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ANNUNZIO, Gabriele d'. Episcopo and company. Bijou's courtship. By Gyp.
ANSTEY, F. (F. A. Guthrie.] Statement of Stella BIRCHENOUGH, Mrs. (M. C. Bradley). Disturbing ele-

ments. Apotheosis of Mr. Tyrawley. By E. Livingston Prescott. Birth of a soul : a psychological study. By Mrs. A. PhilArmy wife (An). By Capt. Charles King.

Around the camp-fire. By Charles G. D. Roberts. BLACK, William Briseis.
Artie : a story of the streets and town. By George Ade. Black diamonds. By Maurus Jokai.
At the gate of the fold. By J. S. Fletcher.

BLANCHARD, Amy E. Betty of Wye.
At the sign of the guillotine. By Harold Spender. BLAND, Mrs. Herbert. See NESBIT, Edith.
Atheist's mass, and other stories. By Honoré de Balzac. Blind leaders of the blind : romance of a blind lawyer.
ATHERTON, Gertrude Franklin. Question of time.

By James R. Cocke. Whirl asunder (A).

BLOSSOM, Henry M., jr. Checkers : a hard-luck story. Aucassin and Nicolete. Transl. by Andrew Lang. BLUNDELL, Mrs. M. E. Sweetman. See FRANCIS, M. E. Aunt Belindy's points of view. By Lydia Hoyt Farmer. BODKIN, M, McD. Lord Edward Fitzgerald. Autobiography of a boy. By G. S. Street.

Body-snatcher (The). By Robert Louis Stevenson. Autobiography of a professional beauty. By Elizabeth BOLDREWOOD, Rolf. (Thomas Alexander Browne. Phipps Train.

Sealskin cloak. Autobiography of a truth. By Edna Lyall.

Book of martyrs. By Cornelia Atwood Pratt.
Babe (The), B.A. By Edward F. Benson.

BOOTHBY, Guy. Beautiful white devil.
Bachelor of the Midway. By St. George Rathborne. Dr. Nikola.
Bachelor's establishment (A). By Honoré de Balzac. BOURGET, Paul. Living lie (A). (Mensonges.)
BAILEY, Miss. See LYALL, Edna.

Note.-Same as his “Lies."
BAILEY, Alice Ward. Mark Heffron.

Tragic idyl. BALDWIN, James. Fifty famous stories retold.

BOUVET, Marguerite. Pierrette. BALFOUR, Marie Clothilde. Maris Stella.

BOWEN, Helen M. Daughter of Cuba. BALZAC, Honoré de. Atheist's mass, and other stories. | BRADLEY, M. C. See BIRCHENOUGH, Mrs. Bachelor's establishment.

BRAINERD, Thomas H. (Mrs. Jas. R. Jarboe.] Robert Deputy of Arcis.

Atterbury. Gallery of antiquities.

BRAY, Captain. Ivanda ; or, the pilgrim's quest. Gobseck.

Bray, Claude. King's revenge. Grande Bretêche, and other stories.

Bride from the desert. By Grant Allen. - Juana (and other stories).

Briseis. By William Black. Contents : Juana.-Adieu.-A drama on the sea- BRODHEAD, Eva Wilder. (formerly Eva Wilder McGlas. shore.—The red inn.—The recruit.-El Verdugo.- son.] One of the Visconti : a novelette. The elixir of life.—The hated son.—Maître Cornélius. Broken ring (The): a romance. By Elizabeth Knight Lesser bourgeoisie.

Tompkins. Mystery of the Rue Soly.

BROOKE, E. F. Life the accuser : a novel in two parts. Pierrette and The abbé Birotteau.

BROOKS, Sarah Warner. My fire opal, and other tales. Start in life.

Broom-squire (The). By S. Baring. Gould. · Unknown masterpiece, and other stories.

Brown, Anna Robeson. Sir Mark: a tale of the first · Ursule Mirouët.

capital. BANGS, John Kendrick. Rebellious heroine.

BROWNE, Thomas Alexander. See BOLDREWOOD, Ralph. BARING-Gould, S. The broom-squire.

Bubble fortune (A). By Sarah Tytler. Barker's luck, and other stories. By Bret Harte.

BUCHANAN, Robert. Diana's hunting. BARLOW, Jane. Mrs. Martin's company.

Effie Hetherington. BARNES. James. For king and country: story of the Marriage by capture. American Revolution.

BUCK, Francis Tillou. Man of two minds. - A Princetonian: a story of undergraduate life at the BULLOCK, Shan F. Ring o'rushes. College of N. J.

