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Margery : a tale of old Nuremberg.

Ebers. HEIMBURG, W. Gertrude's marriage.

Margot. (In his “ Three novelettes.")

Musset. Two daughters of one race.

Marriage below zero.

Dale. Helen Davenant.

Fane. MarryAT, Florence. (Mrs. R. Church.] On circumHermia Suydam.


stantial evidence. HOEY, Mrs. C. Queen's token.

Mary Stuart, queen of Scots.

Reynolds. HOLTZMEYER, Genie. [Mrs. Sidney Rosenfeld.] “Twixt MAUPESSANT, G. de. Afloat. heaven and earth.

Mehalah : a story of the salt marshes. Baring-Gould. How I escaped.

Parkins. MERRIMAN, H. S. The phantom future.
How they kept the faith.
Raymond. Micah Clarke.

Doyle. HOWARD, Blanche W. Open door.

Miss Bretherton.


Miss Brown. (F. S. L. No. 453, bound separately.) Lee, Immortal, (The). Daudet. Miss Davis of Brooklyn,

Gilman. In exchange for a soul. Linskill. Miss Eyre from Boston, and others.

Moulton. In the wire-grass. Pendleton. Miss Eyon of Eyon Court.

Macquoid. In three cities, and a state or two.

Fraser. Miss Kate ; or, confessions of a caretaker. Rita." JAMES, H. A London life, (and other stories).

Miss Shafto.

Norris. Contents : A London life.—The Patagonia.—The Miss Washington of Virginia.

Blackburne. liar.- Mrs. Temperley.

Mitchell, J. A., edr. Last American. Janus.

Stevenson. MITCHELL, S. W. Far in the forest. Jerry," and other stories.

Duchess. MOODEY, Martha L. Alan Thorne. John Charaxes : a tale of the civil war.

Boylston. , MORRIS, R. Crucify her! John Herring.

Baring-Gould. MOULTON, Louise C. Miss Eyre from Boston, and others. JOHNSON, Evelyn K. An errand girl : a romance of N. Y. MULHOLLAND, Rosa. Fair emigrant. life.

MURRAY, D. C. Schwartz (and other stories). JOHNSON, Helen K. Raleigh Westgate.

Contents: Schwartz : a history.-Young Mr. Bar. JULLIOT, F. de. Mademoiselle Solange.

ter's repentance.-Bulldog and butterfly. - Julia and JUNIOR, J. You.

her Romeo: a chronicle of Castle Barfield. Just as I am. 16°.

Braddon. Weaker vessel. Kendie, Miss H. Sec TYTLER, Sarah.

and H. Dangerous catspaw. KEMBLE, Frances A. Far away and long ago.

and HERMAN, H. Wild Darrie. KING, Capt. C. Between the lines.

MURRAY, W. H. H. Adirondack tales. “ Laramie ; or, the queen of bedlam.

Contents: Story that the keg told me.Story of the KING, Florence M. Man of the name of John.

man who didn't know much. King or knave?

Francillon. Musset, A. de. Three novelettes, and a comedy. KIRKE, Edmund, pseud. See GILMORE, J. R.

Contents: Margot. - The beauty-spot.-Croisilles.Kophetua the thirteenth.

Corbett. Valentine's wager : comedy. LADY Bluebeard. By the author of “Zit and Xoe.” My cousin Miss Cinderella.

T'inseau. Lace: a Berlin romance. Lindau. My uncle Barbassou.

Uchard. Ladies' gallery.

McCarthy and Praed. NEAR to happiness. LANCASTER, A. E. “All's dross but love."

Neighbours on the green.

Oliphant. Land of darkness, (The). By the author of “ The little Nether world, (The).

Gissing pilgrim.”

New Swiss family Robinson.

Wister. LANG, A. and SYLVESTER, P., transl.

NORRIS, W. E. Miss Shafto.
The dead leman, and other tales from the French. OHNET, G. Antoinette; or, the marl-pit mystery.
LA RAMÉ, Louise de. See QUIDA.”

