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2 v.

GUSTAVUS Adolphus and the struggle of Protestantism STRAFFORD, T. Wentworth, lord. By H. D. Traill.

for existence. By C. R. L. Fletcher. T 1793. f. HAMILTON, A. By W. G. Sumner.

T 1844.9. STRATFORD de Redcliffe. Poole, S. L. Life of. T 4251. HASTINGS, W. By Sir A. Lyall.

T 1892./. THERESA, Saint, of Avila. By Mrs. B. Gilman. T 4374. HAVELOCK, H. By A. Forbes.

T 1898.f. THIERS, L. A. Rémusat, P. de. The great French HAWTHORNE, N. Conway, M, D. Lise of. T 1908.c.


T 4377.1. HAYES, R. B. Stoddard, W. 0. Lives of the presi- TROLLOPE, T. A. What I remember.

T 4174.0. dents.

T 5423.6. VAN BUREN, M., to the end of his public career. By G. HILL, B. H. + Memorial addresses on. T 4841.


T 4581.6. HONE, P. Diary, 1828-51. Ed. by B. Tuckerman. WALLACK, L, Memoirs of fifty years.

T 46.43.972. T 2116. WALPOLE, Sir R. By J. Morley.

T 4644.1. HOWITT, Mary: an autobiography. Ed. by Margaret WARD, W. G., and the Oxford movement. T 4654.27'. Howitt.

T 2146. WASHINGTON, G. Irving, W. Life of. Centennial edi. IBSEN, H., 1828–88 : a critical biography. By H. Jæger. tion. v. 3-5.

T 4894. T 2211. Webster, D. † Obituary addresses on the death of. JAY, J: Pellew, G. American statesmen. T 2288.p.

T 4783. JEFFERSON, J. Autobiography.

T 2293.a. WELLINGTON, Duke of. Letters of, to Miss J., 1834-51. JOAN of Arc. Adams, W. H. D. The maid of Orleans. Ed. by Christine T. Herrick.

T 4735.1. T 2330.a. WILLARD, Frances E. Glimpses of fifty years : autoJONES, Eli and Sibyl: their life and work. By R. M. biography of an American woman. T 4841.3: Jones. T 2341.j. WILLIAMS, M.,'Q. C. Leaves of a life. T 4845.1

. JONSON, B. Swinburne, A. C. Study of. T 2342.s. WILMER, R. H., bp. of Alabama. The recent past from JOSEPHINE, Empress. Saint-Amand,' I de. Citizeness a southern standpoint. Reminiscences of a grandBonaparte.


4847. Court of the.

T 2349.r. Wood, Rev. J. G.: his life and work. By Rev. T. Wood. Wife of the first consul.

T 4902.3. Kirby, Georgiana B. Years of experience : an autobiographical narrative.

T 2453.

B. Collective Biography. LINCOLN, Abraham. Herndon, W. H. and Weik, J. W. Lincoln : the true story of a great life. 3 v. BAYLE. † A general dictionary, historical and critical. T 2691.i.

T 906. Nicolay, J. G. and Hay, J. Abraham Lincoln : a BOLTON. Famous English authors of the 19th century. history. T 269I.1.

T 5049.C. - Van Buren, G. M. Abraham Lincoln's pen and voice : BURKE. Dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of a compilation of his letters, addresses, etc.

Great Britain and Ireland). 51st ed. 1389. T 2691.0.

6510. Liszt, F., artist and man, 1811-40. By L. Ramann. CUNNINGHAM. Lives of British painters, sculptors, and

T 2698.r.
architects.. 6 v.

T 5107.3.
LOCKE, John. By A. C. Fraser.
T 2722.8. DOBSON. Four Frenchwomen.

T 5124.1. MACREADY, W. C. By W. Archer. T 2834.a. DOUGLAS. Heroes of the Crusades.

5126. MARIE Antoinette and the end of the old régime. By 1. DYER. Great senators of the U. S. 40 years ago. T 5130.8; de Saint-Amand.

T 2885.1.

Note.-"Personal recollections and delineations of MARIE Louise, Empress. Saint-Amand, I. de. Happy Calhoun, Benton, Clay, Webster, General Houston,


Jefferson Davis, and others."
Marie Louise and the decadence of the empire. EDWARDS. The Romanoffs : tsars of Moscow and em-

T 2885.9.
perors of Russia.

T 5134.7: MONK, General. By J. Corbett.

