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Subtitle B-Other Regulations Relating to

National Defense



1200 [Reserved)
1201 General provisions.
1202 Procurement by formal advertising.
1203 Procurement by negotiation.
1205 Interdepartmental and coordinated procurement.
1206 Foreign purchases.
1207 Contract clauses.
1208 Termination of contracts.
1209 Patents, data, and copyrights.
1210 Bonds, insurance, and indemnification.
1212 Labor.
1213 Government property.
1214 Procurement quality assurance.
1216 Procurement forms. [Reserved).
1217 Extraordinary contractual actions to facilitate the national defense.
1219 Transportation.
1220 Administrative matters.
1221 Procurement management reporting system.
1225 Production management.
1230 Appendixes.


Subpart A Introduction Sec. 1201.101 Purpose of subchapter. 1201.102 Applicability of subchapter. 1201.103 Arrangement of subchapter. 1201.103-2 Numbering. 1201.103-4 Citation. 1201.104 Content of regulation. 1201.104-50 DSPR. 1201.104-51 Interim revisions to DSPR. 1201.104–52 Procurement letters. 1201.104-53 Multiple address letters. 1201.105 Amendment of subchapter. 1201.107 Dissemination of ASPR and

DSPR and effective date of

DSPR revisions. 1201.108 Departmental procurement in

structions and ASPR Imple

mentations. 1201.109 Deviations from ASPR, DSPR,

and other Department of Defense publications governing

procurement. 1201.109-1 Applicability. 1201.109-2 Deviations affecting one con

tract or transaction. 1201.109-50 Submission of requests for de

viations (Dev.). 1201.109-51 Control of deviations. 1201.110 Reports of purchases and con

tracts. 1201.110-50 Advance notification of pro

posed awards. 1201.110-51 Advance notification of pro

posed contract terminations. 1201.111 Reports of suspected criminal

conduct, noncompetitive practices, kickbacks, and other procurement irregu

larities. 1201.115 Noncollusive bids and pro

posals. 1201.150 Administration and interpreta

tion. 1201.151 Procurement and production

directors' conference.

Sec. 1201.351 Delivery status information on

procurements for the inter-
national logistics program

Subpart D-Procurement Responsibility and

Authority 1201.401 Responsibility of each procur

ing activity. 1201.401-50 Delegation of authority. 1201.402 Authority of contracting of

ficers. 1201.402-50 General responsibilities of con

tracting officers. 1201.402-51 Procedure for closing con

tracts, with inconsequential

amounts undelivered. 1201.403 Requirements to be met before

entering into contracts. 1201.403-50 Legal review. 1201.405 Selection, appointment, and

termination of appointment

of contracting officers. 1201.405-1 Selection. 1201.405-2 Appointment. 1201.450 Selection and appointment of

contracting officers' repre

sentatives. 1201.451 (Reserved) 1201.452 Review and approval require

ments. 1201.452-1 General. 1201.452-2 Actions requiring HQ DSA re

view and approval prior to

award. 1201.452-3 Information to be furnished. 1201.452-4 Release of information. 1201.452-5 Special review requirements. 1201.452-6 Postaward review. 1201.452-7 Actions approved but not

awarded. 1201.452-8 Cancellation requirements. 1201.453 Review and approval require

ments at the procuring ac

tivity. 1201.454 Review and approval require

ments or

a procurement office not designated as

“Procuring Activity”.

Subpart [Reserved]
Subpart — Debarment, Ineligibility, and

Suspension 1201.601 Establishment and mainte

nance of records and lists of firms or individuals debarred, ineligible or sus

pended. 1201.601-1 General 1201.601-3 Joint consolidated list. 1201.601-50 Attempted evasions. 1201.603 Grounds for listing and treat

ment to be accorded listed

concerns. 1201.603-50 Total restrictions. 1201.604 Administrative debarment of

firms or individuals (Type A).


Subpart B-Definition of Terms 1201.201 Definitions. 1201.201-14 Procuring activity-referral of


Subpart C-General Policies 1201.310 Liquidated damages. 1201.312 Voluntary refunds. 1201.314 Disputes and appeals. 1201.318 Contracts conditioned upon

the availability of fun 1201.350 Changes in procurement proc

esses, techniques or meth

ods. 1201.350-1 General. 1201.350-2 Concept of notification. 1201.350-2 Examples of significant

changes. 1201.350-4 Data to support request.

