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J. M'Crects, Printer, Black-Horse-Court, Fleet Street.


Sunore aflaneta

NOV 11 1881



AMERICA (U.S.)-American President's Mes-

sage, continued from Page 830, Vol. XXII.,


Documents, which accompanied the Mes-

sage; consisting of correspondence between
Mr. Russel and Lord Castlereaglı, and between
Sir J. B. Warren and Mr. Moproe, 20, 25.

Further documeots, accompanying the Mes-

sage; consisting of correspondence between

Mr. Graham, Mr. Russel, Mr. Monroe, and

Lord Castlereagh, 48, 54.

Dispatch from Coinmodore Bainbridge, re-

lating to the capture of the Java, 594.

Message from the President to the Senate,
on the British system of Licenses, 594.

Speech of the President, on taking the oath
of office, 703, 733.

Notice to British subjects, 735.

Letter froin Captain Lawrence, on the cap-

ture of the Peacock, 765.

Correspondence between Governor Halset

and Commodore Beresford, 768, 798.
AMERICA (British).- Dispatch from Sir G.

Prevost, giving an account of the surrender of
General Winchester, 697.

Dispatch from the same, narrating an ad-
vantage obtained at Ogdensburgb, 851.

AUSTRIA.-Conversation between the Empe-

ror Napoleon and the Austrian Ambassador,


Philip Krackeler, 524.

Robert Eaglestone, 524.

Letters of the King to the Princess of Wales,

526, 528.
Letters between the Prince and Princess in

1796, 537,538.

Letter from Lieut. Chads, on the loss of the
Jaya, 700.

Treaty of alliance with Sweden, 867.
FRANCE.-Address of congratulation from the

Senate to the Emperor Napoleon, on his re-
turn, and his reply, 115.

Proceedings of the Senate, and the Senatus
Consultum for raising 350,000 men, 122, 147.

Letters from the Viceroy of Italy, the Prince
of Eckmuhl, and the Duke of Elchingen, con-
tradicting facts in the Russian bulletins, 192,

Proceedings of the Conservative Senate, re-

lative to the Regency, &c. 254, 266.

an account of the capture of the Macedonian,

Declaration of the Prince Regent against

the American States, 80.

Proclamation of the Prince Regent against

the destroyers of machinery, 190.

Copy of a letter from the Princess of Wales

to the Prince Regent, 227, 262.

Letter from the Princess of Wales to the

Speaker of the House of Commons, 310

Letters between the Prince and Princess of

Wales on their separation, 321, 537.

Report of the Privy Council to the Regent,

op the Princess not seeing her daughter, 325.

Minute of Cabinet, Jan. 23, 1807, relative to

the Princess of Wales, 360.

Ditto, April 21, 1807, on the same, 364, 366.

THE BOOK, 371, 435, 503.

The Report of the Four Lords, 371.
Copy of the King's Commission, 373.

Speech of the Emperor to the Legislative SELECTIONS FROM OTHER PUBLICA.

Body, 279.


Concordat between the Emperor and the

Abstract of the Act to relieve the Catholics,

Pope, 282.


Iinperial decree, relative to the Concordat,

Account of the Princess of Hanover, with


State of the French army in the North, 30th

remarks, 625.

March, 629.

Address of C. Butler, Esq. to the Protestants

Proceedings of the Senate, on investing the

of Great Britain and Ireland, in behalf of the

Empress with the Regency, 632.

Catholics, 221, 242.

Report of the Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Address from "Bristol, to the Princess of

on the detection of Prussia, 635.

Wales, 663.

Proceedings of the Conservative Senate, on

Common Council of London,
raising additional forces, 638, 665.

to the same, 690.
Proclamation of General St. Cyr, to the in-

Common Hall of London, 580.
habitants of the new departments, 694.

Westminster, 688
Military reports transmitted to the Empress,

Case of Mr. Creevey, 724.

734, 757, 758, 759, 761, 764, 794, 824, 854,

Debate in the House of Commons, on Mr.

894, 926.

Cochrane Johnstone's motion, relative to the

Report made by Capt. Baivit, of the Are-

Princess of Wales, 339.

thusa, 790.

on pro-
Proclamation of the Emperor to the army,

secuting the Duke of Leeds, 906.

in the House ot Lords, on the Ame-
Orders issued at Hamburgh, 864, 890.

rican war, 315.
Terms of the armistice between the French Letter of Sir F. Burdett, on the Westmin.
and the Allies, 928.

ster Address, 611.

Letters of Lord Moira and Mr. Whitbread,

GERMANY.--Declaration of Bavarian and

relative to the Princess of Wales, 503,399.

Westphalian officers, 752.

Meeting of the county of Kent, to petition
Order of the Duke of Mecklenburgh to take

against the Catholic claims, 201.
off embargoes, 753.

Pastoral Address of the Roman Catholic
Proclamation of Gen. Winzingerode, 792.

Irish Clergy, 849.

Petition of the county of Sligo, against the

Catholic claims, 217.
PRUSSIA.-Convention signed by Gen. D'York,
120, 151.

Proceedings in the City Conumon Council,
Note of the Prussian government, renion-

on an address to the Princess, 650.
strating on the conducı pf Frapce, 595.

Common Hall, on the

sane, 516.
Correspondence on the same subject, be-
tween M. de Krusemarck and the Duke of

ceiving the Report on the Address, 660.
Bassano, 508.
Addresses of the King of Prussia to his army,

of a Court of Proprietors of the

* East India Company, on the correspondence

and to the public, 669, 670.

between the Directors and Goverument, 140,

Edict, abolishing the Continental System,

Account of Gen. Bulow's operations, 858..

Resolutions moved by Mr. C. Johnstone, 332.
Proclamation of the military goveruors,

Speech of Mr. Whitbread, on Mrs. Lisle's

examination, 482,

Account of the defeat of Gen. Lauriston,

Lørd Ellenborough, in reply to

Mr. Whitbread, 485.


RUSSIA.- Proclamation of the Emperor Alex-


ander, from St. Petersburgh, 29, 46.

XYZ on the price of beer, 654.
Russian Bulletins, 62, 63, 94, 107, 156, 181, Letter of Tranquillus, on the Trinity, 802.
284, 286, 512, 735, 751, 793.

W. Coates, on the same, 8-16.
London Gazette Extraordinary, containing
dispatches from Lord Catlıcari, Dee. 19 and
17, relative to Russian operations, 153, MY OWN WRITINGS.-Consisting of LET-

Proclamations of the Emperor Alexander, MARKS.
on passing the Prussian frontier, 188.

Dispatches from Lord Cathcart, March 6 SUMMARIES OF POLITICS.

and 26, 607, 628.

Proclamation of Gen. Winzingerode, on re-

Alderman Wood and the celebrated Commis-

sion, 611.

prisals, 792.

American States, 65.

Lord Cathcart's account of the battle of Lut-

American war, 33, 231, 686, 743, 784.

zei), 797, 819,

Army Agency, 786.

Barlow, Mr. Joel, 784.

SAXONY.---Proclamation of the Saxon Com.

Battle of Lutzen, 737.

niissiouers, 67%, 693,

Berkshire Meeting, 705.

Major Cartwright, 173.

SPAIN.-Dispatciles from Marshal Jourdan, on Catholic Bill, 779.

Marquis Wellington's retreat, 14, 15, 17,

Catholic claims, 202,

Letter from Gen. Lamarque, relative to ope- Catliolic question, 174,715.

rations in Catalonia, 19. +

Chinnery, Mr. 787.

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