T 3135.c. FAWCETT. Some eminent women of our timeș. T 5146. MUHLENBERG, Dr. W. A. Newton, W. W. American Ferris. Great leaders : historic portraits from the hisreligious leaders.

T 3207.11.

torians. NAPIER, Sir C. By Col. Sir W. Butler. T 3260. FORSTER. Four great teachers : John Ruskin, Thomas NELSON, H., and the naval supremacy of England. By Carlyle, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Robert W. C. Russell. T 328.6.7. Browning

T 5155.1. NELSON, J. V. O'Reilly, H. Fifty years on the trail. Giddings, compiler. American Christian rulers. Ť 5600.

T 3284.0. IRELAND. Through the ivory gates : studies in psychol. NEWMAX, Cardinal. By R. H. Hutton.

ogy and history.

T 5634 O'CONNELL, D. O'Hanlon, J. + Report of the O'Con- Contents : Emanuel Swedenborg.-William Blake. — nell monument committee.

Insanity of King Louis II. of Bavaria.-Chas. J. GuiOGLETHORPE, General, By H. Bruce.

T 3365.6. teau. --Louis Riel.-Gabriel Malagrida.-Theodore of OLIVER, H. K. By Rev. J. H. Jones.

Abyssinia.—Thebaw, king of Burma. PARK, Mungo, and the Niger. By J. Thomson. T 3432.t. JAPP. Labour and victory : a book of examples. 5th ed. PESTALOZZI, A. : his life and work. By R. de Guimps.

T 5228.7. Contents : Sir James Outram.

Bishop Selwyn.PETERBOROUGH, C. M., earl. of. By W. Stebbing,

Thos. Edward.-Sir Titus Salt.-Thomas Davidson, T 3484.

Scotch Probationer.-William Ellis.-Sir James SimpROSSETTI, D. G., as designer and writer. By W. M. son.-Friedrich Albrecht Augusti. Rossetti.

T 3753.1. Master Missionaries.

5th ed.

T 5228.9. RUBINSTEIN, A. Autobiography, 1829-89. T 3800, Contents : Jas. Oglethorpe and Georgia. - David RUSSELL, Lord J. Walpole, S. Life of. 2 v. T 3813.W. Zeisberger and the Indians. --Samuel Hebich and the SAVONAROLA : his life and times. By W. Clark,

Hindus. - William Elmslie and Kashmir.-George T 3873.c.

Washington Walker and the convicts.- Robert Moffat SCOTT, Sir W. Journal.

T 3977.).

and South Africa.—Dr. James Stewart and Lovedale. – SHAKESPEARE, W. Phillipps, J. O. H. Outlines of the Dr. William Black and Livingstone.- John Coleridge life of. Sth ed. V. I, 2.

T 4025.9.

Patterson and the South Pacific.- John G. Fee and the Walter, J. Shakespeare's true life..

T 5881.

Freedmen of America. STEBBINS, G. B. Upward steps of seventy years. T 4215.4. MARRIOTT. Makers of modern Italy : Mazzini, Cavour, STOWE, Harriet B. McCray, Florine T. Life-work of Garibaldi.

T 5288. the author of “Uncle Tom's cabin." T 4248. PEABODY. Harvard graduates whom I have known. Stowe, C. E. Life of Harriet B. Stowe. T 4248.s.

T 5345. k.

days of.

T 5147

T 3293.

T 3702.

T 4702.

T 3479.

2 v.

2-CYCLOPÆDIAS, COLLECTED WORKS, Etc. : Literary Periodicals.


SHAIRP, Portraits of friends.

T 5402.p. Contents : Abraham Lincoln.—Ulysses S. Grant.Contents : Thos. Erskine.-Geo. Edward Lynch Cot- William Lloyd Garrison.---Charles Sumner.-Salmon ?'. ton.-Dr. John Brown. -Norman Macleod. - John Chase. —Henry Wilson, - Horace Greeley. – David G. Macleod Campbell.—John Mackintosh of Geddes.- Farragut. - John A. Andrew.-John Brown of Ossa wala Arthur Hugh Clough.

tomie. -Edwin M. Stanton.- Frederick Douglass.-STODDARD. Lives of the presidents : Rutherford B. Philip H. Sheridan.-William T. Sherman,-Eli WhitHayes, Jas. A. Garfield, and Chester A. Arthur. ney.-James G. Blaine.-Wendell Phillips. —Henry

Ward Beecher. STOWE. Lives and deeds of our self-made men. T 5754. I TOWLE. Heroes and martyrs of invention. T 5445.h.

T 5423.6.