Sec. 1201.604-3 Notice of debarment. 1201.605 Suspension of firm or individ

ual. 1201.608 Reporting. 1201.650 Review of past contractual re

lationships. Subpart G-Small Business Concerns 1201.705 Cooperation with the Small

Business Administration. 1201.705-4 Certificates of Competency.

Subpart H [Reserved) Subpart - Responsible Prospective Contractors 1201.905 Procedures for determining re

sponsibility of prospective

contractors. 1201.905-1 General. 1201.905-4 Preaward surveys. 1201.950 Defense Supply Agency con

tractor experience list

(DSACEL). Subpart 1 - Publicizing Procurement Actions 1201.1002 Dissemination of information

relating to invitations for bids and requests for pro

posals. 1201.1002-6 Paid advertisements in news

papers and trade journals. 1201.1003 Synopses of proposed procure

ments. 1201.1003–50 Reports control symbol. 1201.1005 Publicizing award informa

tion. 1201.1005–50 Reports control symbol.

Subparts K-T [Reserved] Subpart U—Advance Procurement Planning 1201.2100 Advance procurement (AP)

planning. 1201.2100–1 General. 1201.2100-2 Applicability. 1201.2100-3 Initiation of advance procure

ment planning. 1201.2100-4 Responsibility for preparation. 1201.2100–5 Approval. 1201.2101 Guidelines for development of

advance procurement plans. 1201.2102 Sample format for the prepa

ration of advance procure

ment plans. AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 1201 issued under R.S. 161, secs. 2202, 2301, 2314, 70A Stat. 120, 127, sec. 2, 72 Stat. 514, sec. 1, 76 Stat. 528; 5 U.S.C. 171a(c), 301, 10 U.S.C. 2202, 2301-2314; DOD Directive 5105.22, Nov. 6, 1961.

SOURCE: The provisions of this part 1201 appear at 34 F.R. 17267, Oct. 24, 1969, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A-Introduction $ 1201.101 Purpose of subchapter.

The Defense Supply Procurement Regulation (DSPR) is issued by the Execu

tive Director, Procurement and Production, HQ DSA by authority of the Director, Defense Supply Agency (DSA). It implements the Armed Services Procurement Regulation (ASPR) and other Department of Defense publications and, pursuant to § 1.108 of this title, establishes for DSA procedures relating to the procurement of supplies and services under the authority of chapter 137, title 10 of the United States Code, or other statutory authority. § 1201.102 Applicability of subchapter.

This subchapter is applicable to the purchasing function at all DSA activities, but is not applicable to the performance of field contract administration assigned to Defense Contract Administration Services (DCAS). ASPR is the primary source to which procurement personnel should make reference. DSPR implements and does not in any way supersede ASPR. Material published in ASPR is not duplicated in DSPR. $ 1201.103 Arrangement of subchapter. § 1201.103–2 Numbering.

The numbering system in DSPR follows the numbering system in ASPR. Where a section of the DSPR does not implement a particular section but pertains to the general subject matter covered in a particular subpart of the ASPR, the added section shall be numbered starting with the digits “50” (e.g., in Subpart I of Part I, this would be DSPR $ 1201-150). Likewise where the DSPR has material implementing a main ASPR section but not fitting under the ASPR point numbers and titles, such material is numbered to end in .50, .51, etc., such as 1201.110–50, 1201.110-51, etc. $ 1201.103–4 Citation.

The DSPR shall be referred to as the Defense Supply Procurement Regulation and any section may be cited as DSPR followed by the section number. Thus, this section would be cited as DSPR 1201.103-4. $ 1201.104 Content of regulation. $ 1201.104-50 DSPR.

This subchapter contains all Departmental policies, procedures, and instructions relating to procurement of supplies and services within the Defense Supply Agency, except those contained in ASPR and the DSAR or DSAM series of DSA regulations. DSPR does not duplicate or

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