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of all kinds used in general triffic;
declaring the driving and operation
of a Motor Vehicle while intoxi-
cated a misdemeanor punishable by
imprisonment in the County Jail;
providing punishment for a second
offense; and repealing all acts and
parts of Acts in conflict with the
provisions of this Act; And Declar-
ing an Emergency..

An Act to Amend Section 641, of Title XVII (Pertaining to "Offenses Against Stock Raisers"), Revised Statutes of Arizona, 1913, Penal Code, as amended by Chapter 39, Session Laws of Arizona, 1921, and exempting from the Act any Cattle Range Converted by Purchaser or owner into sheep range.




An Act to Amend Section 1 of Chapter 131 (S. B. 106), Acts of the Fifth State Legislature of the State of Arizona, 1921, Entitled "An Act Authorizing and Empowering the Courts in Personal Injury Cases to Order and Direct a Physical Examination of the Person Injured." 162

An Act Making an Appropriation for the Live Stock Sanitary Board to be Used in inspecting and erad:cating of Tuberculosis in Dairy Cattle of this State and Reimbursing owners for Dairy Cattle when slaughtered. And Declaring an Emergency, and Repealing all acts and parts of Acts in conflict herewith. 103 An Act to amend Section 3 of Chapter 98 of the Session Laws of the Arizona State Legislature Fourth Regular Session, 1919, Entitled "An


33. H. B. 72.

34. H. B. 60.

35. S. B.



Act to Amend Paragraphs 3264,
3265, 3266, 3267, 3269, 3271, Chap-
ter II, Title 17, Revised Statutes of
Arizona, 1913, Civil Code, Relating
to Fire Companies in Unincorpor-
ated Cities and Towns," being
Amendatory of Chapter 60, Session
Laws of the. Second Regular Ses-
sion, Legislature of the State of
Arizona, 1915

An Act Providing for Alternate Jurors in Criminal Cases, and Providing the Method of Choosing Alternate Jurors and their Rights and Duties, and Repealing all acts and parts of acts inconsistent or in conIflict therewith.

An Act to Amend Subdivision (3), Paragraph 2293, Chapter XI, Title IX, Revised Statutes of Arizona 1913, Civil Code, Entitled "Public Service Corporations and Corporation Commission." As amended by Chapter 14, Session Laws of Arizona, 1921.

An Act to amend Sections 1 and 2 of Chapter 53, Session Laws of Arizona, 1921, Entitled "An Act to prevent delinquency or dependency among minor children of this State by providing for Child Welfare Board with certain powers and duties; By providing for allowance to widows and deserted mothers or minor children in certain cases; making an appropriation for carrying out the provisions of the Act; providing fines and penalties for falsely obtaining relief under the provisions of the Act and for violation of its provisions, and repealing





36. S. B.

37. S. B.

38. H. B.





Chapter 70, Session Laws of Ari-
zona, 1917."


An Act in relation to corporations; prescribing penalties for failure to comply with the Corporation Annual Report Registration Law; conferring authority upon the Corporation Commission in enforcement of the same; declaring void contracts entered into by corporations while delinquent under said law, and prescribing procedure to annul corporations failing to maintain standing according to law... 114

An Act providing for the Holding of Special Elections to fill vacancies occurring among the members of the Legislature, and providing penalties for the violation thereof..... 118

An Act to Authorize Judges of the Superior Court to Make Orders in certain matters outside the County in which such orders are pending.

An Act to provide for the relief of W. C. Packer and to make appropriation therefor.

An Act to provide for the relief of Alta Moore, surviving widow of Charles E. Moore, killed by an explosion while in the service of the State of Arizona, and to make an appropriation therefor.



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An Act providing for the care and preservation of The Tumacacori Mission, situated in the county of Santa Cruz, State of Arizona, and providing an appropriation therefor.

An Act to amend Subdivision 6 of Section 1 of Chapter 42, Special Session of the Fifth Legislature; and Declaring an Emergency........

An Act to Amend Paragraph 4643, Title 44, of the Revised Statutes of Arizona, 1913, Civil Code, Entitled "Public Moneys."..

An Act to provide for the payment of taxes levied and assessed on account of irrigation districts, drainage districts and agricultural Improvements districts, organized under the laws of the State of Arizona, separately and without at the same time paying other State and County taxes assessed against the same property; and to require the County Treasurer to receive and receipt for taxes so paid...

An Act providing for the sequestration of Dairy cattle and all grades of hogs and cattle classified and known as "Breeding Stock," Exclusive of range cattle, brought into the State of Arizona, pending inspection thereof; and fixing a penalty for any violation of this Act.

An Act relating to Lophophora Williamsii or Peyote (Pellote) and Agava Americana (commonly known among the Indians as Mescal); prohibiting the use or possession there


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H. B. 130.

50. H. B. 137.

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An Act to determine the result of
an election in case of a tie vote..... 139

An Act granting to regularly
graduated and Registered Nurses
within the State of Arizona, the
right to administer anaesthetics
under the direction and supervision
of legally qualified physicians and
An Act prohibiting any person
wilfully or negligently to set fire;
or cause or procure fire to be set,
to any forest, brush or other in-
flammable vegetation growing or
being on lands not his own, or to
allow fire to escape from his con-
trol, or to burn brush, etc., on his
own lands or lands of another, pro-
hibiting any person to build a camp
fire on lands not his own without
proper precaution, or to leave on
such lands a camp fire unattended,
or to permit a camp fire to spread
thereon, or in any manner to start
a fire in forest material not his own
and leave same unquenched; re-


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