C 6034. (60134.

V. I.

2 v.

A. Cyclopædias and Collected Works. + INTERNATIONAL standard. v. 3 (Mch. 1885-Jan. 1866). APPLETONS' Annual cyclopædia. f Index to, 1876–87. + Same (Jan.-Nov. 1887).

Ć 2505.6. LESLIE's (Frank) Popular monthly. v. 28–30 (July, 1989HAZLITT, W. Selections from his writings. With me- Dec. 1890).

C 6854.a. moir by Ireland. M 191. | LIBRARY journal. v. 14, 15 (Jan. 1889-Dec. 1890).

M 8662. JAY, J. Correspondence and public papers, 1763-81. Ed. by H. P. Johnston.

M 636. | LIBRARY notes. v. 2 (June, 1887-Mch. 1888). M 8660. KILLIKELLY. Curious questions : a manual of general | LIPPINCOTT's Monthly magazine. v. 44-46 (July, 1889information. C 2646. Dec. 1890).

C 6661. WASHINGTON, G. † Writings. Ed. by W. C. Ford. | LITERARY news. New series. v. 10, II (Jan. 1889v. 3-7.

M 780.
Dec. 1890).

M 7662 3. 1775-1776. 4. 1776. 5. 1776-1777. 6. 1777-1778. | LITERARY world. v. 20, 21 (Jan. 1889-Dec. 1890). 7. 1778-1779.

C 6855. + LITTELL's Living age. 5th series. v. 1-8 (Jan. 1873– Dec. 1874).

C 6663. B. Literary Periodicals.

Same. v. 63-68 (July, 1888-Dec. 1889).

C6663. + LONDON quarterly review. v. 71 (Oct. 1888-Jan. 1889).

C 0664. ARENA, The. v. I, 2 (Dec. 1889-Nov. 1890). C 6509. ARMY and navy journal. v. 26, 27 (Sept. 1, 1888-Augt. - + Same. v. 73 (Oct. 1889-Jan. 1890).

C 6604. 23, 1890).

C 6904. | MAGAZINE of American history. v. 21-23 (Jan. 1889† ATHENÆUM : July, 1889-Dec. 1890.

C 6804.
Dec. 1890).

C 6670. ATLANTIC monthly v. 64-66 (July, 1889-Dec. 1890). MUSICAL record : Jan. 1889-Dec. 1890.

C 6806. C 6511. + NATION, The. v. 49-51 (June, 1889-Dec. 1890).

C 6866. | BALDWIN's Monthly. v. 24-27 (Jan. 1882-Dec. 1883).

C 6805. | New-Church Messenger. v. 67 (July-Dec. 1889). * Book chat. v. 3-5 (Jan. 1888-Dec. 1890). M 7532.

C 6867. Boy's own annual. v. II, 12 (Oct. 1888-Sept. 1890).

+ NINETEENTH century. V. 25-28 (Jan. 1889-Dec. 1890). C 6811.

C 6099 BROWNE's Phonographic monthly. v. 2, 3, 6, 10, 12, 14, North American review. v. 149–151 (July, 1889-Dec. 15 (Jan. 1877-Dec. 1890).


C 6700. CENTURY, The. v. 16–18 (May, 1889-Oct. 1890). C 6549. + OFFICE, The: a practical journal for business manaCHATTERBOX. 1889-1890. Éd. by J. E. Clarke. C 6551.

v. 5 (Jan.-Dec. 1888).

C 6958. Civil service record. v. 7, 8 (July, 1887-July, 1889). OUTING. v. II, 14-16 (Oct. 1887-Sept. 1890). C. 6704.

C 6818. PETERSON'S Magazine. v. 96-98 July, 1889-Dec. 1890). CONNOISSEUR, The. v. 2, 3 (Oct. 1887-Summer, 1889).

I 559. + PHONOGRAPHIC magazine. v. I (Jan.-Dec. 1887). | DAILY voice, The. V. I, Nos. 1-4, 6-13 (Oct. 19

C 6710. Nov. 3, 1886).

| PHRENOLOGICAL journal. v. 88-90 (July, 1889-Dec. Note.-Bound with “ The voice," v, 1, folio.


C 6711. Demorest's Monthly magazine. v. 25, 26 (Nov. 1888-7 Publisher's weekly. v. 37, 38 (Jan.-Dec. 1890). Oct. 1890). C 6824.

M 7716. DOMESTIC monthly. v. 30, 31 (Oct. 1888-Sept. 1889). + QUARTERLY review. v. 168-171 (Jan. 1889-Oct. 1890). C 6825.