BUNNER, H. C. Jersey street and Jersey lane. BARR, Amelia E. Knight of the nets.

Love in old cloathes, and other stories. BARR, Robert. (Luke Sharp.") From whose bourne. BURGIN, G. B. Gascoigne's “Ghost." One day's courtship, and The heralds of fame.

Tomalyn's quest. Revenge !

BURNETT, Frances Hodgson. Lady of quality. Woman (A) intervenes; or, the mistress of the mine. BURTON, John Bloundelle. Denounced a romance. BARRETT, Frank. John Ford, and His helpmate.

- In the days of adversity. BARRETT, Wilson. Sign of the cross.

CAHAN, A.Yekl: a tale of the N. Y. Ghetto. BARRIE, J. M. Sentimental Tommy.

CAMBRIDGE, Ada. (Mrs. Cross.] Humble enterprise. BARRY, John D. The intriguers.

Cameos. By Marie Corelli. Battlement and tower. By Owen Rhoscomyl.

Camilla : a novel. By Richard von Koch. Bayonet that came home. By Neil Wynn Williams. Camp fire stories. By Edward Anderson. Beautiful white devil. By Guy Boothby.

CAMPBELL, Gerald. The Joneses and the Asterisks. BECKE, Louis. Ebbing of the tide: South Sea stories. Captain Chap; or, the rolling stones. By Frank R. and JEFFERY, Walter. A first fleet family.

Stockton. Behind Manhattan gables (1663–1664). By Edward Captain Gore's courtship. By T. Jenkins Hains. Augustus Rand.

Captain Jacobus. By L. Cope Cornford. Behind plastered walls. By Wm. W. M. Cornish. Captain Shannon. By Coulson Kernahan. BEHRENS, Bertha. See HEIMBURG, W.

Captain's romance. By Opie Read. BELL, Lilian. Under side of things.

Captured Cunarder. By Wm. H. Rideing. Benjamin's sack. By Meta C. Scott.

Carbuncle clue : a mystery. By Fergus Hume. BENSON, Edward F. The babe, B.A.

CAREY, Alice V. Paradise Wold. Limitations.

CAREY, Rosa Nouchette. Mistress of Brae Farm. BERRINGER, Mrs. Oscar. The new virtue.

Mrs. Romney. BESANT, Sir Walter. City of refuge.

Carissima : a modern grotesque. By Lucas Malet. Master craftsman.

CARLETON, Will. The old infant, and similar stories. Betrayal of John Fordham. By B. L. Farjeon.

CARPENTER, Edith. Your money or your life. Betty of Wye. By Amy E. Blanchard.

Carus, Paul. Karma : a story of early Buddhism. BICKERDYKE, John. Lady Val's elopement.

Cat and the cherub, and other stories. By Chester B. Big Bow mystery. By I. Zangwill.


3-FICTION AND JUVENILE FICTION: Catalina : art student, to Douglas, Amanda M. 7

civil war.

Catalina : art student. By L. T. Meade.

CORELLI, Marie. Jane: a social incident. Cavaliers (The). By S. R. Keightley.

Mighty atom. CAYLOR, O. P. The Rockwell case: a novel.

Murder of Delicia. Celibates. By George Moore.

Cornford, L. Cope. Captain Jacobus. CHAMBERS, Robert. In the quarter. (Anon.]

CORNISH, Wm. W. M. Behind plastered walls. King (A) and a few dukes.

COSTELLO, F. H. Master Ardick, buccaneer. Maker of moons (and other stories).

Cotes, Mrs. Everard. [Sara Jeannette Duncan.] His Red republic : a romance of the Commune.

honour, and a lady. Chance child. By Marah Ellis Ryan.

Country of the pointed firs. By Sarah Orne Jewett. CHANTER, Gratiana. Witch of Withyford : a story of Court intrigue. By Basil Thompson. Exmoor.

Courtship of Morrice Buckler. By A. E. W. Mason. Chaplain's craze. By George Manville Fenn. (With Cowan, James. Daybreak : a romance of an old world. “ Two orphans" 12°.)

CRADDOCK, Florence Nightingale. Edgar Fairfax : a CHARRINGTON, Charles. Lady Bramber's ghost.

story of West Point. Checked through, missing trunk No. 17580. By Richard Twin sisters (The): a love story. Henry Savage.

CRAIGIE, Mrs. Ma. See HOBBES, John Oliver.
Checkers : a hard-luck story. By Henry M. Blossom, jr. CRANE, Stephen. George's mother.
CHEEVER, Harriet. Rescued Madonna.