Dr. Rameau. “ Laramie ; " or, the queen of bedlam.

King. : Will. Last American.

Mitchell. OLIPHANT, Mrs. O. W. Neighbours on the green. Last of the Thorndikes. Gilmore. On circumstantial evidence.

Marryat. Latin-Quarter courtship, and other stories. Luska. One voyage and its consequences.

Palmer. LEE, Margaret. Divorce; or, faithful and unfaithful. Open door.

Howard. LEE, Mary C. Quaker girl of Nantucket.

OUIDA. [Louise de La Ramé.] Guilderoy. LEE, V. [Violet Paget.) Miss Brown. (F. S. L. No. Our town.

Sidney. 453, bound separately.)

Pace that kills.

Saltus. LESTER, H. F. Hartas Maturin.

| Paget, Violet. See LEE, V. LEVY, Amy. Romance of a shop.

PALMER, J. A. jr. One voyage and its consequences. Libbey, Laura J. That pretty young girl.

PARKINS, W. H. How I escaped.
Light of her countenance.
Boyesen. Passe Rose.

Hardy. Lindau, P. Lace: a Berlin romance.

Paul Jones : a nautical romance.

Dumas. LINSKILL, Mary. In exchange for a soul.

PEARD, Frances M. Country cousin. LITTLE, W. J. K. Broken Vow: a story of here and PEMBER, A.“ Slipping away." (In “Three times tried.") hereafter.

PENDLETON, L. In the wire-grass.
Little Mrs. Murray.
Philips. Pennycomequicks, (The).

London life, (A.) (and other stories).
James. ! Peril of Richard Pardon.

Farjeon. Long odds. Smart. Phantom future.

Merriman. Lord John ; or, a search for gold. (In “Three times Philips, F. C. Little Mrs. Murray. tried.”)

Fenn. - and Wills, C. T. Fatal Phryne. Lost wife, (A).

Cameron. PHILIPS, M. The devil's hat. Louis Lambert.

Balzac. PIERSON, E. D. The black ball. LUSKA. [Henry Harland.] Grandison Mather.

Pretty sister of José.

Burnett. Latin-Quarter courtship, and other stories.

Pure gold.

Cameron. LYALL, Edna. Derrick Vaughan, novelist.

Quaker girl of Nantucket,

Lee. MCCARTHY, J. and PRAED, Mrs. C. Ladies' gallery.

Queen's token.

Hocy. MCCLELLAND. M. G. Burkett's lock.

Raleigh Westgate.

Johnson. MACQUOID, Katharine S. Elizabeth Morley.

RAMÉ, Louise de La. See “ OUIDA." Miss Eyon of Eyon Court.

Rankell's remains.

Wendell. Mademoiselle Solange.

Julliot. RAYMOND, Grace. How they kept the faith: a tale of the Man of the name of John.

King Huguenots of Languedoc.

3-FICTION AND JUVENILE FICTION: Reproach of Annesley to Water babies.



Reproach of Annesley.

Grey. Thoth. By the author of “A dreamer of dreams." REYNOLDS, G. W. M. Canonbury House.

Three days: a midsummer love story.

Cooper. – Days of Hogarth; or, the mysteries of old London. Three times tried, and other stories. Farjeon and others. - Mary Stuart, queen of Scots.

Through love to life.

Vase. Robert Macaire; or, the French bandit in England. TIMSOL, R. An alien from the commonwealth. RICHARDSON, B. W. Son of a star : a romance of the TINSEAU, L. de. My cousin Cinderella. second century,

Toilers of Babylon.

Farjeon. RIDDELL, Mrs. J. H. For Dick's sake. (In “ Three TRAHERNE, Mrs. A. A summer in a Dutch country times tried.")

house. "Rita." (Mrs. O. Booth.] Adrian Lyle.

Transaction in hearts.

Saltus. - Miss Kate; or, confessions of a caretaker.