C6717 EDINBURGH review. v. 170-172 (July, 1889-Oct. 18901. + Sailor's magazine. v. 58 (Jan.-Dec. 1886). C 6729.

C 6580.
- † Same. v. 61 (Jan.-Dec. 1889).

C 6729. + FORTNIGHTLY review. V. 45-48 (Jan. 1889-Dec. 1890). ST. NICHOLAS. v. 16 (Pt. 2)-17 (Pt. 2) (May, 1889

C 6593.
Oct. 1890).

(6730. | Forum, The. v. 8, 9 (Sept. 1869-Oct. 1890). C 6595. + SATURDAY review. v. 68-70 (July, 1889-Dec. 1890). GIRL's own annual. v. 10 (Oct. 6, 1888-Sept. 28, 1889).

C 0877. C 6834. SCRIBNER's Magazine. v. 6-8 (July, 1889-Dec. 1890). GODEY's Lady's book. v. 119-121 (July, 1889-Dec. 1890).

C 6602. | | SLOAN's Legal and financial register. v. 6, 1878. HARPER's New monthly magazine. v. 79-81 (June, 1889

C 6746. Nov. 1890).

C 6612. SUNDAY: readings for the young. 1890, 1891. C 6757. - + Index to volumes 1-70, inclusive.

C 6612.7 UNITED service : a monthly review of military and | HARPER's Weekly. v. 1-28 (1857–84). C 6938.

naval affairs. v. 1-4. New series (Jan. 1889HARPER's Young people. v. 10, II (Nov. 6, 1888-Oct. Dec. 1890).

C 6773.c. 1890).

C 6838. Voice, The. v. 1-6 (Sept. 25, 1884-Dec. 1889). Folio.. + ILLUSTRATED American. v. 1, 2 (Feb.-July, 1890). C 69.441 7-9 (July, 1887-June, 1890).

C 6784.

W 1537

gers, etc.

C 6709.

C 6740.

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V. V. 20

to 52.


+ WESTMINSTER review. v. 131-13+ (Jan. 1889-Dec. | JEWELERS' weekly. v. 8, 9 (May, 1889-Mch. 1890). 1890). C 6785.

7639 WIDE awake. v. Y-DD [v. 25-30] (June, 1887-May, + Birthday souvenir. Nov. 21, 1989.

C 7639.a. 1890).

C 6709. | LOCOMOTIVE, The. New series. v. 10, 11 (Jan. 1839-Dec. 1890).

C 7663.

+ MANUFACTURER and builder. v. 20, 21 (Jan. 1888C. Scientific and Technological Jour- Dec. 1889).

C 7857 nals and Transactions.

+ MANUFACTURER's review and industrial record.
22 (Jan. 1887-Dec. 1889).

C 7858. + AMERICAN agriculturist. v. 47, 48 (Jan. 1888-Dec. + MARITIME reporter and seaboard. v. 1. (Nov. 1, 1889).

C 7802.
1388-Oct. 17, 1889).

7958. + AMERICAN analyst. V. 4, 5 (Jan. 1888-Dec. 1889).

Note. –Title changed to Seaboard” from Nos. 45

C 7802.d. | AMERICAN architect and building news. V. 26-30 MILLINERY trade review.

v. 11-15 (Jan. 1886-Dec. (July, 1889-Dec. 1890). C 7802.a. 1890).

C 7862. † AMERICAN machinist. v. 12, 13 (Jan. 1889-Dec. 1890). + PHOTOGRAPHIC times. 19, 20 (Jan. 1889-Dec.

C 7902.

C 7871. † AMERICAN medical digest. v. 8. 1889. C 7505.f. + PLUMBER's trade journal. v. II, 12 (Jan. 1889-Dec. | AMERICAN monthly microscopical journal. v. 10, 11 1890).

C 7872. (Jan. 1889-Dec. 1890).

C 7505.g. | POPULAR science monthly. v. 35-37 (May, 1889† ARCHITECTURAL and building monthly. v. 1 (April- Oct. 1890).

C 7714. Sept. 1890).

C 7804. | RECORD and guide. V. 44-46 (July, 1889-Dec. 1890). + ARCHITECTURE and building 12 (Jan.-June,

C 7874.4. 1890).

C7803. ROWELL, G. P. & Co. | American newspaper directory. Note: --Continuation of “ Building.”