- Little regiment, and other episodes of the American CHERBULIEZ, Victor. With fortune made. Child of the Jago. By Arthur Morrison.

CRAWFORD, F. Marion. Adam Johnstone's son. CHRISTIAN, Sydney. Persis Yorke.


2 vols.
Christian and Leah, and other Ghetto stories. By Leo-Crime of the century. By Rodriguez Ottolengui.
pold Kompert.

Crime of the “ Liza Jane." By Fergus Hume.
Christian Vellacott, the journalist. By Henry Seton Crimson sign. By S. R. Keightley,

CROCKETT, S. R. Cleg Kelly, Arab of the city.
Christmas carol in prose. By Charles Dickens. Leip- Gray man.
zig, 1843. 16°.

Cross, Mrs. See CAMBRIDGE, Ada. Chronicles of Martin Hewitt By Arthur Morrison. Crown of straw. By Allen Upward. Cid campeador (The): a historical romance. By D. Crowning of Candace. By Katharine Pearson Wood. Antonio de Trueba y La Quintana.

Crystal City. By André Laurie. Cinder-path tales. By William Lindsey.

DABNEY, Julie P. Little daughter of the sun. Cinderella, and other stories. By Richard Harding DAGGETT, Mrs. Charles Stuart. Mariposilla. Davis.

Daireen. By Frank Frankfort Moore. City of refuge. By Sir Walter Besant.

Damnation of Theron Ware. By Harold Frederic. Clara Hopgood. By Mark Rutherford.

Dancer in yellow. By W. E. Norris. Clarissa Furiosa. By W. E. Norris.

Dartmoor. By Maurice H. Hervey. CLARK, Alfred, Finding of Lot's wife.

Daughter of a Stoic. By Cornelia Atwood Pratt, CLARK, Imogen. Victory of Ezry Gardner.

Daughter of Cuba. By Helen M. Bowen. CLARKE, Marcus. Heavy odds.

Dave's sweetheart. By Mary Gaunt. Cleg Kelly, Arab of the city. By S. R. Crockett.

DAVIDSON, John. Miss Armstrong's, and other circumCLEMENS, Samuel Langhorne. (Mark Twain.") See

stances. CONTE, Sieur Louis de.

Davis, Harriet Riddle. In sight of the goddess : a tale Clever wife (A). By W. Pett Ridge.

of Washington life. CLIFFORD, Mrs. W. K. Last touches, and other stories. DAVIS, M. E. M. Elephant's track (An), and other COBBAN, J. Maclaren. King of Andaman : a saviour of stories. society

Davis, Rebecca Harding. Doctor Warrick's daughters. COCKE, James R. Blind leaders of the blind : romance Frances Waldeaux. of a blind lawyer.

Davis, Richard Harding. Cinderella, and other stories. CODY, Sherwin. In the heart of the hills : a book of the Dawson, W.J. Story of Hannah. country.

Day of their wedding. By W. D. Howells. Cogswell, Frederick Hull. The regicides : a tale of Day-books. By Mabel E. Wotton. early Colonial times.

Daybreak : a romance of an old world. By James Colin Clink. By Charles Hooton.

Cowan. COLLINS, Mabel. Star sapphire.

DEAN, Mrs. Andrew. (Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick.] Woman Colonel Norton. By Florence Montgomery.

with a future. Col. Ross of Piedmont. By John Esten Cooke.

Deborah the advanced woman. By M. I. T.
Colonel Torlogh O'Brien, Fortunes of. By J. Sheridan Dedora Heywood. By Gertrude Smith.
Le Fanu.

DELAND, Ellen Douglas.

Malvern : a neighborhood Comedies of courtship. By Anthony Hope.

story. Comedy of Cecilia. By Caroline Fothergill.

Denounced : a romance. By John Bloundell Burton. Comedy of honour. By Nora Vynne.

Deputy of Arcis. By Honoré de Balzac. Coming of Theodora. By Eliza Orne White.

Desire of the eyes, and other stories. By Grant Allen. Common mistake (A). By Jeanne M. Howell.

DE VALLIÈRE, George. Opals from a Mexican mine. Company doctor. By Henry Edward Rood.

Diana's hunting. By Robert Buchanan. COMPTON, C. G. Her own devices.

DICKENS, Charles. Christmas carol in prose. Leipzig, Comrades. By Marah Ellis Ryan. (With her Chance

1843, 16o. child.")

DICKENS, Mary Angela. Some women's ways. Confessions of a fool. As made by himself.

