendix A.

Lists orders issued by the Secretary of the Army

since July 1, 1946, relating to special areas of
internal management of the Canal Zone govern-
ment; includes subjects and citations to publi-

cation in the Federal Register.
9. Securities and Exchange Commission, Tables of

Interpretative Releases.
List by number, interpretative releases directed to

individuals, partnerships, and corporations with
respect to laws and regulations affecting their
business conduct, including citations to publi-

cation in the Federal Register. A. Accounting matters.

17 CFR Part 211. B. Securities Act of 1933.

17 CFR Part 231. C. Securities and Exchange Act of 1934.

17 CFR Part 241. D. Public Utility Holding Act of 1935.

17 CFR Part 251. E. Trust Indenture Act of 1939.

17 CFR Part 261.

Code of Federal Regulations The following finding aids lead to agency source materials published in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Finding Aid

Location 10. General Index.

Issued as a separate unit of Leads to regulatory areas of the CFR.

the CFR; revised annu


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