C 8727 | Builder and wood-worker. V. 25, 26 (Jan. 1889-Dec. + SANITARY plumber. v. 7, 8 (Oct. 30, 1888-Oct. 15, 1890).

C 7814.

C 7877
| BUILDING : an architectural weekly. v. (July-17 SCIENTIFIC American. v. 61-63 (July, 1889-Dec. 1890).
Dec. 1889).
C 7815.

C 7979.a. Note.-Continued under title “ Architecture and — + Same : supplement. v. 28–30 (July, 1889-Dec. building."


C 7979. d. + CARPENTRY and building. v. II, 12 (Jan. 1889- SMITHSONIAN Institution. | Annual report for years endDec. 1890).

C 7816. ing June 30, 1886, and June 30, 1887. 4 v. C 4747. + Civil engineer and architect's journal. 25 v. (1837– - + Smithsonian contributions to knowledge. 62). C 7818.

4883 DELINEATOR, The. v. 33-36 (Jan. 1889-Dec. 1890). Contents : Mitchell, S. W. and Reichert, E. T.,

C 7824.

M.D. Venoms of poisonous serpents.-Hyatt, A. + ELECTRICAL review. v. 14-16 (Mch. 1889-Augt. 1890). Genesis of the arietidæ.

C 7927. | | TECHNIKER, Der. v. II, 12 (Nov. 1888-Oct. 1890). + ENGINEERING and mining journal. v. 48-50 (July,

C 7887. 1889-Dec. 1890).

C 7828. UNITED STATES. Patent Office. + Alphabetical lists of + IRON age, The. V. 44-46 (July, 1889-Dec. 1890).

patentees for quarters ending Mch. 31, 1889C 7847. Dec. 31, 1889.

C 7891.6. † JEWELER's circular and horological review. v. 19, 20 | Official gazette. v. 47-52 (Apl. 2, 1889-Sept. 30, (July, 1886-July, 1889). C 7848. 1890).

C 7891.

V. 26.


A. Fiction alphabetically arranged by APPLETON, G. W. Frozen hearts.
Authors and Titles.

April's lady. By the Duchess.

Ardath : the story of a dead self. By Marie Corelli. ABBOTT, Mary. Alexia.

Ardis Claverden. By F. R. Stockton. Adrietta ; or, her grandfather's heiress. By Mary K. Armorel of Lyonesse. By W. Besant. Dallas.

ARMSTRONG, W. Cleopatra's daughter. Adventures of a younger son. By E. J. Trelawny. Arthur Merton : a romance. By Admiral D. Porter. Ace of clubs. By Prince J. Lubormiski.

Artist's honor, An. By 0. Feuillet. Alas! By Rhoda Broughton.

Artists' wives. By A. Daudet. Albine ; or, the abbé's temptation. By E. Zola.

Ascutney Street : a neighborhood story. By Mrs. A. D. Albrecht. By A. Bates.

T. Whitney. ALDRICH, Anne R. The feet of love.

As 'tis in life. By A. Delpit. ALEXANDER, Mrs. [Mrs. Annie F. Hector.]

Astor, W. W. Sforza : a story of Milan. Biind fate.

At an old chateau. By Katharine S. Macquoid. To Paris for pleasure. (In “Twenty novelettes.") Austin, Jane. Dr. Le Baron and his daughters. A woman's heart.

Standish of Standish : a story of the Pilgrims. Alexia By Mary Abbott.

Australian heroine, An. By Mrs. Campbell Praed. Aline. By H. Gréville.

Awakening of Mary Fenwick. By Beatrice Whitby. All he knew. By J. Habberton.

Aztec treasure-house. By T. A. Janvier. ALLEN, E. H. A fatal fiddle. (and other stories.] Babylon electrified. By A. Bleunard. ALLEN, R. Miss Eaton's romance.

Baffied conspirators. By W. E. Norris. Allen's wife. By H. Rider Haggard.

Bagpipers, The By George Sand. Althea St. John. By M. P. Helmbold.

Bailiff's scheme. By Mrs. Harriet Lewis. AMES, Lucia T. Memoirs of a millionaire.

BAIN, F. W. Dmitri : a romance of old Russia. AMONG the chosen.

BAKER, Beth. Mystery Evans. Another man's wife. By Bertha M. Clay.

BALLANTYNE, R. M. Finding his fate. (In Twenty ANSTEY, F. (F. A. Guthrie.) The pariah.


3-FICTION AND JUVENILE FICTION : Balzac, H. de to Coombs, Anne S.



BALZAC, H. de. Cousin Bette.