Disturbing elements. By Mrs. Birchenough. Conney, Mrs. Ruthless avenger.

Doctor Congalton's legacy. By Henry Johnston. CONRAD, Joseph. Outcast of the islands.

Dr. Nikola. By Guy Boothby. Conspiracy of the Carbonari. By Louise Mühlbach. Dr. Vermont's fantasy. By Hannah Lynch. CONTE, Sieur Louis de. (Mark Twain.") Personal rec- Doctor Warrick's daughters. By Rebecca Harding ollections of Joan of Arc.

Davis. COOKE, John Esten. Col. Ross of Piedmont.

Dorcas Hobday. By Charles Rokeby. Leather and silk.

DostoieVSKY, F. Poor folk. Copsford mystery, or, is he the man ? By W. Clarke DOUGALL, L. Madonna of a day. Russell.

Douglas, Amanda M. Little girl in old New York. CORELLI, Marie. Cameos.

Mistress of Sherburne.


DOUGLAS, Theo. Iras : a mystery.

Flaw in the marble. DOYLE, A. Conan. Exploits of brigadier Gerard. FLEMING, George. [Julia Constant Fletcher.] For plain Rodney Stone.

women only DRAKE, Jeanie. The metropolitans.

FLETCHER, J. S. At the gate of the fold. Drama (A) on the seashore. By Honoré de Balzac. - Life in Arcadia. (With his “Juana.")

Mistress Spitfire. Dream-Charlotte (The). By M. Bethain Edwards. FLETCHER, Julia Constant. See FLEMING, George. Duchess (The).” [Mrs. Margaret Hamilton Hunger. Floating island. By Jules Verne. ford.] Point of conscience.

Flotsam : the study of a lise. By Henry Seton MerriProfessor's experiment. Unsatisfactory lover.

Flower that grew in the sand, and other stories. By DUNCAN, Sara Jeannette. See Cotes, Mrs. Everard.

Ella Higginson. DUNMORE, Earl of. Ormisdal.

Folly of Eustace, and other stories. By Robert S. DUTTON, A. V. Wisdom's folly : a study in feminine Hichens. development.

Fool of nature. By Julian Hawthorne. Dwarf's chamber, and other stories. By Fergus Hume. Footsteps of fortune. By Esmé Stuart. EARLE, Mary Tracy. Wondersul wheel.

For freedom's sake. By Arthur Paterson.
Earth's enigmas : a volume of stories. By Charles G. D. For king and country : story of the American Revolution.

By James Barnes.
Ebbing of the tide : South Sea stories. By Louis Becke. For plain women only. By George Fleming.
EBERS, Georg. In the Blue Pike.

FORD, Ilarriet Me and Methuselar, and other episodes. Eddy, Daniel C. Saxonhurst: a story of the old world Forge and furnace. By Florence Warden. and the new.

FOTHERGILL, Caroline. Comedy of Cecilia. Edgar Fairfax: a story of West Point. By Florence FRANCE, Anatole. Tales from a mother-of-pearl casket. Nightingale Craddock.

Frances Waldeaux. By Rebecca Harding Davis. EDWARDS, Harry Stillwell. Sons and fathers.

FRANCIS, M. E. [Mrs. M. E. Sweetman Blundell.] In EDWARDS, M. Betham. Dream-Charlotte.

a north country village. Effie Hetherington. By Robert Buchanan.

FRASER, Mrs. HughPalladia.
El Verdugo. By Honoré de Balzac. (In his “ Juana.") FREDERIC, Harold. Damnation of Theron Ware.
Elephant's track (An), and other stories. By M. E. M. March hares.

Mrs. Albert Grundy, observations in Philistia.
XIth commandment (The). By Halliwell Sutcliffe. FRIEDMAN, I. K. Lucky number.
Elixir of life. By Honoré de Balzac. (With his FritH, Walter. In search of quiet.

From whose bourne. By Robert Barr.
ELLSWORTH, Mrs. L. C. Furono Amati.

Frozen pirate. By W. Clark Russell. Emanuel; or, the children of the soil. By Henrik Pon- Full confession (A). toppidan.

FULLER, Henry B. (Stanton Page.") The puppetEmbarrassments. By Henry James.

booth : twelve plays. End of the beginning.

FURMAN, Lucy S. Siories of a sapctified town. Engagement (An). By Sir Robert Peel.

Furono Amati. By Mrs. L. C. Ellsworth. Episcopo and company. By Gabriele d'Annunzio. Gallery of antiquities. By Honoré de Balzac. Escape (An) from the tower: a story of the Jacobite rising GARDNER, Celia E.