Troublesome girl.

Duchess. RIVES, Amélie. Witness of the sun.

Truth about Clement Ker.

Fleming. Robbery under arms. Boldrewood. 'Twixt heaven and earth.

Holtzmeyer. Robert Macaire. Reynolds. Two chiefs of Dunboy.

Froude. Romance of a shop. Levy. Two daughters of one race.

Heimburg Romance of an alter ego.

Bryce. TYTLER, Sarah. (Miss H. Keddie.]
ROSENFELD, Mrs. Sydney. See HOLTZMEYER, Genie. French Janet.
Sage of sixteen, (A).

Walford. UCHARD, M. My uncle Barbassou.
St. Cuthbert's tower.

Warden. ULMANN, A. Frederick Struther's romance. SALTUS, E. The pace that kills.

Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill.

Tasma. - Transaction in hearts.

Under false pretenses.

Sergeant. SCHILLER, F. The ghost seër. (In his “ Early dramas, Unknown; or, the mystery of Raven Rocks. Southworth. etc.") K 2390.e. ' Vagabond tales.

Boyesen. - Sport of destiny. (In his “Early dramas, etc.") VASE, G. Through love to life.

K 2390.c. Walford, L. B.

A sage of sixteen. Schwartz (and other stories).

Murray. Stiff-necked generation. Search for Basil Lyndhurst.

Carey. WALWORTH, Jeannette H. That girl from Texas. Second to none: a military romance.

Grant. Splendid egotist. Seraphita.

Balzac. WARD, Mrs. H. Miss Bretherton. SERGEANT, Adeline. Esther Denison.

WARDEN, Florence. The fog princes. – Under false pretenses.

St. Cuthbert's tower. Sherwood, M. E. W. Sweet-brier.

Weaker vessel.

Murray. Shocking example, and other sketches.

Baylor. WENDELL, B. Rankell's remains : an American novel. SIDNEY, Margaret. Our town.

WERNER, E. (Elisabeth Buerstenbinder.] The Alpine fay. SIMS, G. R. Tales of to-day.

WESTALL, W. Birch Dene. "Slipping away.” (In “ Three times tried.”) Pember. Wheat and tares.

Claytor. SMART, H. Long odds.

When a man's single.

Barrie. Son of a star. Richardson, Wild Darrie.

Murray and Herman. Sophy Carmine. Winter. Will.

Ohnet. SOUTHWORTH, Mrs. E. D. E. N. Unknown; or, the Wing of Azrael.

Caird. mystery of Raven Rocks.

WINTER, J. S. (Mrs. H. E. V. Stannard.] Sphinx in Aubrey parish.

Chamberlain. Harvest.
Splendid egotist, (A).

Walworth. Sophy Carmine.
Sport of destiny. (In his “Early dramas, etc.") Schiller. Wister, O. New Swiss family Robinson.
K 2390.e. Witness of the sun.

Rives. STANNARD, Mrs. H. E. V. See WINTER, J. S.

Wood, H, F. Englishman of the rue Caïn. Steadfast.

Cooke. WOOLLEY, Celia P. A girl graduate. STEVENSON, E. I. Janus.

Wrong box, (The).

Stevenson and Osbourne. STEVENSON, R. L. and OSBOURNE, L. The wrong box. Yonge, Charlotte M. Beechcroft at Rockstone. Suff-necked generation. Walford. You.

Junior. STOCKTON, F. R. Great war syndicate.

Zir and Xoe: their early experiences. By the author of Story of Helen Davenant.

Fane. Lady Bluebeard.”
Story of the man who didn't know much. (In his
Adirondack tales,” vol. 1.)

Murray; B. Juvenile Fiction alphabetically arStory that the keg told me.

(In his

Adirondack tales,' vol. 1.)


ranged by Authors and Titles. Summer in a Dutch country house. Traherne. Afloat in a great city.

Munsey. Sweet-brier.

