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Overall, the Deputy Under Secretary stated that we are in agreement on many issues and that she concurred with many of our findings because she had long been aware of certain deficiencies and had already begun taking corrective actions in a number of critical areas (e.g., reducing excess overhead, reducing overgrading and reducing National Office overhead). She stated that changes were also underway in other areas determined to have some organization and structure problems. Also, other findings are being reviewed to determine the most efficient way of resolving any remaining issues.

We are particularly pleased that the Deputy Under Secretary and the new Director of OFCCP have established a Task Force, with OIG participation, and with an aggressive timetable, to pursue implementation strategies for correcting the weaknesses-identified as a result of the OIG survey work in OFCCP.

The Task Force held its first working meeting on September 26 at which time our findings and recommendations were translated into 13 issues which were broken into four areas: personnel, operations, contractor selection and evaluation. Sub-groups were established for each of the four areas. The sub-groups are to review the audit findings and related recommendations in the 13 issue areas, review the corrective actions taken to date, and then determine what specific additional corrective actions, if any, need to be implemented by the Director of OFCCP and the Deputy Under Secretary. anticipates that the Task Force will have reviewed the sub-group reports and completed its staff work by October 31, 1985.


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Attached is a packet of Standard Position Descriptions (SPDs) for
OFCCP Area and Field Offices recently transmitted to Regional
Personnel Officers by Director of Personnel Management (DPM)
Larry Goodwin. They may be used immediately, according to
provisions of the GS-360 Corrective Action Plan.

The first objective should be to apply the GS-12 SPD to the
GS-12s in those offices where the proper ratio exists. To
effect this, the module chiefs, through their AODs, should
certify an SPD for each GS-12 EOS and submit the SPD, along with
an SF 52, to the Regional Personnel Office.

Classification authority for GM-14 AOD positions remains at the National Office level. When an Area Office meets the criteria stipulated in the Corrective Action Plan, i.e., there are at least 15 professional and technical positions below the Area Office Director and a supervisory ratio of at least 1:7 in each of the modules, a Table of Authorized Positions (TAP) should be submitted to me. Classification of the AOD and GM-13 Module Chief positions may then proceed as soon as the TAP is approved by DPM.

Your Regional Personnel Officers can provide assistance to you in preparing these actions and submissions.


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Director of Personnel Management__


Office of the Assistant Secretary
for Administration and Management
Washington, D.C. 20210

Reply to the Attention of:

Standard Position Descriptions,
GS/GM-360, for ESA/OFCCP

Attached are three standard position descriptions (SPDs) and position evaluation reports for use in ESA/OFCCP Area and Field Offices.



Equal Opportunity Specialist

Supervisory Equal Opportunity Specialist

Supervisory Equal Opportunity Specialist


& Grade





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These SPDS are advance copies, they may be used immediately, and you are authorized to establish them in your Region according to provisions of the ESA GS-360 Corrective Action Plan. We will issue these SPDS through the Supplemental Guide to Classification Standards system shortly.

For additional information, please contact Joe Hale on FTS 523-6557.

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