Won under protest. of 1715. By Emma Marshall.

Garrison tangle (A). By Capt. Charles King. Esler, E. Rentoul. Way they loved at Grimpat: village GARRY, A. Out of bounds. idylls.

Gascoigne's “Ghost." By G. B. Burgin. Etidorhpa; or, the end of the earth. By John Uri Lloyd. Gaston de Latour: an unfinished romance. By W. Pater. 2d ed.

GAUNT, Mary. Dave's sweetheart.
Exploits of brigadier Gerard. By A. Conan Doyle. Geary, Sir William Nevill. Lawyer's wife.
Failure of Sibyl Fletcher. By Adeline Sergeant.

Gentleman's gentleman. By Max Pemberton.
FALKNER, J. Meade. Lost Stradivarius.

Genuine girl. By Jeanie Gould Lincoln. False coin or true? By F. T. Montrésor.

George's mother. By Stephen Crane. FARJEON, B. L. Betrayal of John Fordham.

GERARD, Dorothea. Wrong man (The). FARMER, Lydia Hoyt. Aunt Belindy's points of view, GIBBON, Charles. Margaret Carmichael. and Á modern Mrs. Malaprop.

GILBERT, Lee. Jack Hartnett : a story of Naples. Farmer and the Lord. By Geo. H. Hepworth.

Girl at Birrell's. By Thomas Heney. Fat and the thin (Le ventre de Paris). By Émile Zola. GISSING, George. Paying guest. Fearsome island. By Albert Kinross.

Sleeping fires.
Fellow travellers. By Graham Travers.

Unclassed (The).
FENN, George Manville. Chaplain's craze. (With “Two Gobseck. By Honoré de Balzac.
Orphans." 12°.)

Gold": a Dutch-Indian story. By Annie Linden. White virgin.

Gold fish of Gran Chimú. By Charles F. Lummis. FERNALI), Chester B. Cat and the cherub, and other Gold, grace, and glory. By W. H. Mize. stories.

Golden autumn. By Mrs. Alexander. FIELD, Eugene. The house : episode in the lives of Golden fleece : a romance. By Julian Hawthorne.

Reuben Baker, astronomer, and his wife Alice. Golden Hope (The). By W. Clark Russell. - Second book of tales.

Goodwin. Maud Wilder. White aprons : a romance of Field clover and beach grass. By Susan Hartley Swett.

Bacon's rebellion, Virginia, 1676. Fifty famous stories retold. By James Baldwin.

GOULD, S. Baring. See BARING-Gould, S. Fight with fate. By Mrs. Alexander.

Governor's garden. By Geo. R. R. Rivers. Final war (The). By Louis Tracy.

GRAHAM, Ennis. See MOLESWORTH, Mrs. Mary Louise

. Finding of Lot's wife. By Alfred Clark.

Grande Bretêche (La) and other stories. FINDLATER, Jane Helen. Green graves of Balgowrie.

Balzac. First fleet family. By Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery. Gras, Félix. Reds of the Midi : an episode of the FISHER, George P., jr. Out of the woods : a romance of French Revolution.

Gray man. By S. R. Crockett. Fiske, Stephen. Holiday stories.

Green fire: a romance. By Fiona Macleod. FITCH, Clyde. Some correspondence and six conversa- Green gates : an analysis of foolishness. By Katharine tions.

Mary Cheever.

By Honoré de

camp life.

3-FICTION AND JUVENILE FICTION : Green graves of Balgowrie, to Jerry the dreamer. 9

Parson's proxy

Green graves of Balgowrie. By Jane Helen Findlater. HOLMES, Mrs. Mary J. Mrs. Hallam's companion, and GRIBBLE, Francis. Things that matter.

The Spring Farm, and other tales. GROOME, Francis Hindes. Kriegspiel : the war-game. Honor Ormthwaite. By the author of "Lady Jean's Gryll Grange. By Thomas Love Peacock.

vagaries." Guest at the Ludlow, and other stories. By Edgar Wil. Hooton, Charles. Colin Clink. son Nye. (“ Bill Nye.")

Hope, Anthony. [Anthony Hope Hawkins.] Comedies Guilty bonds. By William Le Queux.

of courtship. GUNTER, Archibald Clavering. Her senator.

Heart of princess Osra. - Love adventures of Al-Mansur.

Man (A) and his model. GUTHRIE, F. A. See ANSTEY, F.