Sherwood. CAREY, Rosa N. Merle's crusade. TALES from “Blackwood." Nos. 1-3.

CLARK, Mrs. S. R. G. Tom's street. 1. Bourgonef.—Thomas.—The brigand's bride. –The Deb and the duchess.

Meade. misogynist.-A fetish city.--The Gascon O'Driscol. FAIRY tales. Kingsley, Rev. C. The water babies.

2. An Elie ruby.-Alexander Nesbitt, ex-schoolmas- HALE, E. E. Sunday-school stories.
ter.-King Bemba's point.—A vendetta. - Master Tom- KINGSLEY, Rev. C. The water babies.
my's experiment.-A matrimonial fraud.

Little red shop.

Sidney. 3. A French speculation.-Rufus Hickman of St. MEADE, L. T. (Mrs. E. T. T. Smith.) Deb and the Botolph's.-Hans Preller : a legend of the Rhine Falls. duchess. - The Puerta de Medina.-Jack and Minory.

Merle's crusade.

Carey. Tales of to-day.

Sims. MUNSEY, F. A. Afloat in a great city. TASMA. Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill.

PERRY, G. B. Uncle Peter's trust.
Terrible inheritance, (A). (In “Three times tried.") SIDNEY, Margaret. Little red shop.

Allen. SMITH, Mrs. E. T. T. See MEADE, L. T.
That Frenchman !
Gunter. Sunday-school ries.

That girl from Texas.
Walworth. ! Tom's street.

Clark. That pretty young girl. Libbey. Uncle Peter's trust.

Perry. Thelma : a society novel. Corelli. | Water babies.




P 7515.


2 v.

B 7515

B 7515.

A. American History and Travels. BARTRAM. | Retrographs : a history of N. Y. City prior

to the Revolution, etc.


BREESE. Early history of Illinois. Ed. by Hoyne. Q 9534.

BUFFALO Express. Pictorial year-book and calendar for ADAMS. Land of the Incas and the city of the sun. P 9004.


Q 9538. BANCROFT. Works. v. 16. History of the North Mex

DAVIDSON. Florida of to-day.

Q 9113. ican states and Texas, v. 2, 1801-89.

CALIFORNIA University Library bulletin. No. List BRINTON. Library of aboriginal American literature.

of printed maps of California.

B 7516. B 8527: HALLOCK. Our new Alaska.

P 7611. DODD, Mead & Co. | Americana : books relating to Holder. All about Pasadena and its vicinity. Q 9211. America.

B 8527.

JOHNSON. History of the Johnstown flood. Q 9232. BRYCE. Manitoba : its infancy, growth, and present con- LAMB. History of the city of New York.

Q 9655. dition.

P 7062.
Wall street in history.

Q 9655.7. Cook. Cardinal Guala and the Vercelli book. B 8531.

LOSSING. The empire state (New York). Q 9664.2. HALE. Story of Mexico.

P 8182. Nield. Catalogue of books relating to America. B 8527. New Jersey. General index to documents relating to

Martin. History of Louisiana.

Q 9674.h. OBER. Young folks' history of Mexico.

P 8335.

colonial history, first series, 10 vols. gógó. PRIEST. American antiquities and discoveries in the west.

E 9716.

New York State. Proceedings at the laying of the SMITH.

corner stone of the new capitol, June 24, 1871. White umbrella in Mexico. P 8412.

B 7516 U. S. State Department. + War in South America and ! N. Y., Lake Erie & Western R.R. + Picturesque Erie: attempts to bring about a peace.

P 9773.
summer homes. 1889.

Q 9329 WINSOR, edr. t Narrative and critical history of America.


Q 9329.9.
V. I. Aboriginal America.

P 7898.
+ Suburban homes on the picturesque Erie. 1889.



Q 9698.s. BAKER. U. S. Secret Service in the late war. (Revised - + Summer excursion routes and rates. 1889. Q 9697.6. ed. 1889.) Q 7514.a. Same.