By order of the Czar. By J. Hatton. - Fame and sorrow, and other stories.

BYNNER, E. L. The begum's daughter. - Sons of the soil,

BYRNES, Inspector T. An American penman. BANDELIER, A. F. The delight makers.

Another's crime. BARING-GOULD, S. Arminell.

- Great bank robbery. BARR, Amelia E. Feet of clay.

Section 558. - Friend Olivia.

Sergeant Von ; or, the long chase. - Household of McNeil.

Tragic mystery.
BARRETT, F. Kit Wyndham ; or, fettered for life. CABLE, G. W. Strange true stories of Louisiana.
Smuggler's secret.

Cæsar Cascabel. By J. Verne. BARTLETT, A. Jennie. Elder Northfield's home; or, Cæsar's column: a story of the 20th century. By E. sacrificed on the Mormon altar.

Boisgilbert. Basil and Annette. By B. L. Farjeon.


The bondman : a new saga. Basil Morton's transgression. By the Marquise Clara CAIRD, Mona. [G. M. Hatton.) For money or for Lanza.

love. (In “Twenty novelettes.”) BATES, A. Albrecht,

CALM, Marie. Bella's blue-book. BATES, Josephine W. A nameless wrestler.

CAMERON, Mrs. H. L. Daisy's dilemma. Beatrice. By H. Rider Haggard.

Captain of the “ Polestar,” and other tales. By A, C. Beau sabreur, Le. By Annie Thomas.

Doyle. Beforehand : a companion volume to “One more chance." Captain Santa Claus. By C. King. (With his “CamBy S. M. I. Henry.

paigning with Crook.")

Q 2244. Begum's daughter. By E. L. Bynner.

Career of a Nihilist. By Stepniak. BEHRENS, Bertha. See HEIMBURG, W.

Carey, Rosa N. Heriot's choice. BELL, M. Roanoke of Roanoke Hall.

Lover or friend ? Bell of St. Paul's. By W. Besant.

CARMARTHEN, Katherine. A lover of the beautiful, BEI LAMY, C. J. An experiment in marriage.

Carr, Mrs. C. Margaret Maliphant. BELLAMY, Elizabeth. Kamba Thorpe.") Old man Case of General Ople and Lady Camper. By George Gilbert.

Meredith. Bella's blue-book. By Marie Calm.

Catherine's coquetries. By Camille Debans. BERRY, E. P. Leah of Jerusalem : ą story of the time CATHERWOOD, Mary H. Romance of Dollard. of Paul.

Story of Tonty. BESANT, W. Armorel of Lyonesse.

Catholic man, The. By Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull. - Bell of St. Paul's.

CAYLOR, O. P. A fated promise. The demoniac.

CHAMPNEY, Elizabeth W. Witch Winnie : the story of Lament of Dives.

King's Daughter." BEULAH. Zarailla.

Chata and Chinita. By Louise P. Heaven. BIGOT, Madame. See HEALY, Mary.

Chief justice, The. By K. E. Franzos. BJÖRNSON, B. In God's way.

Chita : a memory of Last Island. By L. Hearn. BLACK, W. Prince Fortunatus.

Chris Rock ; or, the lover in chains. By Capt. M. BLACKMORE, R. D. Kit and Kitty.

Reid. BLANCHARD, Evangeline B. The devil's dream: a tem- Chronicle of conquest, A. By Frances C. Sparhawk. perance story.

Chronicles of a health resort. By A. Helder. BLEUNARD, A. Babylon electrified.

Cineas ; or, Rome under Nero. By J. M. Villefranche. Note.—“ History of an expedition to restore Babylon CLARK, F. T. In the valley of Havilah. by the power of electricity, and how it resulted.” Clay, Bertha M. (Charlotte M. Braeme.] Another Blind bargain, A. By R. H. Fletcher.

man's wife. Blind fate. By Mrs. Alexander.

Gipsy's daughter. Blind love. By W. Collins.

A heart's bitterness. Blindfold. By Florence Martyat.

In love's crucible. BOISGILBERT, E. Cæsar's column : a story of the 20th Sweet Cymbeline. century.

Cleopatra's daughter. By W. Armstrong. BOLDREWOOD, R. The miner's right: a tale of the Aus- CLEMENS, S. L. See TWAIN, M. tralian goldfields.

CLIP her wing ; or, let her soar. - The squatter's dream : a story of Australian life. Cliquot. By Kate L. Ferguson. Bondman, The. By H. Caine.