HOPKINS, Tighe. Nell Haffenden: a strictly conven“GYP.” (Sibylle Gabrielle Marie Antoinette, comtesse de

tional story. Martel de Janville.] Bijou's courtship.

HORNUNG, E. W. Irralie's bushranger: a story of - Professional lover.

Australian adventure. · Those good Normans.

- Rogue's march: a romance. Hadjira : a Turkish love story. By “ Adalet."

Hough, E. Singing mouse stories. HAGGARD, H. Rider. The wizard.

House (The): episode in the lives of Reuben Baker, HAINS, T. Jenkins. Captain Gore's courtship.

astronomer, and his wife Alice. By Eugene HAMILTOX, Kate W.

Field. HAMILTON, M. Across an Ulster bog.

House of cards (A). By Alice S. Wolf. Self-denying ordinance.

How women love, and other tales. By Max Nordau. HARBEN, Will N. Land of the changing sun.

Howell, Jeanne M. A common mistake. HARDY, Thomas. Wessex tales.

HOWELLS, W. D. Day of their wedding.
Contents : Animaginative woman.—The three strangers. Parting (A) and a meeting.

-The withered arm.--Fellow-townsman.-Inter- Hugo, Victor, Notre-Dame de Paris.
lopers at the Knap.—The distracted preacher.

Note.-Same as his “Hunchback of Notre-Dame." -- and HENNIKER, Florence. Spectre of the real. (With Humble enterprise. By Ada Cambridge.

“In scarlet and grey,” by Florence Henniker.) Hume, Fergus. Carbuncle clue: a mystery. HARRIS, Joel Chandler. (Uncle Remus.") Sister Jane : Crime of the

“Liza Jane." her friends and acquaintances.

Dwarf's chamber, and other stories. HARRISON, Mrs. Mary Kingsley. See MALET, Lucas. HUNGERFORD, Mrs. Margaret Hamilton. See DUCHESS, HARTE, Bret. Barker's luck, and other stories.

The.” HARVEY, Cockburn. Light that lies.

HUNTER, P. Hay. James Inwick, ploughman and elder. Hated son. By Honoré de Balzac. (With his “Juana.”) Husband's ordeal : a romance of Queensland. By Percy HATTON, Joseph. When Greek meets Greek.

HAWKINS, Anthony Hope.. See Hope, Anthony. HUTCHINSON, Horace G. That fiddler fellow.
HAWTHORNE, Julian. Fool of nature.

Hypocritical romance, and other stories. By Caroline Golden fleece: a romance.

Ticknor. Love is a spirit.

I married a wife. By John Strange Winter. Heart of a mystery. By T. W. Speight.

Idol-maker. By Adeline Sergeant. Heart of Man. By Silas K. Hocking.

In a north country village. By M. E. Francis. Heart of princess Osra. By Anthony Hope.

In a silent world : the love story of a deaf mute. By the Heart of Virginia. By J. Perkins Tracy.

author of Views of English society.” Heather from the brae : Scottish character sketches. By In homespun. By Elizabeth Nesbit. David Lyall.

In quest of the ideal. By Léon de Tinseau. Heavy odds. By Marcus Clarke.

In scarlet and grey. By Florence Henniker. HECTOR, Mrs. Annie French. See ALEXANDER, Mrs. In search of quiet. By Walter Frith. HEIMBURG, W. (Bertha Behrens.] Martha, the parson's In sight of the goddess : a tale of Washington life. By daughter.

Harriet Riddle Davis. Hendrex and Margotte. By Marah Ellis Ryan. (With In the Blue Pike. By Georg Ebers. her "Chance child.”)

In the days of adversity. By John Bloundelle Burton. HENEY, Thomas. Girl at Birrell's.

In the first person. By Maria Louise Pool.
HENNIKER, Florence.
In scarlet and grey,

In the heart of the hills. By Sherwin Cody.
HEPWORTH, George H. Farmer and the Lord.

In the quarter. (By Robert W. Chambers.) Her foreign conquest. By Col. Richard Henry Savage. In the valley of Tophet. By Henry W. Nevinson. Her own devices. By C. G. Compton.

In the village of Viger. By Duncan Campbell Scott. Her senator. By Archibald Clavering Gunter.

In the wake of king James. By Standish O'Grady. Herald of fame. By Robert Barr. (With his “One Interludes. By Maud Oxenden. day's courtship.”)

Intriguers (The). By John D. Barry. Herb-moon : a fantasia. By John Oliver Hobbes. Iras: a mystery. By Theo. Douglas. HERVEY, Maurice H. Amyas Egerton, cavalier. Irralie's bushranger : a story of Australian adventure. Dartmoor.