Q 9698.1. BANCROFT. f Historical works of, in their relation to the RUFFNER. Lines of communication between southern progress and destiny of the Pacific states. B 7516. Colorado and northern New Mexico.

B 7515. BARTRAM + Retrographs : a history of New York city SHERIDAN. + Expedition through the Big Horn Moun

prior to the Revolution, biographies of Washington, tains, Yellowstone National Park, etc.
Hamilton, Hale, etc.

Q 4806. and SHERMAN. + Inspection in 1877 of country north BATTLES and leaders of the civil war.

V. 4.

of the Union Pacific R.R.
COOPER. In and out of Rebel prisons.
Q-7560. THOMPSON. Story of Louisiana.

Q 9763 Davis. Camp-fire chats of the civil war. Q 7116. TODD. Story of Washington.

Q 9443.. DEPEW. + Oration at reunion of the Army of the Potomac Warren. † Explorations in Nebraska and Dakota. B 7515. at Saratoga. June 22, 1887. B 8531. WOODMAN. Picturesque Alaska.

P 7491 DURAND, New materials for the history of ihe American Revolution.

B. European History and Travels. FISKE. War of independence.

Q 4151.w. Fox. Regimental losses in the American civil war, Adams and CUNNINGHAM. Swiss confederation. R 9503. 1861-65.

Q 7832. Airy. English restoration and Louis XIV. R 1007 GLAZIER. Down the great river: discovery of the true ARCHER. English history by contemporary writers: source of the Mississippi. Q 169. crusade of Richard I., 1189-92.

R 1013 GREENE. Sparks from the camp fire. Q 7174.s. BRANDES. Impressions of Russia.

S 4056. IRVING. Astoria. Geoffrey Cruyon edition. Q 635.0. BROWNELL. French traits.

S 1062 LOSSING. Hours with the living men and women of the CRAWFORD. English life.

R 1103. Revolution. Q 4272. DICKENS. Dictionary of Paris.

S1121 MERIWETHER. The tramp at home.

Q 300. DUNCKER. History of Greece to the end of the Persian O’RELL (P. Blouët) and ALLYN. Jonathan and his con

N 8577 tinent. Q 339. Hicks. Greek historical inscriptions.

N 8621 ROOSEVELT. Winning of the west.

Q 1726. JUSSERAND. English wayfaring life in the Middle Ages. 1. From the Alleghanies to the Mississippi, 1769-1776.

R 1642. 2. Same : 1777-1783.

Livius. History of Rome. Literally transl. by Spillan SHALER's Brigade : reunion at Gettysburg, June 12-14. and Edmonds.

N 9271.5. 1888. Q 7742. MALLESON. Battle-fields of Germany.

R 4672 SHEPARD Rifles (N. Y. Vols. 51st Regt.). Quarter cent. Morris. Early Hanoverians.

R 1317.2. ury banquet, Oct. 29, 1886. B 7516. PAUSANIAS. Description of Greece. 2 v.

N 8344. Society of the Sons of the Revolution. Constitution, PENNELL. Our journey to the Hebrides.

R 2347 by-laws, membership. 1888. Q 4414. RIDEING. Young folks' history of London.

R 1372.): U. S. War Department. War of the Rebellion. Series Rossa. Irish rebels in English prisons.

R 2378
I, v. 2, 22 (pt. 2), and 23.
Q 7773.c. STEAD. Truth about Russia.

S 4753. WARNER. Studies in the south and west.

Q 465.8. TROMHUT. Under the rays of the Aurora Borealis: in the land of the Lapps and Kvæns.


UMLAUFT. The Alps.

R 9772. CITIES.

WATT and CARTER. Picturesque Scotland. R 2781. BANCROFT. Works. v. 16. History of the North Mexican states and Texas, v. 2, 1801-89.

P 7515.

C. Oriental History and Travels. · Same. v. 17. History of Arizona and New Mexico, 1530-1888. P 7515. BOULGER. History of China. 3 v.