Clockmaker, The. By T. C. Haliburton. BOOTH, Mrs. O. See “Rita."

Cloister Wendhusen. By W. Heimburg. Bootles' baby. By J. S. Winter. (With her “ Buttons.") Note.-Same as “Magdalen's fortunes."

Note.-Same as her“ Mignon ; or, Bootles' baby.' COBB, S., jr. The Council of Ten. Bordone girl, The. By F. Boyle. (In “Twenty novel- The golden eagle ; or, the privateer of 1776. ettes."')

King's talisman.
Born coquette, A. By the Duchess.

Yankee champion.
Boscobel : a' story of a winter in Florida. (By E. M. COBBAN, J. M. A reverend gentleman.

COLLINS, Mabel. Ida : an adventure in Morocco. (Bound BOYLF., F. The Bordone girl. (In “ Twenty novel- with Smuggler's secret.") ettes.")

COLLINS, W. Blind love. BRAEME, Charlotte M. Sce CLAY, Bertha M.

Legacy of Cain. Brave heart and true. By Florence Marryat.

COLMORE, G. Concerning Oliver Knox. BROOKS, E. S. A son of Issachar: a romance of the Colonel's Christmas dinner. by Capt. C. King. days of Messias.

Comedy of a country house. By Julia Sturgis. BROUGHTON, Rhoda. Alas!

Concerning Oliver Knox. By G. Colmore. Broughton House. By B. Perry.

CONKLIN, Mrs. N. ("* Jennie M. Drinkwater.") From BRYCE, L. A dream of conquest.

flax to linen, BUCHANAN, R. The moment after.

Marigold. BUMSTEAD, S. J. The Riversons.

Other folk Burnand, F. C. Quite at home.

Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court.

By Mark BURNHAM, Mrs. C. L. Mistress of Beech Knoll.

Twain. Burnt million. By J. Payn.

COOLEY, W. F. Emmanuel : the story of the Messiah. Buttons. By J. S. Winter.

COOMBS, Anne S. Garden of Armida.



COPPÉE, F. Disillusion.

Dr. Le Baron and his daughters. By Jane G. Austin. Henriette ; or, a Corsican mother.

Dorothy Delafield. By Mary H, Norris.
CORELLI, Marie. Ardath : the story of a dead self. Dorothy's experience. ' By Adeline Trafton.
Cosette. By Katharine S. Macquoid.

Dorothy's venture. By Mary C. Hay.
Couldn't say no.
By J. Habberton.

DOUDNEY, Sarah. Miss Tweed's ghost story. (In Council of Ten. By S. Cobb, jr.

“Twenty novelettes.") Countess Irene. By J. Fogerty.

DOUGLAS, Alice M. Gems without polish. Countess Loreley. By R. Menger.

Douglas, Amanda M. Midnight marriage. COUNTY, The : a story of social life.

Osborne of Arrochar. Courting of Dinah Shadd, and other stories. By R. | Douglas, Mrs. R. D. Romance at the Antipodes. Kipling

Doyle, A. C. Captain of the “ Polestar," and other Cousin Bette. By H. de Balzac.

tales. CRAWFORD, F. M. Cigarette-maker's romance.

- A study in scarlet. Sant'Ilario.

Dragon's teeth. [By Eça de Queiros.] Craze of Christian Engelhart. By H. F. Darnell. Dream of conquest, A. By L. Bryce. Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard. By A. France.

Driftings from mid-ocean. By Rose Porter. CRINKLE, Nym. [A. C. Wheeler.] The Toltec cup. Note-Sequel to “Summer drift-wood” and The CROKER, B. M. Two masters.

winter fire.” Cruger, Mary. The Vanderheyde Manor House. DRINKWATER, Jennie M., pseud. See CONKLIN, Mrs. N. CRUGER, Mrs. Van Rensselaer. See GORDON, J.

Du Bois, Constance G. Martha Corey : a tale of the Crusaders and captives : a tale of the children's crusade.

Salem witchcraft. By G. E. Merrill.

DUCHESS, The. (Mrs. Hungerford.) April's lady. CUDLIP, Mrs. P. See THOMAS, Annie.

A born coquette. CUNNINGHAM, Sir H. S. The Heriots.

Her last throw. Wheat and tares.

A life's remorse. CUTLER, Mary C. Philip ; or, what might have been : a DUDEVANT, Mde. A. L. A. See SAND, G. story of the first century.

Duffer, The. By W. E. Norris. (In “ Twenty novelDABNEY, V. Gold that did not glitter.

