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Stamford Street.

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STAT. I Car. I., c. 1, against plays, bear-

baiting, &c., on Sunday.

Patent by Charles I. to Hemmings,

Condell, as his players, &c. 1625.
Gift to them of one hundred marks.
Musicians of Charles I. in 1625.
The project for an amphitheatre re-

Shakespeare's plays acted at the Red

Bull theatre, 1627.

Salisbury-court theatre built in 1629.

Experiment of French actresses, 1629.

Petition to Laud against the Blackfriars

theatre, 1631.

Gift by the King of 1001. to his players.

Midsummer Night's Dream played on

Sunday in the house of John Wil-

liams, Bp. of Lincoln, 1631.
Sir Humphrey Mildmay's diary.
Prynne's Histriomastix, and conse-

quences of its publication in 1633.

John Shakespeare, a bit and spur

maker in London, 1633.

Arrest of strolling players at Banbury.
Regulations regarding coaches at Black-

friars, 1633.
The King's opinion respecting oaths in

plays, under 3 Jac. I. c. 21.
Mask of the Four Inns of Court, 1634.

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Introduction to Miracle-plays..... p. 123.

The subjects of Miracle-plays and mis-

application of the word “ Mystery.
Their origin and antiquity.
Chester plays at Whitsuntide, 1268.
Proofs that they were translated from

the French by Ralph Higden.
Mistère du Viel Testament par person-

nages joué à Paris pr. 1490.
Oldest English Miracle-play.
The Widkirk Míracle-plays.
Ludus Coventriæ.
The Chester Miracle-plays.

Review of the Widkirk, Chester, and Coventry Miracle-

plays....p. 155.

The Proclamation of the plays.
The Creation,
Rebellion of Lucifer.
Death of Abel.
Noah's Flood.
Abraham and Isaac.
Jacob and Esau,
Prophecies of the Messiah, &c.
Balak and Balaam, &c.
Salutation of the Virgin.
Conception and Birth of Christ.
Adoration of the Shepherds.
Oblation of the Three Kings.

Review of the Digby Miracle-plays..... p. 230.

Three plays on the Conversion of St.

Oreginale de Sancta Maria Magdalena.

Review of Printed Religious Plays.. ...p. 236.

Christ's Temptation, by John Bale.
Mary Magdalen, by Lewis Wager.
Interlude of King Darius.

Cornish Guary Miracle.
The clergy authors and actors of

Register of Thetford Priory from 1461

to 1540.
Guild of Corpus Christi at York, 1408.
Churches the earliest theatres.
Trading companies the performers of

The object of Miracle-plays.
Mechanical contrivances for acting


Slaughter of the Innocents.
Christ's Baptism and Temptation,
Woman taken in Adultery, &c.
Treachery of Judas.
The Crucifixion.
Casting the Dice.
The Harrowing of Hell.
The Resurrection,
The Ascension.
The Last Judgment.
MS. of the Chester plays written by

Edward Gregorie, 1591.

Childermas Day: or, The Slaughter of

the Innocents, attributed to John

History of Jacob and Esau.
Tragedy of Abraham's Sacrifice.
Interlude of Godly Queen Hester.

Definition of a Moral, or Moral-play.
Origin and antiquity of Moral.plays.
Warton's opinion on the origin of Mo-

Allegorical personages.
The Devil and the Vice.
Mistakes regarding the Vice.

Nature, by Henry Medwall.
The World and the Child.
Hick Scorner.

Moral-plays of a general character.... . p. 319.

Tom Tiler and his Wife.

The Conflict of Conscience, by N.


The Disobedient Child, by T. Ingelend.
Jack Juggler.

Representation of Moral-plays.
Interludes, and the time of their per-

The Cradle of Security.
The Play of Plays in Gosson's Plays con-

futed in five Actions.
Defence of Plays, by Thomas Lodge.


The Interlude of Youth.
Lusty Juventus.


John Redford's MS. Moral-plays.

All for Money, by Thomas Lupton.

Three Ladies of London.

Three Lords and Three Ladies of Lon-


Liberality and Prodigality.

Cambyses, by Thomas Preston.

Appius and Virginia, by R. B.

Albion, a political interlude.

Common Conditions.
Interlude of Nice Wanton.

Pardoner, Friar, Curate, and Neigh-

bour Pratt.

The four P's.

John, Tib and Sir John.
Play of the Weather.

Wit and Folly.
Gentleness and Nobility.


Robin Conscience.
Beauty and good Properties of Women.

The style of our earliest dramatic pro-
Early Tragedies and Comedies.

Romeo and Juliet prior to 1562.

Spenser's Tears of the Muses.
Stephen Gosson's three dramatic pieces. Shakespeare's first dramatic efforts, and
Sources of dramatic compositions.

the date when he began to write.
G. Whetstone and Sir Philip Sidney on Tragedy, History, and Comedy.
plays prior to 1583.

Dramatic authors usually actors.

Tragedy and Comedy, their Rise and Progress.....p. 444.

Ralph Roister Doister, by Nicholas Misogonus, by Thomas Richards.


Ferrex and Porrex, by T. Sackville and

Gammer Gurton's Needle, by John Still. T. Norton.

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