0 2532. Same. v. 30. History of Oregon, v. 2, 1848-88. P 7515. BRASSEY. Last voyage [to India and China). Nb 3534...

Q 4129.


2 V.

2 v.

2 v.

2 v.

5-LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE : Bibliography and Library Economy.


B 7517

B 7515.

N 5125.

O 355.

N 4192.


V. 2.

N 1343.

2 v.

BRILL. | Catalogue, No. 27. Orientalia. B 8527. Sup. Council for France and its dependencies: in re
CORT. Siam; or, the heart of farther India. O 4561. Joseph Cerneau.
DENTON. Collector's rambles in Australia, New Zealand,
and New Guinea.

P 6118.

E. Universal History and General EMIN pasha in Central Africa.

P 3582. GILMAN. Story of the Saracens.

O 7167.

Geography, Voyages, and Travels. JOHNSTON. History of a slave.

P 3233. BOURKE. Human ordure and urine in rites of a reliJOSEPHUS. Works. Transl. by Whiston.

Introd. essay

gious character. by Stebbing.

N 7640.4. CHALMERS. + The American Philatelic Association and LOWELL. Chosön: the land of the morning calm (Corea). the adhesive postage stamp.

B 20. O 2664. CHAPIN. From Japan to Granada: a tour round the OMAN. Indian life, religious and social. O 5338. world in 1887-88.

N 3083. Osborn. Ancient Egypt in the light of modern discover- DUCOUDRAY. History of ancient civilization. ies.

N 6339. GREELY. + International Polar expedition : proceedings Polo. Travels. Transl. of Marsden ed. by Wright,

of the U. S. Expedition to Lady Franklin Bay. 2 v.

N 2836. RAWLINSON. Story of Phoenicia.

N 5365.s. Heilprin. Historical reference book. 2d ed. RENAN. History of the people of Israel, v. 2. From the

NIELD. + Catalogue of books relating to America, Asia, reign of David to the capture of Samaria. N 7721.

Africa, and Australia.

B 8527. SCHRADER. Cuneiform inscriptions and the Old Testa

NORDHoff. Sailor life on man of war apd merchant N 5736. vessel.

N 2699. THOMSON. Travels in the Atlas and southern Morocco. Parker. How to study geography. P 1438. SALVERTE. History of names.

T 6731. WHEELER. India under British rule.

0.5787. Scott Stamp & Coin Co. | Catalogue of U. S. coins WILKINS. Australasia: a descriptive and pictorial ac

belonging to Rev. F. Ely.

B 7516. P 6483. SIMONDS and CENNIS. Panorama of the world : an historical review of all nations.

N 4746.
D. Secret Societies.

TRAVEL, adventure, and sport from“ Blackwood's Maga-
Nos. 1-3.

N 3448. DUNCAN. Masonic ritual and monitor.

1. Speke, Capt. Discovery of the Victoria N'yanza. MASONIC chronicle and official bulletin; June, 1888. -Oliphant, Laurence. My home in Palestine.-A

sketch in the Tropics.- Northcote, Sir H. Stafford. How New York State. Grand Lodge of Masons. † Proceedings, I caught my first salmon.

107th and 108th annual communication. T 9697.a. 2. Wolseley, Gen. viscount. Narrative of the Red - Royal and · Select Masons. + Proceedings of Grand River expedition.-Remarkable preservation from death Council, 1880.

at sea.-A ride to Babylon.—The King of Tristan - + Same, 1882.

B 7517

d'Acunha: a forgotten monarch. - Scottish Rite. | Reference pamphlet issued by the 3. Palmer, Lieut. The North-East passage. — Two Council of Deliberation.

B 7517.

nights in southern Mexico.-Escape of the Republican Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Statutes and regulations. exiles from Cayenne.-A bear adventure in Ceylon.[1882.)

B 18. Macmillan, Geo. A. A ride across the Peloponnese. PYTHAGORAS Lodge, No. 1. | Catalogue of portion of WAKE. Development of marriage and kinship. T 8777. library of : 22d sale, 1887.

