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SECTION III.- Arts and Handicrafts—General Treatises, p. 11.

a. Architecture, p. 15.
b. Arms and Armour, p. 16.
c. Ceramics, p. 17.
d. Coins, p. 19.
e. Costume, p. 20.
f. Enamels and Glass, p. 21.
g. Engraving on Wood and Metal, p. 21.
h. Lacquer, p. 22.
k. Metal Work, p. 23.
1. Musical Instruments, p. 24.
m. Painting and Drawing, p. 25.
n. Printing and Paper, p. 26.
0. Sculpture (various materials), p. 27.
p. Textiles, p. 27.


IV.-Biography of Artists and Craftsmen, p. 28.


V.-Illustrated Books (not specially relating to Art),

p. 29.


VI.-Museums and other Public Collections, p. 30.

SECTION VII.-Private Collections and Sale Catalogues, p. 31.

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Note.—The titles are arranged in each section in the order

of publication.

SECTION 1.-GENERAL. 1. MONTANUS, Arnoldus. Gedenkwaerdige Gesantschappen

der Oost-Indische Maatschappy in't Vereenigde Nederland, aan de Kaisaren van Japan: vervatende wonderlyke voorvallen op de Togt de Nederlandtsche Gesanten: Beschryving van de Dorpen, Sterkten, Steden, Landtschappen, Tempels, enz., der Japanders

. Getrokken uit de Geschriften en Reis-aanteikeningen der zelve Gesanten. Engr. by Jacob van Meurs.

Fol. Amsterdam, 1669. 2. MONTANUS, Arnoldus. Atlas Japanensis: being re

markable addresses by way of embassy from the East India Company of the United Provinces to the Emperor of Japan. Containing a description of their several territories, cities, temples, and fortresses ; their religions, laws, and customs; their prodigious Wealth, and gorgeous Habits; the nature of their soil, plants, beasts, hills, rivers, and fountains. With the character of the ancient and modern Japanners. English'd by John Ogilby. Engr. by Jacob van

Meurs. Fol. London, 1670. 3. MONTANUS, Arnoldus. Ambassades mémorables de la

Compagnie des Indes Orientales des Provinces
Unies, vers les Empereurs du Japon. Contenant ...
la description des villes, bourgs, châteaux, forteresses,
temples et autres batimens. Engr, by J. van Meurs.

Fol. Amsterdam, 1680.
495, Wt. 19071, 500.–1/98. Wy. & S.

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4. KAEMPFER, Engelbert. The history of Japan: giving

an account of the antient and present state and government of that Empire; of its temples, palaces, castles, and other buildings; together with a description of the Kingdom of Siam. Written in High Dutch by E. K., and translated from his original manuscript, never before printed, by J. G Scheuchzer. With the life of the author and an introduction. To which is added part of a journal of a Voyage to Japan, made by the English in the year 1673. 46 engr. 2 vols. in l. Fol. London, 1728.

5. CHARLEVOIX, Pierre François Xavier de, S.J. Histoire

et Description générale du Japon; où l'on trouvera tout ce qu'on a pu apprendre de la nature et des productions du pays, du caractère et des coûtumes des habitans, ... et l'examen de tous les auteurs qui ont écrit sur le même sujet : avec les fastes chronologiques de la découverte du Nouveau Monde. Engr. 9 vols. 12o. Paris, 1736.

6. TITSINGH, Isaac. Illustrations of Japan consisting of

private memoirs and anecdotes of the reigning dynasty of the Djogouns, or Sovereigns of Japan; a description of the feasts and ceremonies observed throughout the year at their court; and of the ceremonies customary at marriages and funerals, etc. Translated from the French by F. Schoberl. 11 col. engr., and 2 col. aquatints, copied from Japanese designs. 4o. London, 1822.

7. RINSIFÉE. San kokf tsou ran to sets, ou Aperçu général

des Trois Royaumes. Traduit de l'original JaponaisChinois, par J. Klaproth. % engr. and 5 col. maps. (10 X 7) Paris, 1832.

Atlas. (13 x 10) Paris, 1832.

8. FISSCHER, J. F. van Overmeer. Bijdrage tot de Kennis

van het Japansche Rijk. 15 col. lithogr. 4°. Amsterdam, 1833.

9. JAPAN. Nipon o Dai itsi ran, ou Annales des Empereurs

du Japon; traduites par Isaac Titsingh, revues par J, Klaproth. (12 x 9) Paris, 1834,

15. ALCOCK, Sir Rutherford.
16. FORTUNE, Rober. Yedo and Peking. A narrative of
17. TURRETTINI, François. Tame-no Nigivai. L'Activité
10. SIEBOLD, Philipp Franz von. Nippon. Archiv zur

Beschreibung von Japan, und dessen Neben- und
Schutzländern: Jezo mit den südlichen Kurilen,
Krafto, Kooras und den Liukiuinseln, nach Japani-
schen und Europäischen Schriften und eigenen
Beobachtungen bearbeitet. Lithogr. (some col.).
Text, 3 vols. (16 x 12) Leyden, 1852.

Plates, 2 vols. (24 x 16) Leyden, 1852. 11. PERRY, Matthew Calbraith. Narrative of the expedition

of an American squadron to the China Seas and Japan, performed in the years 1852, 1853, and 1854, under the command of Commodore M. C. Perry, United States Navy, by order of the Government of the United States. Compiled from the original notes and journals of Commodore Perry and his officers, at his request and under his supervision, by Francis L. Hawks. Chromo-lithogr., cuts, diagrams, and charts. 3 vols., and 1 vol. of maps. (12 X 9) Washington,

1856. 12. CORNWALLIS, Kinahan. Two journeys to Japan, 1856–7.

8 chromo-lithogr. 2 vols. (8 x 5). London, 1859. 13. OLIPHANT, Laurence. Narrative of the Earl of Elgin's

Mission to China and Japan in the years 1857-59. 20 chromo-lithogr., 50 cuts, and 5 maps. 2 vols.

(9 X 6) London, 1859. 14. CHASSIRON, Charles de, Baron. Notes sur le Japon, la

Chine, et l'Inde. 1858-1859-1860.2 maps, 2 col. plans, and 13 col. reproductions of Japanese cuts. (10 X 6) Paris, 1861. a narrative of a three years' residence in Japan. 16 chromo-lithogr., 2 maps, and cuts. 2 vols. (9 X 6) London, 1863 a journey to the capitals of Japan and China ; with notices of the Natural Production, Agriculture, Horticulture, and trade of those countries, and other things met with by the way. Map and 21 cuts. (9 X 6) London, 1863. Humaine; contes moraux. Texte Japonais transcrit et traduit par F. T.

6 cuts. (18 X 8)

55 pp.

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