Daddy Jake, the runaway, and short stories told after DUMAS, A. Mohicans of Paris.
dark. By J. C. Harris.

Dumps. By Mrs. Louisa Parr.

Dunleath Abbey: or, the fatal inheritance. By H, P. Daisy's dilemma. By Mrs. H. Lovett Cameron.

DALLAS, Mary K. Adrietta ; or, her grandfather's heir- Dunraven Ranch. By Capt. C. King.

DURAND, Mde, A. M. C. H. See GRÉVILLE, Henri. The devil's anvil.

DURIVAGE, F. A. Fontelroy ; or, the web of crime. Winifred ; or, the neglected warning.

Dynamite cartridge. By Mrs. F. G. Teetzel. DANE, D. “Vengeance is mine."

EARLE, Anne R. Her great ambition. DANVERS jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers.

Earth born! By Spirito Gentil. DARLING, Flora A. A social diplomat.

EASTWARD; or, a Buddhist lover. A winning, wayward woman.

EBERS, G. The elixir, and other tales. DARNELL, H. F. Craze of Christian Engelhart.

– Joshua : a Biblical picture. DAUDET, A. Artists' wives.

ECKSTEIN, E. Nero: a romance.

2 vols. Port Tarascon.

Edward Burton. By H. Wood. DAUGÉ, H. A fair philosopher.

EDWARDES, Annie. Pearl-powder. Daughter of silence. By E. Fawcett.

EDWARDS, H. S. Two runaways, and other stories. Daughter of the regiment. By Mary A. Denison. EDWARDS, Julia. The little widow. Davis, Harriet R. Gilbert Elgar's son.

EDWARDS, M. B. For one and the world. Day and night stories. By T. R. Sullivan.

Ekkehard : a tale of the 10th century. By J. V. von Dead heart, The. By C. Gibbon.

Scheffel. 2 vols. DEAN, F. A. Heroines of Petosega.

Elder Northfield's home. By A. Jennie Bartlett. DEAN, Mrs. A. Isaac Eller's money.

Eli's children. By G. M. Fenn. Dean's daughter. By Sophie F. F. Veitch.

Elixir, The, and other tales. By G. Ebers. Death's anvil, The. By Mary K. Dallas.

Emmanuel : the story of the Messiah. By W. F. Cooley, DEBANS, Camille. Catherine's coquetries.

End crowns all. By Emma Marshall. DELAND, Margaret. Sidney.

Environment : a story of modern society. By Florine DE LA RAMÉ, Louise. See' "Quida."

T. McCray. Delight makers, The. By A. F. Bandelier.

Erlach Court. By O. Schubin. DeLPIT, A. As 'tis in life.

ESCHSTRUTH, Nataly, baroness von. Polish blood : a Demagogue, The. By D. R. Locke., Demoniac, The. By W. Besant.

EXPATRIATION. By the author of " Aristocracy." DENISON, Mary A. Daughter of the regiment.

Experiment in marriage. By C. J. Bellamy. DERING, R. G. Giraldi; or, the curse of love.

Expiation. By 0. Thanet. DESART, Earl of. The little chatelaine.

Evil that men do. By E. Fawcett. Devil's dream, The. By Evangeline B. Blanchard. Fabian Dimitry. By E. Fawcett. Diana Wentworth. By Caroline Fothergill.

Fabiola ; or, the church of the catacombs. By N. P. S. Diana's livery. By Eva W. McGlasson.

Wiseman, cardinal. DICKENS, C. Haunted man, Haunted house, and Going Failure of Elisabeth. By E. Frances Poynter. into society.

Fair maid of Marblehead. By Mrs. K. T. Woods. Diltz, H. P. Dunleath Abbey ; or, the fatal inherit. Fair philosopher, A. By H. Daugé.

Fame and sorrow.

By II. de Balzac. Dinna forget. By J. S. Winter.

Family tree, A, and other stories. By B. Matthews. mat's diary, A. By J. Gordon.

Family without a name. Part I. By J. Verne. Discovered country, The. By E. von Himmel.

Fanfare, The. By G. M. Fenn, (In “ Twenty novel. Disenchantment. By F. M. Robinson.

ettes.") Dishonored. By T. Gift.

FARJEON, B. L. Basil and Annette. Disillusion. By F. Coppée.

- The murderer's confession. (In “Twenty novel. Djambek the Georgian. By A. G. von Suttner.

ettes.”) Dmitri : a romance of old Russia. By F. W. Bain. Mystery of M. Felix.

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