B 7517. WEPPNER. The north star and the southern cross: a two UNITED States. Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (Scottish years journey round the world. 5th Amer. ed.

Rite). + Constitutions of the Supreme Council,
B 7517. | WHEELER. Course of empire.

N 4478. Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction. f The YONGE. History of Christian names. New ed. T 6498.


T 9129.

B 7517.

B 7517.

2 v.

N 3474


B 15.

M 7517

B 9532. B 9532.

A. Bibliography and Library Economy. (CHICAGO Public Library. By-laws. Revised June,

1888. ABERDEEN (Scotland) Public Library. † Report, 1886- - + 15th and 16th reports, 1887-88.

B 9536. 87.

B 9535. CINCINNATI Public Library. # Report for years ending AMERICAN Library Association. † Papers and proceed. June 30, 1886–87.

B 9536. ings of 8th general meeting, 1886.

M 8506. - † Bulletin of books added during 1888. M 8818. ASTOR Library (N. Y. City). 39th annual report, 1888. COLUMBIA College Library. + 4th annual report. B 9532.

B 9532.

School of Library Economy. † Annual register, 1886– BARROW, J. W. + Catalogue of books in [his) library at 87, 1887-88. private sale, 1888.

tist annual report, 1887. Boston Public Library. † 36th annual report, 1888..

| Circular of information, 1887–88.

B 9532. B 9533. CRANE (Thomas) Public Library. + 17th annual report. BOWDOIN College Library. | Report for years ending

B 9533 June 1, 1887 and 1888.

B 9533. DETROIT Public Library. t 7th annual report, 1888. BRIDGEPORT Public Library and Reading Room. † 7th

B 9536. annual report.

B 9533. DUNNING.
The Sunday school library.

M 8129. BRONSON Library (Waterbury, Ct.). + Finding list, 1889. FOSTER. Libraries and readers.

M 8156. M 8535. GRAND Rapids Public Library. | Annual reports, 1887BROOKLYN Library. † 29th and 30th annual report, 1887– 88.

B 9536. 88.

B 9532. HARTFORD Library Association. + 49th and 50th reports, BUFFALO Library. † 51st and 52d annual report, 1857- 1887-88. 88.

B 9534.
- † Bulletin.

v. 9.

Nos. 1, 3, 4, 1887. CALIFORNIA University. + Library bulletin, No. 8. + Same. v. 10, Nos. 1-4, 1888.

References for students of miracle plays and mys- LIVERPOOL Free Public Library. † 35th annual report, teries. By F. H. Stoddard.

B 8531.


B 9533. B 9533 B 9533.

B 9535.

B 15.
B 8531.

B 9532.

B 9535.

B 9535:

B 9533.

B 9533

B 15.

B 9532.

M 7343

B 9534

LOTHROP Co., publishers. Best 267 books for libraries. Contents : The robbers.-Fiesco.-Love and intrigue.

-Demetrius.—The ghost seër.-Sport of destiny. MCGUIRE, J. C. + Catalogue of library of.

Note.-Last two titles are romances. MAIMONIDES Library. Report of the librarian for 1887. - Works: historical dramas.

K 2390.h,

Contents : Don Carlos.—Mary Stuart : a tragedy.MANCHESTER Public Free Libraries. + 35th and 36th Maid of Orleans.-Use of the chorus in tragedy. - Bride reports, 1886–87, 1887-88.

of Messina. New Bedford Free Public Library. + 36th annual report, SHAKESPEARE. + Bankside Shakespeare. Ed. by A. Mor1888.

gan. v. 1-5.

K 2742.6. New Haven Free Public Library. † ist annual report, 1. Merry wives of Windsor. [Ed.] by A. Morgan. 1887.