By E. W. Hornung. HICHENS, Robert S. After to-morrow.

Island of Doctor Moreau : a possibility. By H. G. Folly of Eustace, and other stories.

Wells. Hidden chain (A). By Dora Russell.

Isle in the water (An). By Katharine Tynan. [Mrs. II. HIGGINSON, Ella. Flower that grew in the sand, and A. Hinkson.] other stories.

Ivanda ; or, the pilgrim's quest. By Captain Bray. HINKSON, Mrs. H. A. See TYNAN, Katharine.

Jack Hartnett : a story of Naples. By Lee Gilbert. His Cuban sweetheart. By Col. Richard Henry Savage JAMES, Mrs. F. A. See WARDEN, Florence. and Mrs. Archibald C. Gunter.

JAMES, Henry. Embarrassments.
His helpmate. By Frank Barrett. (With his “ John The other house.

JAMES, T. P. (J. P. Tracy.) Under fire : a tale of the His honour, and a lady. By Mrs. Everard Cotes.

Shenandoah Valley. HOBBES, John Oliver. '[Mrs. Mary Craigie.) Herb-moon: James; or, virtue rewarded. a fantasia.

James Inwick, ploughman and elder. By P. Hay Hunter. HOCKING, Joseph Mist on the moors.

Jane : a social incident. By Marie Corelli. HOCKING, Silas K. Heart of man. 3d ed.

JARBOE, Mrs. James R. Sce BRAINERD, Thomas H. Holiday stories. By Stephen Fiske.

JENSEN, Wilhelm. Karine : a story of Swedish love. HOLLAND, Clive. Lure of fame.

Jerry the dreamer. By Will Payne.




Jersey street and Jersey lane. By H. C. Bunner. Light that lies. By Cockburn Harvey.
Jesuit of to-day. By Orange McNeill.

LILLARD, John F. B., collector. Poker stories.
JEWETT, Sarah Orne. Country of the pointed firs. Limitations. By E. F. Benson.
Jill : a London flower girl. By L. T. Meade.

LINCOLN, Jeanie Gould. A genuine girl.
John Ford. By Frank Barrett.

LINDEN, Annie. “Gold”: a Dutch-Indian story. John Littlejohn, of J. By George Morgan.

Lindsay's girl. By Mrs. Herbert Martin. JOHNSTON, Henry. Doctor Congalton's legacy.

LINDSEY, William. Cinder-path tales. JOKAI, Maurus. Black diamonds.

LIPSETT, Caldwell. Where the Atlantic meets the land. Joneses and the Asterisks. By Gerald Campbell. Little daughter of the sun. By Julie P. Dabney. Joy of life. By Emma Wolf.

Little duchess, and other stories. By Ethel Turner. Juana. By Honoré de Balzac.

Little girl in old New York. By Amanda M. Douglas. Karine : a story of Swedish love. By Wilhelm Jenser Little regiment, and other episodes of the American Civil Karma : a story of early Buddhism. By Paul Carus.

War. By Stephen Crane. Kate Carnegie. By Ian Maclaren.

Little wizard. By Stanley J. Weyman. KEDDIE, Miss H. See TYTLER, Sarah.

Lives that came to nothing. By Garrett Leigh. KEIGHTLEY, S. R. The cavaliers.

Living lie (A). (Mensonges.) By Paul Bourget. Crimson sign.

Note.-Same as his " Lies." Kentucky cardinal (A). By James Lane Allen.

LLOYD, John Uri. Etidorhpa ; or, the end of the earth. KERNAHAN, Coulson. Captain Shannon.

2d ed. KING, Capt. Charles. Army wife.

Locke Amsden; or, the schoolmaster. By Judge D. P. Garrison tangle.

Tame surrender: a story of the Chicago strike. Lord Edward Fitzgerald. By M. McD. Bodkin.
Trumpeter Fred.

Lost countess Falka. By Richard Henry Savage. West Point parallel : an American cadet story. (With Lost Stradivarius. By J. Meade Falkner.

“Noble blood," by Ernst von Wildenbrüch.) Love adventures of Al-Mansur. By Archibald Clavering KING, K. Douglas. Scripture reader of St. Mark's.

KING, Pauline.
Alida Craig

Love in old cloathes, and other stories. By H. C. Bun-
King (A) and a few dukes. By Robert W. Chambers.
King Noanett: a story of old Virginia and Massachu- Love in the backwoods. By Langdon Elwyn Mitchell.

setts Bay. By É. J. Stimson. ("J. S. of Dale.") Love is the spirit. By Julian Hawthorne. King of Andaman : a saviour of society. By J. Maclaren Lucky number. By I. K. Friedman. Cobban.

