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p. 30
Demons and Devils-Turanian Demonology-Spirits appur-
tenant and Spirits unattached-Rabbinical Spirits—Pan—
Puck-Origin of the Idea of Spirits-Shade and Psyche-
Dreams-Manes and Manes-worship-Patron-saints—Mon-
sters-Jinns - Peris and Deevs-Elves-Mermen-Mer-
maids and Necks Fairies--Lilith, Sorcery and Hair—
Fates, Parcæ, Hathors and Nornir-Nymphs-Fays-Dame-
du-lac-Oberon and Titania-Angels-Guardian Angels,
Genii, Gods and Goddesses-Fravishis-Genius-Ka-Cos-
mical Spirits-Maskim-Titans-Frost Giants-Rephaim-
Duergar-Dwarfs and Trolls-Metal-workers-Giants and

ghans and Aztecs-Beehive and Communal Dwellings—
Andaman Islanders-Recapitulation.



p. 89
The Law of Evolution-Influence of surrounding circumstances
-Evolution of Religious Ideals—Animism-Isolated Spirits
-Subordination of Spirits-Subjugation of conquered Gods
-Degradation of overpowered Gods-The Golden Age-The
Serpent Earth-worship-Earth and Heaven combined-
Degradation of the Earth-gods-Chaldean Generation of

the Gods-Hebrew Religion-Fetishism-Slaughtering
Gods The Serpent and Magic-Solar Deities-Rectifica-
tion of Standards of Morality-Surviving Religions-
Survivals in Christianity-Theological Criticism-Some
Degraded Deities, Bel, Zeus, Bôg, Loki, Set, Lucifer-Devas
and Asuras.


p. 133

Hell-Hades, the Invisible World-Bit-Hadi-'Aïdes-Sheol
-Assyrian Hades-Allat-Greek Hades and Tartaros-
Minos-Egyptian Hall of Two Truths-Plato's Hades-
Ovid's Hades-Virgil's Regions-Rabbinical Ideas-Gehenna
-Judges in Hades.


P. 162


Man without Fire-The Fire-Drill-Pramantha-The For-
bidden Fruit-Prometheus-Fire-worship-Sacred Fire-
Fire-gods-Agni-Izdhubar-Spirits of Fire-Red Spirits
—The Sun—Lightning-Metal-working-Magic Wands and
Iron-Metal-working Gods-Consuming Fire-Cremation
-Devouring Deities-Moloch-Gehenna-Impure Fire-
Hebrew History-Persian Fire-spirits-Asmodeus-Solomon
and the Temple-Iblis-The Devil-on-two-sticks-Mephis-



p. 195

Primeval Monsters-Honesty of Mythological Traditions—
Ichthyosaurus-Plesiosaurus - Atlantosaurus -Pterodac-
tyle-Fights with Dragons-Leviathan-Facts precede
Ideals-Composite Animals-Chaos-Babylonian Monsters
-Scorpion-men-Eneas-Hesiodic Monsters-St. Michael
-St. George and the Dragon-Dragons of Romance and
Poetry-Bunyan's Apollyon-Satyrs and Pans-River-
drift-man-Aborigines-Man and the Ape-Hea-bani-
Hebrew Satyrs-Horns.




P. 226

p. 235

The Heavens-God-Spirits-Chaos and the Abyss of Pri-
mordial Waters-Death-Fire-Monarchs and Judges of
Hell - Darkness-Demi-gods-The Sun-Destruction-
Ancestors-Water-Sun-rays, God's Messengers-Calamities
-Primeval Gods.


p. 249



An ideal figure of the Devil is represented as descending from the upper world of light and reality, through an opening in the mists of Chaos, to the nether regions of the great Deep, of Delusion and Death. In the Deep are monstrous reptiles: and the land is peopled with Shades. A molten river flows from a region of fire, and falls into the Deep; and in the vapours which arise a sorceress appears casting her spells, while spectres float around. The figure of the Devil is of lurid fire, and with typical attributes: the different parts illustrate the concourse of ideas which go to make up the ideal, and the tracing of each to its origin.


P. 34

This is intended to illustrate the belief, almost universal amongst races of low culture, that all Nature is thronged with spiritual beings; and what a savage might expect to see, if his spiritual eyes were opened. Demons of storm and pestilence, issuing from a volcano, and identifying themselves with the clouds; spirits floating in the rays of the sun like motes: a legion of spectres swooping down from the mountains, and rushing over the waters of the lake like a chilling blast; the

mountains, rocks and stones resolving themselves into weird forms suggestive of spells, and magic, add to the terrors of the place. One man has fallen a victim, and is being seized by a fiend.

Nymphs, Dwarfs and Fairies

p. 64

An enchanted Valley lighted by the moon. Nymphs appear in the spray of the waterfall, in the silent pool, and dancing under the trees in company with Fauns and Satyrs. The Lorelei sits on a rock playing her harp. An opening in the mountain-side gives a glimpse of Fairy-land, and along the stream of light which issues from the opening flit various denizens of the fairy world. A dance of Elves is going on upon the sward, and in the shade crouch a group of uncouth dwarfs. Puck is flying through the air, bent on some mischief. On the mountain heights are communal and beehive huts, and some of their pigmy inhabitants.

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The Cross stands out in refulgent brightness, paramount amongst accredited symbols of religion. The Virgin Mary is almost equally prominent. The Crescent and Islam still hold their own and Brahma and Buddhism, although in the background in relation to Christianity, are still vigorous religions. Sunk into obscurity, in increasing degrees of depth, are Osiris, Jupiter, Mercury, Apollo, Serapis, Odin, Siva, Bacchus, Hercules, Saturn, the Serpent, Anubis, Bel and Bes: all degraded into Devils.


P. 147

Charon in his bark has just started to cross the Styx with a cargo of Shades, leaving behind a host of others imploring to be

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