2. Taming of the shrew. [Ed.] by A. R. Frey. - † Bulletin, No. 1. Books added June-Oct., 1887.

3. Merchant of Venice. [Ed.] by W. Reynolds.

4. Troilus and Cressida. [Ed.] by A. Morgan. New York City. Apprentices' Library. By-Laws of the 5. Romeo and Juliet. (Ed.) by B. R. Field. Library Committee, 1879.

All's well that ends well. Ed. with notes by Rolfe. Free Circulating Library. f 8th annual report, 1887.

K 2401.4. B 9532. - Hamlet. Ed. with notes by Rolfe.

K 2401.i. Mercantile Library. + 66th and 67th reports, 1887-88. · Henry Vth. Ed. with notes by Rolfe.

K 2401.8

Henry VIIIth. Ed. with notes by Rolfe. K 2401.h. New York State Library. + 71st report, 1889. M 8698.h. Julius Cæsar. Ed. with notes by Rolfe. K 2401.3. NEWBERRY' Library (Chicago). † Proceedings of the King Lear. Ed. with notes by Rolfe. K 2401. k.

trustees July 1, 1887 to Jan. I, 1888. B 9536. Midsummer-night's dream. Ed. with notes by Rolfe. OMAHA Public Library. t roth and 11th reports. 1887

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B 9536.
Richard II. Ed. with notes by Rolfe.

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Tempest. Ed. with notes by Rolfe.

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B 8531. | Bulletin, July 1887-88.

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B 9535. PRATT (Enoch) Free Library (Balt.). Finding list . sec. JULIAN. | Later speeches on political questions. M 6641.

LOCKE. ond supplement, 1889. M 8715.6.


Art of correspondence. - † Report of librarian, Jan. 2, 1888.

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D. Essays and Miscellany. 1887-88. B 9535. Blots and blemishes.

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Contents : Literature in its social aspects.-Archbishending June 30, 1888

B 95 36.

op Trench's poems.--Poems by Sir Samuel Ferguson. - + Supplementary catalogue of books added since May,

--Coventry Patmore's poetry.--A policy for Ireland, 1884

M 9888.

Jan. 1887.- Proportionate representation with reference TAUNTON Public Library. + 21st and 22d reports, 1886

to the idea involved in it.-Church property and secu87.

larisation, 1867.--A few notes on modern unbelief.WARREN Co. (Ill.) Library and Reading Room. | His. torical sketch.

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Philosophy of the rule of faith.-Personal character of

Wordsworth's poetry. WORCESTER Free Public Library. † 28th report, 1888.

FROST. Stuff and nonsense.

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LANG. Lost leaders.

M 4260. troversy. 1884.

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Pleasures of life.
Part 2.

M 4275

Contents : Ambition. — Wealth. - Health. — Love.B. Drama and Plays.

Art.-Poetry.-Music. — The beauties of nature. - The

troubles of life.—Labour and rest. --Religion.-Hope CHURCH. Stories from the Greek tragedies. K 8089.5.

of progress. -Destiny of man. FLETCHER. Character studies in Macbeth. K 2153. MULFORD. White cross library. v. 2.

M 4320 Guizot. Shakespeare and his times.

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M 1373. HOWELLS. The mouse trap, and other farces.

St. Francis Xavier College. Pearls of a year : short K 2214.m.

stories from the “ Xavier.” Contents : The garroters. -Five o'clock tea.—The mouse trap.-A likely story.

E. History and Criticism of Literature. Hugo. William Shakespeare.

K 2216.
SCHILLER. Dramatic works : Wallenstein and Wilhelm Adams. By ways in book-land.

M 9004.6. Tell

K 2390.w. AUTHORS and publishers : a manual of suggestions for Contents : Wallenstein's camp. –The Piccolomini. – beginners in literature.

M 9512. Death of Wallenstein.-Wilhelm Tell.

FITZGERALD. Recreations of a literary man ; or, does Works : early dramas and romances.

K 2390.e.
writing pay? New ed.

M 9151.

B 9535.
B 9533.

B 15.

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B 9533

B 19.

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