Lummis, Charles F. Gold fish of Gran Chimú. King's revenge. By Claude Bray.

Lure of fame. By Clive Holland. KINGSLEY, Florence Morse. Titus : a comrade of the LYALL, David. Heather from the brae : Scottish charac

ter sketches. KINKEAD, Eleanor Talbot. Young Greer of Kentucky. Land o' the leal. KINROSS, Albert. The fearsonie island.

LYALL, Edna. Miss Bailey). Autobiography of a truth. Kipling, Rudyard. Soldier stories.

LYNCH, Hannah. Dr. Vermont's fantasy. Kirk, Eleanor. [Mrs. Ellen Maria Easterbrooke Ames.] LYNCH, Lawrence. [E. Murdoch Van Deventer.] No Libra : an astrological romance.

proof. Knight of the nets. By Amelia E. Barr..

MCCARTHY, Justin. Riddle ring.
Koch, Richert von. Camilla : a novel.

MCCLELLAND, M. G. Mammy Mystic.
KOMPERT, Leopold. Christian and Leah, and other Old post-road.
Ghetto stories.

McGlasson, Eva Wilder. See BRODHEAD, Eva Wilder. KOVALEVSKY, Sonia. Vera Vorontzoff.

MACLAREN, Ian. [Rev. John Maclaren Watson.] Kate Kriegspiel : the war-game. By Francis Hindes Groome. Carnegie. Lady Bramber's ghost. By Charles Charrington.

MACLEO Fiona. Green fire : a romance. “ Lady Maud” (The). By W. Clark Russell.

Washer of the ford. Lady of quality. By Frances Hodgson Burnett.

MACMAHON, Ella. A new note. Lady Val's elopement. By John Bickerdyke.

MCMANUS, L. Silk of the kine. LAMOTHE, A. de. Outlaw of Camargue.

McNeill, Orange. Jesuit of to-day. Land of the changing sun. By Will N. Harben.

McNulty, Edward, Misther O'Ryan. Land o' the leal. By David Lyall

Madelon. By Mary E. Wilkins. Lang, Andrew. Mark of Cain. (With “Two Orphans.” Madonna of a day.' By L. Dougall. 12°.)

MAGRUDER, Julia. Miss Ayr of Virginia. Transl. Aucassin and Nicolete.

The violet. Last touches, and other stories. By Mrs. W. K. Clifford. Maître Cornélius. By Honoré de Balzac. (With his Late awakening. By Maggie Swan.

“Juana.") LAURIE, André. Crystal city.

Majesty of a man. By “ Alien." Lawyer's wife By Sir Wm. Nevill Geary.

MALET, Lucas. [Mrs. Mary Kingsley Harrison.] The Leather and silk. By John Esten Cooke.

Carissima : a modern grotesque. LE FANU. J. Sheridan and YOUNG, Sir Charles. Stable Malvern : a neighborhood story. By Ellen Douglas Defor nightmares; or, weird tales.

land. LE GALLIENNE, Richard. Quest of the golden girl. Mammy Mystic. By M. G. McClelland. Legends from river and mountain. By Carmen Sylva. Man (A) and his model. By Anthony Hope. (Queen of Roumania.]

Man and a woman. By Stanley Waterloo. Legends of Fire Island beach, and the south side. By Man of two minds. By Francis Tillou Buck. Edward Richard Shaw.

Manhattaners (The). By Edward S. Van Zile. Leigh, Garrett. Lives that came to nothing.

MANN, Mary E. Susannah. LE QUERDEC, Yves. Letters of a country vicar.

March hares. By Harold Frederic. LE QUEUX, William. Guilty bonds.

MARCHBANK, Agnes. Ruth Farmer. Strange tales of a Nihilist.

Margaret Carmichael. By Charles Gibbon. Temptress (The).

Mariposilla. By Mrs. Charles Stewart Daggett. Lesser bourgeoisie. By Honoré de Balzac.

Maris Stella. By Marie Clothilde Balfour. Letters of a country vicar. By Yves Le Querdec. Marjory Moore. By Adeline Sergeant. Libra : an astrological romance. By Eleanor Kirk. Mark Heffron. By Alice Ward Bailey. Life in Arcadia. By J. S. Fletcher.

Mark of Cain. By Andrew Lang. (With "Two OrLife the accuser. By E. F. Brooke.

phans." 120.)

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